Chocolate 73% Organic

Chocolate 73% Organic

Manufacturer: Vitalvibe

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Finally a truly healthy, mild-flavoured dark chocolate. You will wonder hhow you could have ever settled for less before.

 Naturally nutrient-rich:

  • Anandamine, the "bliss-molecule". Mood-enhancing compound.
  • Magnesium and Theobromine. Promotes cardiovascular health.
  • Low glycemic. Slow absorption into the bloodstream.
  • Antioxidants. Disease prevention and recover.
  • Iron. Promotes blood, muscle and brain force.

Ingredients: cold-processed cacao beans, coconut palm nectar, cold-processed cocoa butter.

Nutrition Facts in 100g:

Energy:                       2501 kJ/597 kcal


43,2 g


27,1 g


43,5 g


22,5 g


17,3 g


8,7 g




778 mg (39 %)*


243,4 (65 %)*


5,4 mg (39 %)*


290 mg (41,4 %)*

Reference intake *

Natural part of the product **

Data sheet

Quantity250 g
Country of Origin:Indonésie

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