Magnetotherapy SIECCO Forte

Magnetotherapy SIECCO Forte

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What is magnetotherapy:  

  • the regenerating and therapeutic effects of the magnetic field have been known to man for more than 2,000 years
  • our ancestors knew about the effects of magnetic fields produced by the only natural magnet – a mineral called lodestone
  • they attributed the strength of the magnet to its divine origin

Electromagnetic fields - magnetotherapy

  • considered in professional circles to be one of the safest and most effective physical therapeutic methods
  • it is often referred to as “therapy for the 21st century”
  • this means not just using simple static magnets, but also highly effective electrical low-frequency pulsing magnetic fields
  • the therapeutic and regenerative effects of electromagnetic therapy had been used until recently mainly in clinical practice in hospitals and professional rehabilitation centres
  • available in home care

Effects of magnet therapy devices RENAISSANCE®

  • Analgesic - causes pain
  • Myorelaxant - relieves muscle tension
  • Vasodilatory - dilates blood vessels and stabilizes bloodpressure
  • Anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic - Reduce swelling
  • Stimulus - stimulates growth and construction of bone tissue
  • Detoxification - removes harmful substances and accelerates the metabolism
  • Regeneration - regenerates cells and improves blood circulation
  • Healing - speeds up the healing process
  • Immune - strengthens the immune system

SIECCO magnetic therapy set

  • includes a large bed CASSO applicator and a small circular MANIC applicator.


CASSO applicator

  • the size of the predestines it for overall regeneration
  • can use for healing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation improvement effects of its low-frequency pulse magnetic field literally from the head to the toe
  • CASSO is designed to generate an evenly distributed magnetic field across the applicator area, which provides sufficient treatment to every part of your body - this is very important for the spine works as a whole and so back pain may often be caused by poor function of the small of the back and the hip joints, the hip muscles or the knees
  • the CASSO applicator regenerates all these components, thus removing the cause of the pain.


Applicator MANIC

  • a small applicator for targeted application – for example on ears, teeth, neck, small joints, regeneration of internal organs (liver, stomach, uterus, prostate etc.)
  • weight: 455 g
  • size: 170 x 210mm


The SIECCO kit contains:
1. CASSO – aplicator for PEMF, flat type, size 550 x 1800mm
2. MANIC – a small aplicator, size 170 x 210 mm
3. PT 20 transformer – network transformer 230/12 V AC
4. Tester – magnetic field presence tester
5. Instructions for Use + Information and Picture Guide 
6. DUO COMFORT pulse generator – PEMF Therapy generator

Material: leatherette eco Vinylpex

Delivery time: 2-4 days

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