Coconut Palm Sugar Blonde

Coconut Palm Sugar Blonde

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Our coconut palm sugar CocoCrystals are Nature's Perfect Sweetener. Low on the glycemic index and high in nutrients, palm sugar is a pure and simple cane sugar alternative that provides the energy and nutrition your body needs for a healthy lifestyle.

SweetTree Blonde CocoCrystals is produced from the nectar of tropical coconut palm blossoms of SE Asia. Once collected, it is kettle-boiled into a thick caramel and ground to a fine crystal. SweetTree palm sugars are the perfect choice for all your healthy sweetening applications, from coffee and tea, cereals, baking and savories. Make the natural switch to SweetTree.

SweetTree is naturally low on the glycemic index (GI) and high in nutrients. With a GI of only 35, and a nutritional content far greater than other comparable sweeteners, SweetTree is the healthy choice for an active lifestyle.

Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms collaborates directly with family farmers to create viable livelihoods and direct transparent market access. It has a 6,000 year old history of use in cuisine and traditional medicine throughout SE Asia, so while you may just be learning about it, its been around for a loooooong time with proven results.

We work with over 6,000 farmers on the island of Java for our coconut palm sugar production and have been directly involved with the creation of farmer cooperatives, internal control systems and organic certificates for them and their product.

We oversee a number of small cooperative maintained sugarhouses and directly own and operate a processing facility for ensuring final quality assurance for all final coconut palm sugar products.  The sugarhouses are small commercial kitchens, allowing producers to continue the tradition of small batch coconut palm sugar production and at the same time have a product that is clean, free of any contamination, and consistently of the highest quality.

Ingredients: 100% organic crystallized coconut palm nectar

Nutritional Facts

in 100 g


1641 kJ/ 392 kcal


2 g

    Saturated Fat

1 g


92 g




2 g


2 g


0,6 g

** Occurs only in natural sodium form

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Data sheet

Weight including packaging500 g
Quantity500 g
Country of Origin:Indonésie

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