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Vitalvibe news

Novinka: Her Biotics™ 2.0

30. 05. 2023

Mezi našimi produkty vítáme oblíbená probiotika pro ženy Her Biotics™ 2.0 od Vitalvibe s inovovaným složením.

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Tato unikátní směs je pečlivě sestavena z 6 probiotických kmenů, D-manózy a extraktu z brusinek a prebiotika inulínu.
Her Biotics™ 2.0 jsou přírodním pomocníkem při výskytu ženských intimních potíží v pánevní oblasti. Každá kapsle obsahuje 26,5 miliard živých probiotických mikroorganismů pro imunitu a zdravé zažívání. Doplněk vhodný pro podporu zdraví močových cest a vyrovnanou střevní a intimní mikroflóru

New: Ashwagandha Ultimate BIO KSM-66® 500 mg extract

25. 05. 2023

Our portfolio has just expanded with a powerful full-spectrum extract from the root of the traditional adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha Ultimate BIO KSM-66® 500 mg extract in capsules from Vitalvibe.

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contains valuable bioactive substances that support vitality and help to maintain peace of mind. Thanks to the so-called adaptogenic effects, it helps the body cope with physical and psychological stress.

This plant also contributes to maintaining the normal function of the reproductive system.

KSM-66 is a high-quality standardized extract with an exceptionally high concentration of all the main components of the ashwagandha root.



20. 05. 2023

Enjoy the love of May and support your body with energy boosters from us. Now you can buy with 15% discount. Just enter a special code in the order.

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New: Tribulus Xtreme Bulgarian 90% saponins extract

16. 05. 2023

We have stocked a new product: a strong Tribulus Xtreme Bulgarian 90% saponins extract from Vitalvibe.

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Tribulus terrestris contributes to maintaining the normal function of the sexual organs, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. This food supplement is made from the fruits of the wild-growing Tribulus. It is a full-spectrum extract that is standardized to 90% of all saponins – the active substances for which this herb is valued.

If you are looking for a way to boost your sex life, try Tribulus!


02. 05. 2023

We welcome another great vitamin supplement to our lineup: patented, micro-encapsulated, highly bioavailable vitamin C.

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Vitamin C PureWay-C® in drops from Ovonex is a highly effective mixture of ascorbic acid, lipid metabolites and bioflavonoids. Among other supplements, it stands out for its high absorbability and rapid penetration of vitamin C into the target cells. 

We are closed during public holidays

26. 04. 2023

During the holidays, 1 May and 8 May, our Brno Vitalvibe center is closed. We wish you beautiful days off!

New: Bioactive folate Quatrefolic®

25. 04. 2023

An important product for pregnant women has been added to our portfolio: an active form of folic acid (vitamin B9) called Folate bioactive Quatrefolic® in capsules from NaturLabs.

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Vitamin B9 is important for healthy fetal development. Bioactive folate Quatrefolic® stands out for its maximum absorbability and bioavailability. It is also suitable for people with folic acid metabolism disorder. It is therefore an ideal supplement during pregnancy.


20. 04. 2023

Support your body during sports. Our products will give you the best nutrition. Buy cheaper, just enter a special code in the order.

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Now you have a 15% discount on everything in the Sport category.

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Our store is closed over the Easter holidays

05. 04. 2023

During the holidays on 4/7 and 4/10, our Vitalvibe center in Brno is closed. We wish you a Happy Easter!

Free Shipping Days

19. 03. 2023

In the period 19 March till 31 March 2023 are Free Shipping Days at Vitalvibe. Take advantage of the unique opportunity not to pay postage! Free shipping applies to purchases over 500 CZK or €21 and applies only to packages  sent to a Czech or Slovak address.


08. 03. 2023

Our external warehouse and pick up point has been successfully moved to Nehvizdy (Prague-East) and is already open.

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You can pick up your parcel on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the new address:

Wellpack sklad (Vitalvibe)
Logistický areál P3, Hala DC06
Nehvizdy 1100
250 81 Nehvizdy

Detailed information and a map of the place you can find HERE.

Our news: Coconut and maple syrup

07. 03. 2023

Two new products have been added to our portfolio - Coconut syrup and Maple syrup from Vitalvibe.

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We believe that these natural sweeteners will make your food and drinks special with their unique taste and that you will love them just like us for their great culinary properties.