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    Coconut Oil BIOis rich in magnesium, calcium and iron. But also the high content of Vitamin C must be referred to.


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  • Her Biotics is a supplement for strengthening woman’s organism and recovering of healthy intimate area. Thanks to 6 probiotics strains,it boosts a gut flora and furthermore also the immune system in a fight against a new infection. A cranberry extract and D-mannose prevent bacteria adhesion on a bladder wall. This is a time-proven product that works as a prevention as well as a problem solution.


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  • Je nám líto, ale tento produkt již není v naší nabídce.
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    Secret Ceres is a vaginal cleansing product made from kaolin, pomegranate and dripstones. Regular use will cleanse and tighten the vaginal muscles, detoxify the body, rebalance vaginal pH levels, and enhance sexual response. It is a holistic alternative to many pelvic toning devices because it is handmade and made of natural materials rather than plastic.


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