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How To Eat Healthily While Travelling

After a year, the summer and holidays are finally back and they bring a lot of joy and pleasant things. In today’s article, we are going to focus on one of the most pleasant ones – travelling.

How To Eat Healthily While Travelling

Travelling enriches the spirit, is heart-warming, brings knowledge, inspiration, new friendships and love. However, it can be sometimes very difficult, both from the planning and practical aspect. The planning is still your business, but we have prepared some tips for you that enable you to enjoy your summer adventure to the fullest. And this is meant literally because the article is about food. The kind of food you can take with you on your travels. The food thanks to which you will never feel hungry or tired anymore and yet, your back will not hurt when you pack them into your rucksack.

Long car journeys

Every holiday or trip begins with a journey. The long ones are usually tiring and bear in mind that suitable food provides the right kind of energy to keep us fresh and awake. Somebody usually associates this kind of journeys with some schnitzels in bread, somebody with regular or irregular fastfood refreshment and litres of coffee. It is possible to eat in another way though and this is what we want to show you.

You can simply forget all the chips, hamburgers and mayonnaise baguettes. You had better be equipped with various and nutritional snacks already prepared at home. The car can take it. What is ideal and practical for journeys? For example dried fruit such as goji or mulberry, which contain a big portion of natural sugar, which makes them a great energy source. You can also choose various raw bars, crackers, nuts, homemade linseed bars or raw sandwich; you can find the receipt for that on our web.

If you drive, avoid heavy meals. After their consumption, blood moves from the brain to the digestion, it weakens your attention ability and you will feel tempted to have a nap. Prefer eating easily digestible food such as fresh fruit or vegetables, which don’t impair your organism, but on the other hand, they will supply you with all the energy needed and help you keep awake.

Coffee is a wonderful stimulant, its effect is only short-term, though. Try rather cocoa beans, whose stimulating effect is more long-term, they aren’t so demanding for your body and they will make you feel full. Unlike chocolate, they won’t melt in heat.

If you own a travel fridge, you have won. This invention will be your best friend on your long journeys. You can easily transport even that kind of food, which would be hardly transportable without a travel fridge, which enables you to eat on your journeys without any bigger restrictions

Active holiday

Holidays can evoke relax, lazing around and enjoying the beach, meadow or garden. But there are a lot of people, who connect their holiday with sport and other activities that relax rather their mind than their body. Having this kind of holiday, it is important to think of eating well to enable the body to regenerate easily.

A paradox is that a lot of people tend to associate this active kind of relax with biscuits, pates, instant meals of any kind or fried meals in campsites. But even in this case, it is not necessary to keep the “tradition” and disrupt your eating habits and also your whole organism.

Likewise car journeys, you can also easily pack goji, mulberries, cocoa beans or chia seeds into your rucksack, which you will appreciate not only for longlasting energy they provide but also for their sweet taste and almost zero weight.

Food in a powdered form is also very practical, such as our Vitalvibe Complete Power containing a combination of superfood, medical mushrooms and herbs in such a ratio to support both human physical and psychical performance. Every sportsman will surely appreciate protein powder as well. This is also available already portioned in small bags ideal for travelling.

“Especially in the mountains, it can be a problem to get high-quality vegetables, which we should definitely not lack in our diet. Its lack can be easily replaced with a beverage from young barley or tasty young wheat, which can help us to balance even heavier meals and avoid your stomach from becoming hyperacid,” Michaela Ptáčková, a holist nutritional advisor, recommends.

Speaking about supplying essential nutrients, don’t forget to pack magical Coco Hydro, which your body will appreciate after any kind of sport activity. Coco Hydro is dehydrated coconut water maintaining all its superlatives and beneficial effects. While drinking it, you will hydrate your body with minerals that you have sweated out and you will encourage the regeneration of your muscle mass. Moreover, you will enjoy a delicious drink.

Exotic destinations

Journeys to exotic destinations can be various, although all of them can be connected into the same nuisance. Many of you have probably encountered during your journeys abroad something often called ‘traveller’s diarrhoea’. It is caused by viruses and bacteria that our organism is not accustomed to. What’s more, our body is weakened and prone due to change of the environment and climate, stress from the long journey or untraditional meals and their combinations. Intestinal problems can be prevented by higher hygiene, avoiding the local water consumption and carefulness at your food choice.

A big attraction in exotic countries is usually various and often unknown kinds of fruit, which we tend to taste. This is where one of the traps occurs. Eat only the fruit that can be peeled. Otherwise, wash it with packed water. A great disinfection helper is the lemon essential oil known for its strong antiviral and antibacterial effects. You can add it into drinking water (if it is in glass and not in plastic, which would be melted) or into water for washing fruit and vegetables.

One of the best ways to protect your intestinal tract is to use probiotics. Their natural source is probiotic mushrooms originating from Caucasian mushrooms in Tibet. In kefir mushrooms, there are live cultures of bacteria and yeast working amazingly well on digestion and immune system support. They also work against organism hyperacidity. It is therefore ideal to use probiotics even before travelling, for example in a form of homemade yoghurts made with the help of Tibetan mushroom. During the journey, it is better to use probiotics in pills.

Probability of avoiding the traveller’s diarrhoea can be increased with preventive use of chlorella. This unicellular freshwater alga will help to protect your organism from negative influences and it is beneficial for your intestinal tract. It improves intestinal microflora, it helps with digestion and has a detox effect.

As a matter of course you should not forget drinking regime. It is essential to keep it regardless travelling to the seaside, mountains or a swimming pool. Always keep a bottle of water with you and provide your body with hydration during hot summer days. Think about nature and your health and prefer glass bottles to plastic ones. We have just included one of these bottles that are environment- and water-friendly into our offer. Just in time for your journeys.

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