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Cacao Butter Organic

Cacao Butter Organic

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„I use cocoa butter to make homemade chocolate. Its quality guarantees that the dishes taste absolutely divine with it. It starts to dissolve easily in the hand and can then be used as a body balm.“

Ing. Jan (Petr) Noah, business owner, CEO and raw food enthusiast

Main product features

- healthy fat
- obtained from cocoa beans
- suitable for making homemade chocolate, cooking and baking
- also used in body and hair care
- sensual cocoa scent
- natural product in Organic quality

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The form changes, but the quality remains the same.
Last year's cacao bean harvest was low due to climate change, leading to a temporary shortage of cacao and cacao products worldwide. As a result, the form and taste of our cacao products may vary slightly throughout the year. However, you can be assured that we only source from suppliers whose products meet all of Vitalvibe's quality requirements.

Cocoa beans from Peru are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The fruit of the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) is botanically classified as a nut and tastes like dark chocolate.

Unroasted cocoa beans are an excellent way to give the body energy, a good mood, a clear mind and support a healthy lifestyle.

Cocoa butter is pure fat, extracted from the cocoa bean. It is created by gently crushing and pressing cocoa beans, which ensures that the natural structure of the fats is preserved. The result is a unique natural fat in the form of butter fractions, which is very practical for further processing.

Cocoa butter is also a raw material for the production of white chocolate or is often used as an ingredient in body care products (soaps, shower gels, body butters) and in various recipes.

Ingredients: 100% cocoa butter (certified organic)

Nutritional values

in 100 g

Energy value

3712 kJ / 884 kcal


98 g

of which saturated

56 g


0 g

of which sugars

0 g


0 g


0 g


0 g

** only in the form of naturally occurring sodium

Dissolves only at a higher temperature, therefore it is solid at normal temperatures. To melt, we recommend putting the desired amount of cocoa butter in a glass bowl and placing it in a bowl of hot water.

Use: cocoa butter can be used in baking, as well as in various desserts, chocolates, cocktails, ice creams. It can also be used on the skin after each shower. Cocoa butter can also be used as a massage oil.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Organic cocoa butter has high stability and a long shelf life.

Data sheet

Weight including packaging250 g
Quantity250 g
Country of Origin:Peru

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irena tumpachová 28. September 2017

Prosím vás je toto maslo kakaové lisované za studena bez zahriatia a nie je deodorizované teda zbavené vône čiastočne alebo úplne?
Ďakujem za odpoveď.

Michaela Ptáčková odpověděl:

Krásný den, Ireno,

ano, je získané lisováním zastudena a neprochází žádnými úpravami. Dle mého má nádhernou přirozenou kakaovou vůni, takže vřele doporučuji.

S pozdravem Michaela

Zuzana 30. July 2017

Dobrý den, lze kakaové máslo použít jako náhražku za lubrigační gel?

Michaela Ptáčková odpověděl:

Krásný den, Zuzano,

ano, lze, jen se rozpouští déle než např. kokosový olej.

S pozdravem Michaela

Vlasta Brhelová 14. March 2016

Dobrý den, prosím o informaci zda kakaové máslo obsahuje stopy nějakých alergenů (např. skořápkových plodů)?
Předem děkuji.

V. Brhelová

Michaela Ptáčková odpověděl:

Krásný den, Vlasto, kakaové máslo neobsahuje stopy žádných alergenů.

Peťa 13. October 2015

Zdravím, chtěla bych se ujistit, je tedy tohle máslo nerafinované a nedeodorazivované?

Michaela Ptáčková odpověděl:

Krásný den, Peťo, ano, naše kakaové máslo NENÍ po oddělení z kakaového bobu dále chemicky čištěno, běleno či jinak upraveno.

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