Complaint, claim for goods replacement

The customer comes first for us. We strive for your satisfaction in all aspects. We try to meet you halfway even in the less pleasant situations. Also for this reason we have prepared some valuable information for you that you will use in the most frequent complaint situations during replacement or goods return.

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Have you received damaged goods?

During the goods takeover please carefully examine condition of the parcel. If the parcel seems damaged, do not take it over and notify us afterwards.

If the goods inside are damaged (while the wrapping is untouched), please first contact our complaint department or the particular courier.

Czech post: announce in person on the delivery day

PPL: announce within 3 working day at +420 844 775 775

DPD: announce within 2 working days at +420 841 700 700

For the sake of quickest and smoothest complaint procedure possible please make pictures documenting damaged goods.

GLS: announce within 2 working days at 840 123 456 or 567 77 11 44

Haven’t you find what you expected in your parcel?

Even our parcels are completed by human beings. And human beings can make a mistake. If that happens, we will do everything we can to make things right. If there is something missing or redundant in your parcel, or if the content does not fit your order, please do contact us.

Do you want to return goods?

As a consumer under article 53, section 7 of the Civil code you have the right to return goods purchased in the e-shop without stating the reason within 14 calendar days from the goods takeover. You can return goods even in the case that although you make you purchase via internet, you pick it up in person.

The right to withdraw from the contract of sale within 14 days, meaning to return goods is relevant only to consumers. The right to withdraw does not emerge if you make a purchase during merchant or business activity (there is a registration number on the purchase bill).

How to return goods?

  • fill in the form Withdrawal from the contract of sale within 14 days – Vitalvibe.doc
  • If possible, put the goods in their original condition. Thus you will prevent the possible lowering of the returned amount by the costs spent on bringing the goods to their original condition.
  • Please pack the goods thoroughly as not to be damaged during shipping.
  • Send the goods you want to return together with the from the contract of sale within 14 days form to our delivery address:


Vitalvibe s.r.o. complaint department

Veveří 127, Brno - Žabovřesky 616 00, Czech Republic

Tel.: 00420 608 98 48 25 (for the courier’s purposes only, not for information about complaint)

  • Do not return the goods cash on delivery. We are going to leave the parcels sent cash on delivery out of account.
  • At the above stated address after previous agreement you can return goods also in person.
  • After the goods delivery we are going to refund you the amount corresponding to the value of the returned goods. We are going to send you the money either by bank transfer or by issuing discount voucher for shopping in our e-shop (of the value corresponding to the value of the returned goods). Refunding cash through money order is not possible.

Do you wish to exchange goods?

If you wish to return goods for other, other flavor, package etc., we will meet you halfway. Please use contact form a write us details about the desired exchange. Then pack the gods and send them back to our delivery address:

Vitalvibe s.r.o. complaint section

Veveří 127, Brno - Žabovřesky 616 00, Czech Republic

Tel.: 00420 608 98 48 25 (for the courier’s purposes only, not for information about complaint)

After the goods delivery and previous agreement we are going to send you the new items. Nevertheless we charge shipping costs according to the current pricelist. After previous arrangement it is possible to exchange goods in person at our shop (see the delivery address).

Do you need to make a complaint?

There is always minimum expiration date stated on the package of foods, special-purposed nutrition and dietary supplements.

Complaint can be utilized within the warranty period only. Warranty is valid only for goods properly ordered and paid.

How to proceed while making a complaint?

  • Use contact form (item „Complaints and orders“), fill in contact details, order number and describe details of complaint. Enclose filled-in Complaint sheet and send the form with the attachment
  • To apply warranty it is necessary to present the copy of tax document (deposit invoice or invoice), or warranty card, if enclosed to the order. Without these documents warranty cannot be considered. The burden of evidence is fully taken by the buyer.
  • The goods have to be handed in the same condition as took over from the seller. For hygienic reasons we accept only goods properly cleaned.
  • Warranty does not reach to damage or excessive wear of the goods, to faults caused by usage, amateurish manipulation, not following the manual for goods usage, breaking the usual principles for usage or by stroke of higher law
  • Based on sending the contact form we are going to contact you about further steps as soon as possible. Please be aware that applying the complaint and proceedings during applying fault within warranty period are decided always be the seller.
  • Before delivering goods of complaint to our address please always make an arrangement with our warranty department. Costs connected to shipping will be paid for you only in the case of legitimate complaint based on the evidence of their real amount (shipping bill, courier document etc.)
  •  We are going to process the consumer complaint within 30-day legal period. Also in the case of wholesale customer’s complaint, where there is not a period for its processing stated by the Commercial law, we are going to do our best to process everything as soon as possible.