Tea Schisandra, Dragon Herbs

Tea Schisandra, Dragon Herbs

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Dragon Herbs is proud to introduce a whole series of herbal extract instant granules using FITT™. 

Because FITT™ technology is effective, easy, ecological and economical, we fondly named these instant granules eeTee™.

Schizandra eeTee™

Schizandra fruit is “the herb that does it all.” It develops and protects the primary energies of life. Schizandra, known as the "quintessence of Chinese tonic herbs,” supports vitality and beauty when used regularly for some time. It is said to promote beautiful skin. Schizandra is said to help purify the blood, support the mind, help maintain a strong memory, and help maintain sexual energy and sexual functions in both men and women.

The very name of Schizandra in Chinese, Wu Wei Zi, tells us a great deal about the qualities of this herb.  Wu Wei Zi means “Five Flavors Fruit.”  Due to the fact that Schizandra possesses all five of the classical “tastes” (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty) and thus possesses the essence of all five of the elemental energies (wood, fire, earth, metal and water).

Schizandra has been used since the dawn of Chinese civilization as a tonic herb. From the beginning it has been revered, and remains one of the elite herbs of the Chinese system of herbalism. The Taoists especially have revered Schizandra.

Schisandra´s benefical effects

  •   helps to improve physical and mental performance;
  •   contributes to liver health;              
  •   maintenance of normal liver function and additionally supports the digestion and the body´s purification
  •   contribution to physical well-being
  •   tonic effect on human body
  •   slows down ageing of cells
  •   protects against free radicals thanks to antioxidants properties

Ingredients: Schizandra fruit, maltodextrin (May contain a trace amount of corn or wheat)

Suggested Use:  add 1 teaspoon (2g) of Schizandra eeTee™ powder to 6oz. of water, hot or room temperature, stir or shake until the powder completely dissolves. For iced tea, use room temperature water to dissolve the powder first then add ice. You may flavor the tea with sweeteners, fruits, or herbal tinctures.

Recommeded Intake: 1-4 servings per day

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.


Data sheet

Weight including packaging550 g
Form:Tea Bags
Quantity60 g
Country of Origin:China

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