Who we are?

We are a team, a friendly team with our arms open for anyone.

We are real people, we are a family sharing one goal. We want to present healthy approach towards nutrition and life in general. We want to be an inspiration for others. We want to make the world better.


Ing. Jan Petr

Co-owner, coordinator and marketing specialist of the company and raw food entusiast

“My dream has always been to do something for people and with people.” 

I changed my way of eating overnight. From the classic consumer of traditional Czech cuisine I changed to 100% raw food diet. This happened in 2009. These days on the magical island of Bali I learned thanks to Lucie what the raw food actually was. And I fell for it immediately.

I went through detoxication and managed to win even over unpleasant addictions on sugar, meat, dairy and baked goods. I underwent another raw food and yoga seminars, let other people inspire me, meditated and was finding myself. I left my original career in web solutions and marketing services to found Vitalvibe company together with Lucie.

I cleared my mind. I learned to listen to my body. Now I enjoy every bite of vital energy that glitters from the purely natural foods like superfruits, cocoa beans, greens, bee pollen etc. I am truly happy that I can share these wonderful products through Vitalvibe company with others. It has always been my dream to do something for people and with people. With Vitalvibe my dream came true.

Do You want to contact me?
Write me an e-mail to jan/at sign/vitalvibe.cz. 

Mgr. Lucie Aujeská

Co-owner and company driving force, lecturer in the field of sexual relationships, therapist and yoga instructor

„I am in service to others in their own awakening to the truth of who they are. I guide people to simplicity and natural essence of life itself which come with love, harmony, peace and unshakable contentment. I support them to recognize the greatest intimacy with self and others where any separation dissolved and there is no one to be intimate with.”

I have graduated in the Institute of Somatic Sexology with Daryn Juventin M.A. and Uma Ayelet Furman CSB. As a sexual therapist, I have been very influenced by cooperation with Betty Martins. I have studied Thai, aromatherapeutic, and deep tissue massage, and I have integrated these skills into my somatic and intimate sessions.

I cooperated closely with Radiantly Alive in Bali and I practiced, studied, and shared yoga. I have studied several various forms including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga, and I finished my Yoga Teacher Training in 2009.

I support natural diet influenced by old Ayurveda sciences, Chinese herbs as well as by the modern wave of raw vegan diet. I studied preparation of raw food, holistic lifestyle, and detoxification with Elaine Love and Simon Powers. I even got the privilege to cooperate with famous chefs such as Sayuri Tanaka and Matt Samuelson. Since 2011 I have shared my knowledge within the 21-day training programme YoureLife and within the Radiantly Alive workshops in Bali.

The problem of lack of purely natural and energy-loaded food of high quality was solved by the Vitalvibe company in the Czech Republic. Together with Jan and our whole team, we offer a possibility of choice. Everybody can decide what to eat and how to feel. Everybody can take responsibility for their own health.

Completed courses, certificates:

  • Institute of Somatic Sexology certificate (Australia) 
  • Thai and aromatherapeutic massage (Thailand, 2010) 
  • Holographic Kinetics (Pert, Australia, 2011) 
  • EFT certificate (Brno, 2013)
  • Brandon Bays Way (Australia, 2011)
  • Like A Pro, double graduate, Betty Martins (Berlin and Prague, 2015 and 2016)
  • Shamanic rituals (Leanne Edwards, 2015, https://www.shamanika.net/about)
  • Karina Shelde Soul Voice® workshop (Bali, 2014)
  • Rawfood Radiantly Alive (Bali, 2009)
  • Yoga Teacher Training level 1 (Bali, 2009)
  • Yoga Teacher Training level 2 (Bali, 2014)

How to contact me?
The best way is via my email lucie/@/vitalvibe.cz.
Or on the web lucieaujeska.com

What can I offer?

  • somatic sexual therapy 
  • life coaching 
  • partnership counselling 

Mgr. Michaela Ptáčková

Product specialist, customer support, also an ethnologist and sympathizer of living history

“I believe that every obstacle moves us forward.” 

In 2008 I dealt with health issues. And these very issues started my journey towards a fulfilled life. I started to realize how nutrition reflects on human body, mind and soul.

I believe that every obstacle moves us forward. For this reason I also moved on to give my feelings of happiness and wellbeing priority. I moved from a job in a museum, marketing agency or an insurance company towards something that is truly close to me.

I started to occupy myself with alternative healing methods, massage techniques and raindrop therapy. Currently I practice them together with my knowledge of aromatherapy and ethicotherapy. I live in harmony with the knowledge of the traditional Chinese medicine. 

The most beautiful moments I experience in the countryside while dancing or singing. I also enjoy preparation of healthy meals and indulge in healthy delicacies.

I am happy that thanks to Vitalvibe I can dedicate myself to purely natural foods. With joy I have been rediscovering the unique gifts of nature that people unfortunately have gone off. I have been sharing my passion in my job. I have been developing my knowledge by studying the Healing nutrition academy.

How to contact me?
You can meet me in our Brno shop, hear me at our Vitalvibe customer line, or You can write me an e-mail at michaela/at sign/vitalvibe.cz.

Lukáš Buchta

Support and care of wholesale customers of the company, enthusiastic runner

“I found a whole range of foods even encyclopedia does not write about.”

I was eating all sorts of food, actually I did not care what I eat for a long time. My mom was preoccupied with my breakfast, lunch or dinner while I was attending trainings, running around woods or chasing girls.

In the course of time I started to think. It probably came with maturity. I stopped eating meat overnight. Suddenly I felt lighter after meal. I got to discovering for me so far unknown world full of new flavors and healthy delicacies. Thus I got to Vitalvibe, where my discoveries – delicacies so distant to an ordinary culture, but so natural to our bodies – continued.   

The change of diet brought me new possibilities, new joys and new performances.I took to jogging - the longer, the better. It is one of the few sports where I can meet up the best competitors without going to the world championship. Maybe see you at the start … 

Do you want to contact me?
I am looking forward to new messages at my e-mail address lukas.b/at sign/vitalvibe.cz.

Jiří Paulas

Graphic and web designer, IT Specialist, sportsman and searcher for answers

“Every day I am the best version of myself.” 

Towards the end of 2014 I left my old habits, got rid of my fears and despite opinions of others I set out for my own journey. I used to restrain myself. Now I am pursuing my own vision to do what I like and what is beneficial for others as well. Thanks to Vitalvibe my vision comes true. Every day I am the best version of myself.

I am changing myself, and thus supporting others to grow their potential. I am moving boundaries in everything I do, while exercising yoga, in a gym or in street workout playgrounds. I am surpassing myself, I meditate and look for answers inside me. An inseparable part of my life is sauna, as well as healthy food, cooking and not cooking. I am glad that as a member of Vitalvibe team I can inspire and motivate others to find their own inner peace. The most important thing is to be oneself. If one decides for the path of abundance and happiness according to his feelings, he automatically changes his surroundings too.

Do you want to contact me?
I will welcome Your messages, thoughts and observations at jiri.p /at sign/vitalvibe.cz.


Ing. Lenka Neveselá

Purchaser, logistics and storehouse manager, supplier support and passionate dancer

“Every moment I’ve been enjoying energy of the sun, flowers and water. 

I love contact with people, communication, stories, the beauty of every being. I have travelled around the Czech Republic and a part of the world and worked at several places of the planet just to realize that everything stands or falls on the people.

I was blown away by New Zealand, the country of dreams, the godly combination of conscious people and beautiful nature. I could not believe I could find something similar anywhere else, definitely not in Czech. But I did! Vitalvibe perfectly combines team of great people pursuing meaningful activities and pure all natural products full of live. I feel very grateful being part of the team. At the same time I am fully aware of my great responsibility. I share the enthusiasm and the zest to carry on spreading the Vitalvibe’s principles.  

Do You want to contact me?
I will appreciate new stories and messages. I am expecting them at the e–mail lenka.n/at sign/vitalvibe.cz.

Ing. Veronika Mařáková

Product specialist, administrative, dog lover and everlasting seeker of undiscovered places

„If it's still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk.“ Paulo Coelho

I was always interested in food and its effect on human health. That's why I studied food chemistry where I understand a lot of things. Not only how the human body works according to the biochemistry but also how food industry operates today's. For this reason I was still looking for a way to help people with diet, to show them a better way mainly the natural way.

I have found Vitalvibe after a lot various ways. I had to realize what I expect from life. With this, travelling helped me a lot. I see the world and especially life from a different perspective. Life is not just about surviving but rather more enjoying too.  After my almost one and a half year staying abroad, on the other side of the world, I realized that the person may be happy with just - a piece of the planet, away from civilization, surrounded by mountains, pure nature, clear lakes, fresh air and the main thing arepositive mood people around.

And it is reason why I run into the woods and mountains and enjoying the boundless energy and peace every possible free moment ... In addition, yoga has accompanied my life for a long time.  Currently by slow steps I dipp into the secrets of traditional Chinese energy exercises qigong.

How to contact me?

You can write me an e-mail at veronika.m/at sign/vitalvibe.cz.

Mgr. Kateřina Madaras

The specialist in content marketing and a real hedonist.

“Less theory, more profanity.”

I am a cultural person interested in different ways of art, theater and other visual expression who like to escape from everyday life to the mountains and hills from where I love to enjoy the view on busy cities.

I deeply care about things going on around me - I am trying to be helpful and active when cultivating my city. I enjoy dancing and yoga. I am always looking for ways to keep growing and educate myself.

I have always eaten well and was excited about an infinite potencial of human body. Besides studying Media studies I have spent almost ten years in gastronomy. This led me to appreciate a good quality food and to be hedonist.

I admire beauty in - people, nature, design and food. This everything is naturally connected in Vitalvibe where I got a chance to be part of a great team.

How to contact me?

Don´t hesitate to contact me via my e-maill katka.p/at sign/vitalvibe.cz.

Filip Hanák

Brand keeper, graphic designer and eternal inspirator

New year, new start. In January 2016 I took this wisdom literally and changed my lifestyle almost from the bases. I sold my car which bound me with a dependency feeling in order to be able to walk more and ride a bike. I went out to meet new work opportunities that Vitalvibe offered to me and changed my work environment from a maximally commercial one to a maximally heart-warming one. Finally, I’m able to apply all my experience and know how at work I’m 100% identified with. Simply put, I stood out from my comfort zone to later achieve a much bigger comfort in my life, both mentally and physically.

Vitalvibe gives me space for development of my creative spirit as well as for application of my big enthusiasm in a field that is my life direction. Being a part of a team on the same wavelength fills me with new energy every day and I like giving it back because I feel and know it has sense.

The Vitalvibe project is able to spread knowledge and opportunities and I’m proud that my abilities can contribute to the project and that I’m a part of this.

Do you want to contact me?
Your messages, thoughts and remarks are welcome on my email address: filip.h /@/vitalvibe.cz.

Mgr. Gabriela Bambuchová

Financial and accountant guru, analyst and yogi in one person

„A sin is when we don’t enjoy life.” Osho

Even as a child I felt that what people filled their bodies with is not completely right. That might have been the reason I used to refuse to eat as a child… When I was a teenager and could start to choose, I still searched for something suitable for my body for a long time… I went through various nutritious styles reaching from divided food to macrobiotic; I disproved various convictions about food, what you “have to” and “mustn’t” eat to be healthy. When I discovered living food, it was very liberating for me. I immediately knew that this is what I had been looking for. I feel that this is the food prepared by the Creator here on the Earth to nourish our bodies and spirits. I feel that if we “nourish” our bodies and not only “fill” them, we can develop our potential and live in health, satisfaction and joy.

I enjoy connecting to my body through movement. My passions are jogging and yoga. I love long jogging in the countryside, when I feel calming of my mind, balance of movement and breath and harmony gained from nature. Yoga makes me feel the deep connection to my body and breath.

I am grateful that I can be a part of Vitalvibe and share the spreading of living food with its great potential among other people.

How to contact me?
I’m looking forward to your messages on my email gabriela.b/@/vitalvibe.cz.

Martina Kaiprová

Shop and Vitalvibe centre manager

„Life begins where fear ends.“ Osho

I studied special pedagogy and I worked in assisting professions for 5 years.

The crucial phase for me was my last job in a well-known chain of farmer shops. Thanks to this experience, I started to be more involved in the origin of everyday food or in its ingredients. This taught me to choose products suitable for my body.

I try to reach balance in everything I do. I don’t support extremes, I like approaching things simply and naturally. And this is exactly how I approach yoga, which I have been practicing for many years. I love trips to the countryside, climbing mountains and hills both walking and cycling. I enjoy getting to know individual gastro and coffee scenes, which have been emerging lately.

Similarly like for Vitalvibe, the most important for me is also the quality of products and sharing information. I enjoy being a part of a team of people, from whom I feel tolerance, kindness, and mutual respect. My job enables me meeting wonderful people, organizing, and realizing catchy lectures, and events, and this is what I really enjoy!

How to contact me?
I’m looking forward to your messages on my email gabriela.b/@/vitalvibe.cz.

Martina Greenberg, DiS.

Event manager, shop and Vitalvibe centre manager, nutrition therapist

„Live with love. Eat with love.“ 

Healthy nutrition and good food have always been my passion, as well as music or dance. Therefore I graduated from nutrition therapy and followed my dream. I dreamt about showing others that food can by source of health and vitality. As a therapist I wanted to spread the thought that suitable diet is essential for healthy life and mental satisfaction. Thanks to Vitalvibe I have the opportunity to do that.

Since the very first meeting with Lucie and Jan I knew I want to a part of this inspiring project. 

Every day over and over again I appreciate superfoods for their functionality and intelligence. Every day I can share the passion for quality 100% natural ingrediences with other members of Vitalvibe team, our customers or participants of our events. I am delighted that I can introduce them to the food with no space for additives, preservatives, oil derivates or pesticides. And what is my message? „Live with love. Eat with love.“ 

Currently I am passionately devoted primarily to my maternity duties. 

Mgr. Alice Drápal Audyová

Editress, originator of texts, promoter of vitarianismand natural nutrition

“I relish my life, the freedom and energy that radiates from natural foods.”

I have always been impressed with the enthusiasm of Lucie who is a long-term friend of mine. Her life filled with joy is a source of inspiration to me. On her advice I also underwent the yoga course in Bali, where I learned how to savor the magic of the present moment. I dedicated myself to yoga to deepen my spiritual life, to be able to be more myself and also revealed the power of vitarian way of eating.

I relish my life and the freedom and energy that radiates from natural foods. Since 2012 I have been enjoying delicious culinary specialties also through Vitalvibe. I became a part of a zestful team, which is bound together with a common dream about happy life full of joy, vitality and health.

Currently I am passionately devoted primarily to my maternity duties. 

Bc. Sabina Fleišingerová

Administrative and logistic asset to our team, buyer, also a football player and mom

“I naturally choose a way my life should go.” 

By starting in Vitalvibe I got the opportunity to change my perspective on life as such.

I realized it is not all right to be tired and exhausted all the time. Also thanks to jumping at family I realized the significance of diet for health and vitality.

Also my body welcomed the change in approach towards life and nutrition. After twenty years of actively playing football I got a new surge of energy. Healthy mind joined the healthy body. I naturally choose a way my life should go. The meeting and work in Vitalvibe became for me an opportunity for personal growth and greater zest of life. And I seized it vigorously. Nevertheless I currently seize the opportunities of maternity leave.