Raw Almond Butter

Czech republic
Raw Almond Butter

Raw Almond Butter

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Benefits for Your health

  • to smoothies to fill the flavour
  • with mush, creckers, bread
  • for making dezert, ice cream, cakes


  • full of energy
  • rich source of minerals and antioxidants
  • without sugar

Raw Almond Butter is delicious food made from 100% almonds. The process has never reach 40 °C. It gives a lot of energy and provides nutritionally rich nutrients. Almonds contain antioxidants that protect our cells from free radicals. It is the perfect alternative to the classic butter, cream cheese and spreads. It can be used for desserts, cocktails, ice cream, sauces, marinades, added to salads or mash.

Ingredients: 100% almonds organic

Nutrition factsin 100 g
Energy2909 kJ / 695 kcal
Fat60,2 g
   Saturated4,66 g
Carbohydrates25,9 g
   Sugars5,09 g
Protein25,4 g
Fiber14,8 g
Salt0 g

May contain traces of other nuts, almonds and sesames.

Data sheet

Weight including packaging900 g
Quantity250 g
Country of Origin:Czech republic

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