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Coconut Oil Organic

Virgin Coconut Oil Raw Organic

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Main product features

  • cold-pressed
  • organic quality
  • source of beneficial MCT fats
  • easily digestible
  • use in the kitchen and for cosmetic purposes

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Coconut oil is a versatile household staple, obtained by gently processing the flesh of coconuts while retaining their typical aroma. It has gained tremendous popularity for its health-promoting properties, particularly in Ayurvedic and vegetarian cuisine. Additionally, it is widely used in the production of homemade cosmetics. Sometimes, it is rightfully referred to as the 'universal all-rounder.'

Source of beneficial MCT fats

The nutritional benefits of coconut oil are mainly linked to its high content of medium-chain fatty acids (so-called MCT fats). This type of fat primarily serves as a quick source of energy and supports metabolism. Interestingly, pure MCT oil, extracted from coconut oil, is used as a sports supplement to provide the body with energy without straining digestion.

A gentle way of production

Coconut oil can be produced using two technologies: "dry" or "wet" milling. In dry processing, it is dried using fire, sunlight or an oven.

The 'wet milling' method, which is also used to produce our coconut oil, is considerably more environmentally friendly. This process involves using raw coconuts. After harvesting, the coconuts are chopped, peeled and the flesh is grated. This produces a fine pulp which is heated to a maximum of 42°C to evaporate the water. This mass is then cold-pressed to produce premium-quality coconut oil.

Coconut oil in the kitchen

Virgin coconut oil is a healthy culinary ingredient when used for milder heat treatments such as stewing or roasting. However, when it passes the so-called smoke point 175°C for unrefined (virgin) coconut oil it becomes unstable and chemical changes begin to occur.

You can determine that the oil has reached the smoke point when it starts to smoke and sizzle in the pan. Some of the substances formed during the burning process are hazardous to health and are known to be carcinogenic. Therefore, overheating coconut oil should be avoided.

For heat treatments involving high temperatures, such as frying or baking, it is important to use fats with a higher smoke point – ideally 200°C or higher.

Household uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil is worth having at home for its versatile use. It is excellent for massage and body care, e.g. in the bath, after sunbathing, as a tooth oil, hair wrap or lubricant.

It has the advantage of a long shelf life. Coconut oil oxidises very slowly and resists rancidity, providing a shelf life of approximately two years.

Ingredients: cold-pressed organic coconut oil

Nutritional values per 100g
Energy value3592 kJ/ 862 kcal
Fats100 g
of which saturated fat86,6 g
Carbohydrates0 g
of which sugars0 g
Fibre0 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g


Store in a dry and dark place, at a temperature between 5°C and 35°C.

Data sheet

Country of Origin:Philippines/ Sri Lanka/ Vietnam (depending on harvest)

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