Our store in Brno is now CLOSED. It is being taken over by Centrum Letokruh, where you will be able to pick up orders from our e-shop again from Friday 31 May.

Shipping and Payment

If the items are on stock and the order is created until 12:00 on a working day, we ship the order immediately, or the following day at the latest.

The price table serves for your quick orientation. If you like to learn more about the individual ways of shipping, please click on the concrete service.

Shipping within the Czech republic

Shipping within the Czech republic


Average delivery time

GLS – order up to 2000 CZK

95 CZK

1-2 working days

GLS – order over 2000 CZK


1-2 working days

Zasilkovna – order below 2000 CZK

75 CZK

 1-2 working days

Zasilkovna – order over 2000 CZK


 1-2 working days

Personal takeover

Dispensing point


Shop Brno and Vibe Bistro Prague – up to 2000 Kč

29 Kč

Shop Brno and Vibe Bistro Prague – over 2000 Kč


Wellpack warehouse Nehvizdy


Shipping services within Slovakia

Shipping services within Slovakia

Online payment (by card,
bank transfer, Paypal)

Cash on delivery

Average delivery time


5 EUR (125 CZK)

6,5 EUR (161 CZK)

1-2 working days

GLS – order over 81 EUR (2000 CZK)


1,5 EUR (36 CZK)

1-2 working days

Packeta (Zasilkovna)

3 EUR (75 CZK)

4,5 EUR (111 CZK)

2 working days

Packeta (Zasilkovna) – order over 81 EUR (2000 CZK)


1,5 EUR (36 CZK)

2 working days

The price in euros is orientational and is converted towards the price in CZK always through the current exchange rate. You can see the exact delivery rate after finishing your order.

Shipping services outside CZE and SVK

The shipping rates to European countries can be found on the page “We are shipping internationally”, or you can learn it in the order overview. after filling out the order form for the particular country. Rates for the EU countries depends on the weight of the particular shipment.

Taking the shipment over from courier service

Please pay special attention to the intactness of the wrapping including the protective wrapping tape during the parcel takeover. If you find out any outer wrapping damage, do not take the parcel over. If the parcel is damaged and you decide to take it over, write down a damage protokol with the driver. Please take a picture of the parcel for quicker handling of the potential complaint. We will then help You with handling the complaint at our customer line or e-mail support.

If the shipment is not picked up, it returns to us. We charge you for the postage of your order if you want to ship it once again. If you want to cancel a paid returned order, a cancellation fee of shipment cost will be charged.

The maximum weight of the shipment is 30 kg. For shipments over 30 kg, the goods are packed into another package.

GLS shipping service

By COD orders, possibility to pay by a courier.

A courier will contact you via SMS or e-mail about time delivery. In case, you would need to change time delivery, courier's contact information can be found in SMS or e-mail you have received. The standard time for delivering is between 8-17 hours based on your place of residence. After contacting a courier, the order can be delivered to a different address.

Tracking the parcel online

Delivery points Zásilkovna

Zásilkovna provides a personal collection of parcels up to 10 kilos from delivery points in whole CR and SR. The delivery is available in 1-2 working days since your order is done during opening hours of a selected delivery point. The payment is possible in cash or by card in each one. The customer is informed when his parcel is ready by SMS or by e-mail. The parcel is stocked in a delivery point for 7 days, but you can extend this period to 21 days for free. For the collection, you only need a password you receive in an informational SMS.

Online Parcel Tracking

Personal takeover at our branch

Personal takeover Brno:

We offer You the oportunity to pic kupitems directly in our shop, where we are also happy to help you. There is also the oportunity to buy more items. 

Address of the dispensing point and shop Brno:

Vitalvibe centrum, Veveří 127, Brno-Žabovřesky, 616 00, Czech  Republic
A map where You can find us in Brno

Dispensing hours: Monday – Friday from 11:30 to 17:00, Wednesday from 11:30 to 18:00

For personal takeover it is necessary to create an order via our website www.vitalvibe.eu. As soon as we have prepared the order for you, we will inform you immediately via e-mail (normally 1 – 2 working days). Payment is only accepted in advance via bank transfer or online payment gateway. The goods will be reserved for you for 10 days, afterwards your order can be canceled.

Personal dispensing point Vibe bistro (Prague Karlín):

We offer the possibility to pick up your order at the superfood bistro Vibe. Payment is possible only in advance on account or online. Here you can directly purchase some of our most popular products and taste food and drinks made from Vitalvibe superfoods.

Address of the dispensing point Prague Karlín:

Vibe superfood bistro, Sokolovská 73/63, 186 00 Prague 8, Karlín, Czech Republic
Map, where you can find us in Karlín

Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 08.30 to 17.30

For personal collection, you need to create an order via the website vitalvibe.eu. Once we have prepared the order for you, we will inform you by email (standard 1-2 working days). The goods are stored at the branch for 7 working days, after which your order can be cancelled.

Personal takeover Nehvizdy (Prague-east):

We offer You the oportunity to pic kup goods from our central store in Nehvizdy:

Address of the dispensing point Nehvizdy (Prague-east)

Wellpack warehouse (Vitalvibe), Logistic complex P3, Hall DC06, Nehvizdy 1100, 250 81, Czech Republic
A map where You can find us in Nehvizdy

Dispensing hours: Mo – Fri from 8:30 to 16:30.

Here is dispensing place only. Currently here is not possible to change orders nor we offerprofessional consulting here. Payment is possible in cash only (in Czech crowns).

For personal takeover it is necessary to create an order via our website vitalvibe.eu. As soon as we have Your order ready we will inform You immediately (normally 1 – 2 working days). The goods will be reserved for You for 10 days, afterwards Your order can be canceled. 

Photo of the dispensing point Prague:

Goods wrapping:

We use recycled materials to wrap your packages, which are more expensive than conventional plastic packaging. This makes our packaging environmentally friendly.

Method of payment

Method of payment within CZE

Cena Price

Payment via cash on delivery

19 Kč

Payment via transfer to our account


Payment in cash at our branch


Online bank payment


Payment by card


Payment via Apple Pay


Payment via PayPal


Payment at the takeover of the goods / cash on delivery

According to the method of payment You can choosebetween the payment in cash or by card.

In cash – cash on delivery –at the takeover of goods from delivery man –You pay the goods in cash to the courier company driver. Please alway prepare the exact amount in advance, You will speed up the parcel takeover.

In cash – at the personal pic kup inshop.

By credit card Visa/MasterCard – only at the personal pick up of the goods in Brno, or at the GLS driver.

Cash on delivery limits


60 000 CZK


20 000 CZK

By credit card online (3-D Secure)

If You own a MasterCard, Maestro or VISA credit card, which allows internet payment, (if you are not sure,ask for information at Your bank),  you can use it for purchasing goods online. At the completion of your order You will be redirected to the GoPay, which at the samte time guarantees maximum security possible.  If You are pay by card for the first time You will be asked to enter a sixteen-digit card number at the GoPay gateway. There is no need to be afraid because the information transfer is encrypted and therefore completely secure. All the payment information is transmitted through a secure way a Vitalvibe s.r.o. as a trader does not have access to it nor he saves it anywhere. Card payments are credited almost immediately and therefore we can dispatch Your order speedily.

Bank transfer

You can use bank transfer to send money to our account. After finishing Your order and choosing method of payment You will receive information necessary for payment to our account including variable symbol (deposit invoice number). It is always necessary to state variable symbol so that we could accept Your payment.
The money usually arrives at our account within 0 – 2 working days from the moment of departure depending on Your bank. The goods are sent immediately after receiving the payment. At the takeover You do not pay any money to the courier company. The goods will be reserved for you for 10 days, afterwards Your order can be canceled.

Our bank contact:
Payments within Czech Republic:
Account number: 2900216850/2010

Necessary to state variable symbol (VS) = order number (is stated in the deposit invoice)
IBAN: CZ6020100000002900216850

Payments from the EU countries in euros:
For payments from Slovakia:
Account number: 2300494662 / 8330
enter as a regular payment
necessary to state variable symbol (VS) = order number (stated in the deposit invoice)

For payments from other EU countries in euros:

IBAN: CZ7620100000002300494662

Necessary to state variable symbol (VS) = order number (is stated in the deposit invoice)
Bank: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1

Online payments

You can also use GoPay, Apple Pay and PayPal. It is a simple and secure system of electronic payment. It enables you to pay through Apple Pay or PayPal account or by credit cards without sharing any delicate information with the merchant. These online payments are credited almost instantly, allowing us to ship your order quickly.