How to get rid of spring fever with help of natural remedies

It is only middle of February and nature will keep sleeping for a while under the cover of snow but the human body is step by step preparing for the spring. You may have noticed that you´ve been more perceptive towards nature, you impatiently look for budding snowdrops and you hear birds sing more often. Energy that during the winter pulled back inside the body now changes its direction and gets to the surface with the beginning of the new vegetation period. Biological spring is here!

Due to these great energetic changes, typical symptoms of spring fatigue appear, especially if we didn´t store enough energy in the winter as a reserve. After this long cold period, our body is exhausted because of lack of sunshine and also shortage of vitamins and minerals that haven´t been present in you winter diet.

Vitamin D for good mood, better libido and strong bones

Sunshine is deficient during the winter and therefore the production of vitamin D in our body is not sufficient either. Vitamin D is crucial for production of hormones, regulation of phosphor and calcium levels in blood, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive effect is also substantial.

Vitamin D has an impact on functions of cardiovascular system and production and growth of new cells as well. A Canadian research even discovered a positive effect of this vitamin in prevention from Crohn´s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. Vitamin D works as a prevention from cancer as well.

And where to get it? Sea fish, fish liver oil, wholemeal cereals, eggs, green plants or vitamin D2 and D3 supplements are some of vitamin D sources.

Boost your immune system, fight the fatigue -Vitamins C and B

Water-soluble vitamin C is another fighter against the weakening of our immune system in the spring. The lack of it in our body may be manifested by fatigue or weakness and also by inflammations, metabolic disorders and mental problems.

The sufficient production of collagen, a substance important for normal function of bones, cartilage, teeth, skin or vessels, is not achievable without vitamin C. Unlike most animals, humans can´t synthetize vitamin C in their bodies and therefore need some external source of it. Rosehips, sea-buckthorn, spinach, black currant, peppers or cranberries belong among the natural sources enormously rich in vitamin C.

Our tip: In Asian countries, they add lemon or lime juice to finish the broth – the sour taste helps to “lock” the empowering energy of the soup in the body.

You can compare content of vitamin C in lemon, black currant or some superfoods.


Content (mg/100g)


Content (mg/100g)



Camu camu


Black Currant








Brussel Sprouts


White Mulberry






Source: Výskumný ústav potravinársky: Ovocie a zelenina - Potravinové tabuľky, Bratislava, 1997, Vitalvibe

B-complex is also very important especially during metabolic processes and to provide the optimum function of the nervous system. You can find it in natural form in nutritional yeast or wheat sprouts.

If you prefer including local products into your diet instead of consuming supplements, go for celery, beetroot, black radish, garlic, onion, root vegetables, cabbage, or turnip. To boost your immune system, it is also important to be hydrated enough, try infusions from rose mallow, ginger or rosehip.

Adaptogens – to overcome stress and boost your vitality

Adaptogens are medicinal herbs or mushrooms that help us deal with harsh conditions surrounding us - stress, mental strain or frequent weather changes in the spring. These are some of the factors that may exhaust us. Adaptogens improve our energetic levels and tonify our nervous system; some of them are maca root, Indian ashwagandha or medicinal mushrooms cordyceps, chaga or reishi.

Maca, the gold of Incas, is superfood enormously rich in essential nutrients and a valuable source of energy. It boosts both our physical and mental capacity and helps keep the endurance and vitality on optimum levels. It works miracles for those who need to boost their sexual energy; it normalizes the hormone levels and many researches proved its significant role in fighting the infertility. Ad it in your morning drink, smoothie or pap. In case you don´t sleep well, try ashwagandha. The best way to prepare it is mixing one third of a tea spoon of grounded root with (nut) milk and honey.

Medicinal mushrooms have been used in holistic medicine for millennia and they work as a shield protecting our health. They´re very rich in iron and therefore help the blood formation. Cordyceps is the most effective source of energy which is priceless for active sportsmen. Chaga has one of the highest content of antioxidants of all herbs and it literally pamper our immune system. And reishi primarily comforts a restless heart. Beverages from medicinal mushrooms will warm up your body and soothe your soul. You can prepare up to 1 litre of the drink out of one bag, you can flavour it as you wish and sip it during the whole day – just be moderate in the evening, it could cause insomnia.

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