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Gift Package for Making Your Own Chocolate

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Make your own, self-made, delicious chocolate! Love of Raw made a simple walkthrough with perfect ingredient measures.

And know this – the more quality the ingredients, the better you fuel your body. That’s why we prepared everything for you raw from Vitalvibe. A real chocolate gives you a lot of energy, vitamins and minerals. You won’t overeat so easily, because all you need is a few bites to feel satisfied.

This delicious RAW chocolate was born from the enthusiasm of Zuzka Noah alias Love of Raw and her passion for homemade chocolate preparation. The original formula is perfectly balanced in an ideal ratio of all the ingredients. The raw ingredients make the chocolate a really healthy product that provides a whole range of nutrients.

Chocolate in its natural form is a source of antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.

„This chocolate formula had become so popular among my friends that I decided to share it in cooperation with Vitalvibe to more people. Starting with a handmade, chocolate ritual production with the aim to teach it to other people is deeply meaningful for me. But mainly I really enjoy it!

I believe that this fragmented chocolate will be not only tasty but also a start of your homemade chocolate preparation journey. I wish you many enjoyable creations!“

– With love ❤ Love of Raw

Let's make chocolate with us

Change your chocolate preparation into a ritual and fall in love with the creation of your own tasteful combinations in a million ways! The recipe is so simple that literally everyone can handle it.

On the picture: Zuzka and Honza Noah from Vitalvibe with their son preparing chocolate

RAW chocolate formula according to the Love of Raw



Start by melting the cocoa butter over boiling water (in a bain-marie). Once the butter is melted, add cocoa powder and salt. Styr well to obtain melted chocolate (This chocolate can be used to as a base to your own chocolate pralines. Just pour it into praline mould and let it cool).

Then line a baking sheet with parchment paper and pour over the melted chocolate, over the whole surface of the baking sheet. Finally, just add some chopped cashews, dates, crushed cocoa nibs (they will give the chocolate nice crunch!) or other ingredients of your choice. You can also add fresh fruit if you’ll eat the chocolate immediately.

Then let it cool on a cold place for about 15 minutes. Afterwards you can break your chocolate into pieces and store preferably in a glass jar (in the fridge).

A special tip from Love of Raw: Chocolate can even be a beautiful gift. Thanks to cocoa butter, it will not melt at the room temperature. You can wrap it as a whole chocolate bar or break it into pieces and put in a nice, decorated jar.

More inspiration: You can use anything you like instead of dates, cacao nibs or cashews. It tastes amazing also with hazelnuts, almonds, shredded coconut, cinnamon, sultanas, peanuts or literally anything. But the combination in our recipe is our favorite.

TIP: Find out more about the raw chocolate in many interesting articles and videos from Zuzka on the official the Love of Raw website.

Why do we love the Love of Raw

The creator of Love of Raw – Zuzka Noah is an enthusiastic inspirator in the field of raw food. Together with her husband Honza Noah, the owner of Vitalvibe, they take care of not only two beautiful children, but also a number of projects, that revolve around healthy and conscious lifestyle.

As she says: „This way of life fulfills us and gives us purpose.“ To which she adds: „We inspire others with our lifestyle and share with pleasure everything, that works perfectly for us and what we discover on our journey to a brighter and more harmonic life.“

Zuzka is a talented chef with an undying passion for raw vegan diet. That’s why she still finds a new way to change her body, health and her whole energy through healthy habits in everyday life.

She likes to inspire and motivate others in her online courses, lectures and workshops. She wrote several (not only) cooking books and e-books; a number of articles and she makes popular video-recipes.

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