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Protein bars Vitalbar BIO mix

Protein Bars Vitalbar™ Organic Mix

Manufacturer: Vitalvibe

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Vitalbar are the perfect protein bars with vegan ingredients in TOP organic quality. Thanks to the beneficial fats from nuts, prebiotic fibre and vegetable protein, they are perfectly filling and give you "fuel" for a long time.

It is suitable as a full-fledged snack for anyone who wants to replenish energy from a quality meal. Even for people on a low carb/keto diet. Their advantage is their low carbohydrate content. The delicious, perfectly balanced taste is created by the perfect composition of naturally high quality foods. The sweetness is provided by the stevia plant, whose specific taste in the bars, however, is hardly perceptible.

Rely on a nutritionally balanced, pure composition without added sugars, preservatives and food additives. Enjoy a pack of four flavours, each of which is differently distinctive and delicious.

A symphony of 4 flavors in one package:

Raspberry & Brownie

Take a bite and enjoy a chocolatey delight with a delicious raspberry feather on the surface of the bar. The sinless munching will teleport you to raspberry-chocolate heaven.

Coconut & Chocolate

What is the result of combining coconut and chocolate? A delicious, captivating taste with a delicate aroma. Guaranteed to satisfy your gourmet cravings and never disappoint.

Caramel & Sea Salt

Be tempted by the extraordinary taste of salted caramel! Every bite melts on your tongue and leaves a long trail of happiness behind.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Give in to the taste of America! The combination of peanut butter and strawberry jam is an ageless classic. What's the Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor in our fluffy bars? Delicious, healthy, amazing!

Vitalbar - it's quality, great taste and simplicity

Not all protein bars are the same. Our vegan protein bars are unique with their pure and simple, purely plant-based ingredients. This makes Vitalbar a high quality, low-sugar energy source.

Because of their high nutrient content, Vitalbar bars are a functional small meal replacement. They replenish energy and fill you up. And they taste absolutely delicious!

When to reach for Vitalbar?

... whenever you feel hungry or crave something delicious during the day

  • on trips and hikes
  • after sports training
  • if you are on a low-carb or keto diet
  • if you don't have time to prepare a good healthy meal
  • if you want to give your kids a healthy sweet
  • in moments of relaxation with a good drink
  • if you have visitors coming over, cut into pieces for a delicious treat

A nutritious snack

Vitalbar is a snack bar made mostly of real food. They are rich in macronutrients (especially fats and proteins) and will therefore fill you up, nourish you and satisfy your cravings at any time of the day.

In addition to plant proteins, they also contain a significant amount of prebiotic (soluble) fibre - inulin (up to one third of the recommended daily intake). Thanks to the beneficial high-quality fats from ground nuts, the bars have a great satiating effect. They contain only naturally occurring carbohydrates, with no added simple sugars.

What makes Vitalbar unique and great?

  • Organic and vegan
  • delicious taste
  • very low in sugars (they contain only naturally occurring carbohydrates)
  • High in quality fats (they are a source of stable and long-lasting energy)
  • significant amount of fibre (covers up to a third of the recommended daily allowance)
  • pure composition withoutfrom unnecessary additives
  • gluten-free and soy-free
  • made in the Czech Republic

Choose energy bars with pure ingredients

The term "protein bar" evokes something healthy. But the most important thing is the ingredients! Many common products in this category contain a lot of sugar, artificial sweeteners, solidified fats and unhealthy additives. Even those that look like 'healthy' at first glance.

We decided to make the bars differently. So we took advantage of the naturally sweet taste of their ingredients and added a little stevia. The result is a pleasantly sweet taste without unnecessary carbohydrates. In fact, the energy in all Vitalbar bars is based on beneficial fats from nuts.

Because of their low sugar content, the bars are also suitable for those who have decided to limit sugar in their diet. They are particularly suitable for low-carb and keto diets.

"For a long time, we have been missing a vegan bar that is not based on sweet dates, because they contain an excessive amount of sugars. So we created it ourselves and replaced the simple sugars with healthy fats from nuts as an energy source. We added prebiotic fibre for healthy digestion and we didn't forget about a wholesome protein blend. We topped everything with 'superfood' cocoa and sprinkled lyophilised fruit on top.

The icing on the cake is the uncompromising organic quality, which ensures that the ingredients used are in the highest harmony with both our bodies and the ecosystem from which they come."

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Country of Origin:Czech republic

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