Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt

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For every process that is taking place in our bodies, an ionized form of salt’s elements is needed. Without sodium and potassium, there would be no thinking or moving for us, because they maintain the appropriate voltage on cell membranes. The latter is essential for transferring of nerve impulses, leading into our thoughts and actions. 

Himalayan Salt is considered to be the most pure form of whole salt on the planet. Having never been exposed to impurities, and protected deep within the Himalayans for millions and millions of years, we take pride in our artisan quality, keeping it true to its pure nature. Himalayan Salt was formed from the primordial ocean during a time of great tectonic pressure.  This is important today, as even the highest quality sea salts come from current ocean waters that can contain heavy metals and harmful pollutants, and differ greatly from Himalayan Salt, also known as pink salt.  

It seems like in the Himalayas, just below the roof of the world, she prepared mines of salt that have been left intact for millions of years. Himalayan salt combines 84 different minerals that play a role in more than 1000 metabolic processes. It is rich in electrolytes which maintain an adequate and constant ratio of all the elements in our bodies and are therefore essential for proper functioning of our cells and tissues. They are also crucial for proper functioning of nerve and muscle system because they enable transmission of electrical signals throughout the body. These electrolytes are for example calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride, bicarbonates, etc. Another important element is iron, which makes the salt’s typical color – the higher the content of iron, the more pink is the color.

Ingredients: 100 % Himalayan crystal salt 

Suggested Use:

It is useful for skin care and for disinfecting wounds and insect bites. Salt compresses are advised to put on sore muscles and aching joints. It can help with many other health problems, such as sinus problems, chronic colds, the throat and tonsils inflammation, bleeding gums, cracked skin around the nose, fever, poor digestion etc.

Many people brush their teeth with Himalayan salt and it is also a great and completely natural deodorant. We must not forget to mention its importance for athletes, as drinking diluted sale is a great way of rehydration.

Nutritional Facts

in 100 g


12 kJ/3 kcal


<0,4 g

    Saturated Fat

0,3 g


<0,1 g


0,05 g


<0,5 g


0,94 g


94,1 g


205 mg (25,6 %)*


618 mg (30,9 %)*


105,4 mg (752,9 %)*

* Reference intake

** Occurs only in natural sodium form

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Data sheet

Weight including packaging550 g
Quantity500 g
Country of Origin:Pakistan

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