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Reishi Organic, tincture

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„I study traditional Chinese medicine. I use a beautiful reishi to strengthen Zheng Qui - that is, vitality, resistance to external influences and, according to Chinese masters, to support longevity. “

Pavla Limlová, store support and promoter of traditional Chinese medicine

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About Reishi:  Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is quite possible the most popular functional mushroom on the planet.  It holds a special place in both western and chinese medicine.  Mainly used for its adaptogenic properties, it is a well respected and trusted immune supporter. 

Take note - these statements should not be interpreted as a list of medical claims.

About our Reishi:  We grow our reishi outdoors on our farm in Karjalohja Finland.  This ensures the highest quality fruiting bodies are used.  We inoculate the birch logs in the Spring and the reishi colonizes the log and fruits the following year.  We use local native Finnish strains that we have tested for high quality.  We are currently growing 10 various strains and combining them for the highest medicinal quality reishi extract.


About our extraction process: We dual extract dried reishi at a ratio of 1:20.  This ensure each bottle of liquid extract is very potent with all the important medicinal compounds extracted.  Compounds of interest in reishi includes:

  • triterpenes
  • beta-glucans



KÄÄPÄ Health tinctures are the leaders of mushroom extracts. Always start with smaller dosages, and work your way up. Recommended maximum daily dosage is 2ml.

As our extracts are strong, we recommend taking a week off after every 3 months of use.

Not during pregnancy or for kids.

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Country of Origin:Finland

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