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Chocolate drink powder Organic

Chocolate drink powder Organic

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Hlavní vlastnosti produktu

  • charged with minerals and antioxidants
  • 100% natural product
  • with natural coconut sugar with a low glycemic index
  • with a lower fat content than chocolate or regular cocoa
  • without artifial flavor and without preservatives

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traditional sweet cocoa beverage in its purest natural form, in Organic quality

Cocoa powder, which is the base of a chocolate drink, is the very essence of cocoa beans, which contains all healthy substances without a high percentage of fat. The flavor of the drink completes natural coconut sugar with a low glycemic index and a pinch of pure sea salt.

Delicious taste thanks to the combination of raw materials in Organic quality

Cocoa beans are the beans of a cacao-tree (Theobroma cacao), which are botanically classified as nuts and taste like a sweet chocolate. They are an excellent way to give the body energy, good mood, clear mind and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Coconut palm sugar is natural sugar obtained from tropical coconut palm tree nectar in Indonesia. After harvesting, caramel is formed, which is then crushed into a fine crystal. It is a natural sweetener which preserves the mineral content thanks to a friendly processing and is characterized by a low glycemic index.

A chocolate drink is a balm for body, soul and taste buds

  • Flavonoids are substances with antioxidant activity, which protects the body from the effects of free radicals. They have a number of beneficial effects, for example, they are beneficial to the harmonic function of the heart and vessels along with calcium. In addition to cocoa beans, we find them in fruits, vegetables, tea or red wine.

  • Anthocyans are natural colors of purple color. They are also included, for example, in blueberries or acai, where they have a significant effect on the beneficial effect on the human organism.

  • The specific substances are purine compounds, especially theobromine and, to a lesser extent, caffeine. Both substances have similar effects due to their relationship, but the effect of theobromine is about ten times weaker than that of caffeine. That is why chocolate or cocoa do not have to worry about "over-stimulation of the organism" or certain "addictions", such as coffee.

  • Bioactive amines promote the harmonious function of neurotransmitters (brain nerve transporters), and contribute to creating "feelings of well-being".

  • Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index compared to regular sugar, so in organism does not raise abruptly high levels of sugar in the blood, but it releases energy into the body slowly. It is also suitable for all who need to keep a lot of simple sugars in the diet.

  • Cocoa powder is rightly known as a powerful helper for inducing good mood and a pleasant state of vigilance. Combined with natural coconut sugar, a unique delicacy reminiscent of childhood days, when we enjoyed a mug of warm cocoa with the feeling of being beautiful in the world.

Ingredients: cocoa powder bio, coconut sugar, sea salt

Nutritional facts in 100g

in 100 g


1342 kJ/ 334 kcal


8 g


4 g


52 g


42 g


18 g


16 g


0,52 g


928 mg (46 %)*


437 mg (62 %)*


300 mg (80 %)*


2 mg (100 %)*


2 mg (200 %)*


9 mcg (16 %)*


4 mg (40 %)*


8 mg (57 %)*

* Recommend daily dose in EU

Weight: 250 g

Store in a cool, dark, dry place.


Caution should be exercised during pregnancy, during breast-feeding, in children up to 5 years of age and caution is also appropriate when combining with certain medicines and other substances (mainly some antidiabetics, lithium, theophylline, hormonal preparations, tea and caffeine)

Carefully cocoa powder should be handled by all susceptible to migraines or the gout illness.

Data sheet

Weight including packaging250 g
Country of Origin:West Africa / Indonesia / Greece

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