Vitamineral Green™ powder

Vitamineral Green™ powder

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„When I feel without energy, Vitamineral Green always helps me. I like use Vitamineral Green as a part of detoxification treatment. It contains a complex of green superfoods, which rid the body of harmful substances, support metabolism and contribute to good digestion. “

Lenka Neveselá, shopper and passionate dancer

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Vitamineral Green™ Powder  is green food which contains very strong, efficient, complex and well-absorbed substances of natural origin. It contains natural substances exclusively. All greens used in this product are grown without any pesticides or agrochemicals.

All ingredients, including growing and processing, are therapeutic. It is an extraordinary and complex range of natural superfood with the best nutritional and cleansing properties. The production and processing methods are designed to maximize its benefits.



From the Earth = 3621 mg 

Nettle ⧫∞ 

Carob ⧫∞ 

Alfalfa ⧫∞ 

Young barley ⧫∞ 

Young wheat ⧫∞ 

Field horsetail ⧫∞ 

Ginger ⧫∞ 

Young barley juice ⧫∞ 

Basil ⧫∞ 

Young oat juice ⧫∞ 

Dandelion ⧫∞ 

Moringa ⧫∞ 

Amla ⧫∞ 

Tulsi (Holy basil) ⧫∞ 



From the Water = 2 440 mg 

Spirulina ∞ 

Chlorella ⧫∞ 


From the sea = 384 mg 

Kelp algae °⧫∞ 

Dulse algae°⧫∞ 

Nori algae °∞ 


Enzymes = 55 mg 

Protease ∞ 

Alpha-galactosidase ∞ 

Amylase ∞ 

Cellulase ∞ 

Lipase ∞ 

Bromelain ∞ 

Papain ∞ 



° Wildcrafted

∞ TruGanic™ 


From the Earth:

  •   Nettle (leaf): beneficial to healthy urinary system and prostate, has antioxidant properties, contributes to better immunity and blood quality, has macrobiotic effect, and healthier joints

  •   Field horsetail: improves kidney function and maintains their optimal function and health, it helps to hair, nails and skin health, contributes to remineralisation of organism, decreases risk of kidney stones

  •   Ginger: supports digestion, contributes to optimal function of intestinal tract, to normal function of stomach during the first trimester of pregnancy, reduces nausea while travelling, helps to resist against health threatening microorganisms

  •   Dandelion: supports health of digestive and urinary system, contributes to liver health, helps to metabolize fats, helps to increase the volume of healthy breast tissue

  •   Barley, oat grass, wheat sprouts: help to maintain healthy cardiovascular system, contain a large spectrum of vitamins and minerals

  •   basil, moringa, yacon, nopal cactus, chickweed, alfalfa, broccoli, spinach juice, parsley, carob

From the water:

  •  Spirulina: high in protein, contains amino acids, contains a large spectrum of vitamins B and other vitamins, has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, contains chlorophyll, rich in calcium and iron

  •  Chlorella: helps increase body vitality and general energy, supports beneficial microflora and calms gastric mucosa, has favorable effect on chronic constipations, organisme cleansing and contributes to the elimination of pollutants and heavy metals off the body, helps to strengthen the immune system, stimulates the optimal cholesterol levels

From the sea:

  •   Icelandic algae: support digestion, contribute to normal function of digestive system

  •   Nori algae, alaria, bladderwrack


  •   Protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, alpha-glucosidase: support healthy digestion, improve absorption of essential mineral in the body, important for individuals with regular consumption of food rich in fats and sugars

  •  Bromelain: contributes to optimal function of immune system, support good vessel health

  •  Papain: support normal function of immune system and resistance


Recommended use: Start with 1 teaspoon per day and increase the intake gradually within two weeks up to 1 tablespoon per day (6.5g).

Nutritional values

1 dosage (1 tablespoon = 6.5 g)


104.5 kJ/ 25 kcal



  • Sugars









70mg (8.8%)*


4.6mg (32.9%)*


130mg (6.5%)*

* Referential daily value

Ca 46 servings per container. 


Warnings: This supplement does not replace a balanced diet. Do not exceed the maximum daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for children under 3 years of age or pregnant and breast-feeding women.


Data sheet

Country of Origin:USA

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