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Our history

"To enable people to live consciously in harmony."

 Vitalvibe mission

Our journey could be likened to the life cycle of a tree, which is also part of the Vitalvibe logo. From the seed to the strong, spreading refuge for many animals and plants. We want to be a green protector who is giving vitality energy to everybody who is close. From the roots till the tree crown be a source of food and energy, water, shadow to more and more beings. 

Passing on all information and know-how which worked and helped to change our life for the better, is our nutrition full of pure enthusiasm and passion. Here you can find  how our Vitalvibe tree growing and strengthens day by day. Infused with love, joy and above all the desire to spread positive vibes to the world and make people's lives more beautiful.

Look at our chronicle and read  our story.


 Opening a space for miracles

  • A new wind
    New co-owner and wife of owner Honza –Zuzka Noah, entered Vitalvibe with a collective ritual.

    We have clarified a new 30-year vision for Vitalvibe and transformed the entire interior at our Vitalvibe store. So that you are even more comfortable with us. We also started to enrich our magazine with inspirations from the lives of Vitalvibe owners.
  • New products
    Setting the plans to develop the entire Vitalvibe portfolio for the coming years was fundamental. That means introducing more than 40 new products, which can support you even more on your journey to health, vitality and energy. For over a year careful development also brought unique Vitalbars.
  • Focused on longevity
    We created project Vitalvibe Longevity, through which the freqency therapy “Vitalvibe Frequency” was born also with the whole concept of longevity.
  • Nature restoration
    Vitalvibe bought a forest and started working on a new project “Vitalvibe Nature”.
  • Cacao ritual in the middle of the city
    Thanks to organization, a wonderful afternoon for health and well-being could  be more than 300 people gathered for lectures and workshops, and more than 150 enjoyed a cacao ritual.


Health support for everybody

  • Lockdown
    Lockdown within Covid-19 did not stop us in fulfilling our vision and mission to help people and live in health and full potential. Also in that season we still had to open our store and e-shop.
    We support people in the form of quality nutrition in difficult times.
  • Many new products
    Introducing a number of our own products, including our own chocolate. 
  • Education
    Launching the successful 80-part educational video seriesV-Talk, in which we share information on various topics in the field of human health and nutrition.
  • Collaboration
    We were partners and a part of the Healing Festival and Festival Evolution.


Focused on nature

  • The return of trees to nature
    For the first time, together with our customers, Vitalvibe planted trees in the forests around Brno as part of the "Tree for nature". At that time, we had a tree planted for every order over CZK 1,500
  • Events
    Organization of the Vitalvibe festival with workshops, close to the park of our company main office in Brno, brought a lot of happiness to us as the participation in many external events as well.
  • New content format
    We started shooting successful product videos.


Embedding of quality information base

  • Big changes 
    The owners made an agreement that the company takes 100% Jan. After a collective company ritual of division and gratitude, Lucie left the company.
  • Brand Vitalvibe
    The project “Brand Refresh” just began. We modified the logo and started working on big changes.
  • Péče o kořeny 
    This year was a sign of spreading quality enlightenment through rearrange product details on our website.
  • Building Vitalvibe community
    Every month we organized our regular Vegeparties, arranged open air minifestival and participated in many other fairs and festivals.


Focused on events

  • New stand for fairs
    We introduced our new Vitalvibe stand which follows the concept of the Vitalvibe centre in Brno in Biostyl for the first time. It was made by carpenters from the Giant Mountains.
  • Organization of our own festival
    Enjoying the first year of our own Vitalvibe minifestival - Afternoon for health and well-being was absolutely amazing for us.
  • Vitalvibe centre tune-up
    Finalization of a new concept of Vitalvibe store, newly equipping our center and office space concept design brought completely fresh energy.
  • Expert focus on products
    We have revised the processes for introducing new products and finding new ones so that we always have top products with everything for you.


Creating a new store interior

  • Store reconstruction
    In cooperation with designer Lucie Rožanská, we started designing the interior of a new store, for which we invited a carpentry workshop from the Giant Mountains. We also had new crystals and tachyons set up in our company premises, which energetically harmonize our intentions and everything we do.
  • Taking care of company base
    This year was a sign of roots consolidation on which our company stands. We have worked hard on the processes and settings that will guide us in the coming years full of new challenges.
  • Heart-shaped packaging and own organic cosmetics
    Our customers could find another part of our product in heart-shaped packages. We also released Vitalvibe organic cosmetics.
  • Business competition
    We reached the finals of the prestigious Ernst & Young business competition, which pays tribute to exceptional personalities.


A prosperous company with a well-established base

  • Nominations in a prestigious competition
    New year brought many reasons for celebration. Company had its fifth birthday in January. We were also able to rejoice in the nomination for the worldwide Ernst & Young competition as the Start-up of the Year 2014. We even made it to the finals.

    Continuing interest of our customers very pleased us and gave us a reason to move to the new spaces.
  • Vitalvibe centre moving
    The Vitalvibe center is now located on Veveří Street in Brno. At about 200 m2 we have in addition to the lecture room, kitchen for workshops, shops, consulting rooms and several offices also outdoor seating.
    We also opened the newly renovated premises with a several-hour ceremony for the Vitalvibe team, as well as our partners and customers. The whole space with regard to Feng Shui, the turning of the world and business sectors was created.
  • New website
    The 21th of May, 2015 we gave life to a new website and e-shop (more here).


Moving to external warehouse

  • Moving products to big spaces
    We have a beautiful store, spaces for organizing our own events, but the warehouse is no longer enough for us. So we are moving again, this time to the BIO certified central warehouse in Prague. We moved on Friday the 13th, but everything went smoothly.

    We now have more than 300 types of goods from all over the world in a total warehouse area of over 250 m2.
  • We grow 
    At the end of the year, we could boast almost tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Our team also grows with the volume of customers.


Spreading superfoods into the world

  • Own superfoods range
    In 2013, we gave life to more than thirty organic and raw superfoods under the Vitalvibe Essential brand.
  • Creating of the Vitalvibe Center
    We continue to grow and need more space, so we move to a new place of work. The new store with facilities for various educational events, seminars, lectures and tastings was created and got a name - Vitalvibe Center.
  • Giving "Joy" to the world
    In the same year, we prosecuted participation in more than 14 events throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Has processed over 5,500 orders a year and shipped goods to more than 13 countries around the world.


We start as a real store

  • Official establishment of Vitalvibe
    The 25th of January, 2012 Vitalvibe was officially established.
  • First store 
    We opened our first store extended by a small warehouse, with a total area of 20 m2 in the same year.
  • New website
    We have launched a new version of our website.
  •  Activity 
    Participation  in several trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the country was something new for us. We also organized the first lecture of a foreign specialist. He was a natural healer, founder of the Health Farm and the Lifestyle Academy in Australia. John Fielder.


Making business in the living room

  • Our beginnings
    Initially, we worked as self-employed people. We unpacked, stored and packed the first goods for customers directly in the living room and faced long queues at the post offices to send the first packages.

    Over time, however, awareness of the raw food diet has grown, and the number of people interested in a healthy diet has also increased. As a result, the number of our customers, packages sent and stocks increased. At the end of the year, we served one hundred customers.

    In November 2011, our Facebook profile was created.
Vitalvibe foundation

WHY Vitalvibe?

Dozens of hours of meditation, thinking, dreaming and brainstorming have resulted in a number of ideas and suggestions for the company's name.

The name should be original, short, easy to remember… Above all, it should reflect the content of our business, capture the essence of our activities and be the bearer of our philosophy.

That's why we put together words like vitality, energy, vitality, zest for life ("vital") as well as positive vibrations, frequency, waves ("vibe").

Vitalvibe can thus be interpreted as "life energy", "life full of vitality", or also "everything around us, and including us, is living frequencies and vibrations."



The team of founders Jan (Petr) Noah and Lucie Aujeská was at the birth of Vitalvibe.

Thanks to Lucie, Jan, a web solution creator and internet marketing specialist at the time, was passionate about raw food. He used his technical skills to start creating his own e-shop. Initially, he realized the entire business, graphics and promotion himself. It took many months (often also long working nights supported by eating superfoods), but everything went well. In 2011, the first version of the Vitalvibe store was created.

“Thanks to Vitalvibe I could give my body the best nutrition in quality, which was lacking in our country at that time, and at the same time spread these foods and the joy associated with it.“

Jan (Petr) Noah, Vitalvibe owner

Lucie, already an experienced raw food chef at that time, led healthy lifestyle seminars, yoga workshops and raw food lectures. The seminars did not go without superfoods, raw food and organic products, which had to be imported from abroad. The seminar participants were interested in these foods, but there was no store in the Czech Republic that would offer Organic & RAW products. So people bought them from Lucie so it was just a step to starting your own business.

“I found out about raw food on the beautifully magical island Bali. It was a time when almost anybody knew what it really was.”

Lucie Aujeská, Vitalvibe co-owner

Vitalvibe vision was born already during  2008. 

Dreams began to turn into reality in 2011, when first orders were sent to the first customers. In 2012, Vitalvibe already operated as an e-shop with its own store and regular raw food courses.


As the company gradually grew, it moved to larger premises and expanded its activities. However, the initial vision of a healthier life, a quality diet of purely natural origin and the sharing of experiences remained the same.

The dream began to come true. It is constantly filled, with each new day, new product, new member of the Vitalvibe team and every other customer. Together we create a new form of being.

In 2018, Lucie and Jan agreed that everyone would lead their path in a slightly different direction. Lucie donated part of the company to Jan and left the company. Jan continues to lead the Vitalvibe in Mission, which he strives to fulfill from the beginning and to spread his thoughts and joy on.


The year 2021 was crucial for us, when Jan's wife Zuzka Noah became a full part of Vitalvibe. It brings us many new inspirations, its unique aesthetic feelings and a sense of miracles.

Zuzka, raw food inspirator, transformed her love of raw food and conscious lifestyle first into the Love of Raw project and then into several other projects. 

She is also the author of books and online courses about healthy cooking and conscious eating. That passion for this lifestyle you can find through video recipes, practical cooking workshops with raw ingredients in our space.

As a chocolate lover, she spreads awareness about quality cacao, creates her own chocolate and regularly organizes cacao rituals at Vitalvibe.

"Vitalvibe is part of our family for me. Through Vitalvibe, we share with my husband what we love and really works for us. In this I see and feel meaning, great fulfillment and deep connection.”

Zuzana Noah, Vitalvibe co-owner

Vitalvibe is still growing and getting stronger. We are a leader in inspiration for the 21st century man who wants to experience a change towards a vibrant life full of energy.

We also spread our vision and enable an increasing number of people to experience every day in joy, health and to their full potential through the Vitalvibe lifestyle.