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Germinator Fresh Life

Germinator Fresh Life is the perfect tool for sprouting grains and seeds.

The automated system makes its cultivation very easy because germinator Fresh Life takes care about everything essential itself. Simply fill the bottom container with water and scatter the screen with selected seeds, grains and legumes. For a rich supply of water spraying mechanism starts working approximately every 15 minutes. By this way of irrigation sprouts will grow during 5 days up to approximately 8 cm, with a pair of green leaves. In this form they are the most nutritious! :-)

The basic set of Freshlife contains:

Cover - ensures a stable humid climate, prevents the access of dust and the influence of the environment.

Irrigation nozzle - regularly rotates and irrigates germinating seeds.

Upper tray - separates the levels of germinating seeds.

Lower tray - separates the levels of germinating seeds.

Germinating container (diameter 28 cm) - a container, in which the seed germination takes place.

Water container with a propulsive unit - collecting water container, from which irrigation nozzle draws water.

Germinator Fresh Life can be extended with another germinating container for capacity increase.


Benefits of sprouting

Dry seeds are a reservoir of protein, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and enzymes. During germination, these substances are activated and their content is much increased. Sprouted seeds are so unique source of nutrients, which is tasty, cheap and available throughout the year.

If we let the sprouts on the light to turn green before eating, they will be also a source of chlorophyll, which supports the body nourishment and regeneration of cells.

It is best to consume the sprouts raw, because by heat treatment they lose their taste as well as valuable substances. It is very suitable for salads, spreads, for decorating dishes before serving.

Consume with the root and shoots.

Video - Test of germinator Fresh Life


Groups of seeds suitable for sprouting

  •   1st group (about 5 days long growth cycle)

alfalfa, clover, red clover, radish, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli.

  •   2nd group (two-day or three-day growth cycle)

green peas, rye, spelled, wheat, hulled sunflower, mungo beans, fenugreek, lentils,  

chickpeas, adzuki beans, soy beans, kamut and similar.

  •   3rd group (approximately eight-day to two-week growth cycle )

sunflower, buckwheat, wheat, onion, garlic, green peas and lentils due to long sprouts, beets, red cabbage, turnips, watercress, arugula, cress spring and many more.



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