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8 Summer Nuisances And How To Solve Them In A Natural Way

The summer is especially a synonym of warmth, peace and adventure. However, the summer is also inseparably associated with nuisances aimed at spoiling our summer joys. How to deal with biting insect, travel sickness, or sunburns in a natural way? Our article will show you.

1) Insect enemies

Summer nights are long and it would be a pity to spend them in darkness. But the light attracts flies, mosquitoes and other similar intruders that can make these peaceful moments unpleasant. But how to fight them without using chemicals? It is quite easy. Try to make your own natural repellent. You will only need 50 ml of water, clove essential oil, 1 tablespoon of alcohol and a sprayer, where all the ingredients are to be mixed. The clove aroma is so repulsive for the insect that no mosquito is bound to come any closer to you anymore. The insect is not very keen on the lavender, mint, melissa, or rosemary aroma either. Try it yourself.

You may have probably heard about the vitamin B ability to defeat the annoying insect. It is truly a good old piece of advice about the vitamin B use, which is always useful to be reminded of, though. The vitamin B complex repulses not only mosquitoes but also ticks that can be infected with dangerous infections. The vitamin B is excluded from the body through sweat glands and its aroma, especially of the vitamin B1 aroma, is strongly repulsive for parasites.

The vitamin B complex is available as pills or liquid dietary supplement. Vitamins B can be found in their natural form in nutritional yeast, wholemeal cereals, legumes, or nuts.

2) Sunburns

It is often impossible to avoid the violent sunrays in the summer. That is a reason why you should not neglect hydration of your skin, both before and after sunbathing. For example, cocoa butter is ideal for this purpose. Not only it can work as any moisturizer but it is also helpful as a sunburn treatment. An excellent helper for (sun)burns is the lavender essential oil, which works fantastically in regenerating the skin.

After sunbathing, favourite coconut oil also helps to calm the irritated skin down. When the sunshine is mild, it can also work as sun cream because after spreading it on your skin, it forms a protective film with SPF 2 – 8 on your skin. During the days, when the sun is really strong, we recommend to use oil from raspberry seeds that are of SPF 28 – 50.

3) Dehydration or how check your body has enough water

Likewise the above mentioned external hydration, also the internal hydration is essential. Drinking regime. This is what the summer is basically about. If it was possible, we would prefer to drink nothing else than coconut water in the summer. If it is well refrigerated, nothing can beat its flavour. Moreover, it contains plenty of electrolytes supporting the bodily functions. We mean especially potassium and sodium, which, in the correct ratio, are able to regulate bodily fluids and help to hydration.

We admit that it is not always practical to take a coconut supply with you on your travels. That is why we recommend our Coco Hydro. It is dehydrated powdered coconut water maintaining all its beneficial substances. It can be easily mixed in water and you gain your own coconut water whenever and wherever.

4) Nausea and diarrhoea while travelling

You don’t need to travel on sea and you might still get nauseous easily. Everyone is different in their travelling tolerance, so your car journey or flight may become uncomfortable due to motion sickness. Peppermint is a suitable helper for common digestive troubles, so it is practical to have the mint essential oil anywhere within reach. Drip an oil drop on your tongue or spread it on your stomach and the mint will help you to harmonize your digestion similarly like during constipation or diarrhoea.

You don’t even need to fly to exotic countries to experience another nuisance often called ‘traveller’s diarrhoea’. Sometimes it is just enough to have your immunity mildly weakened, or having eaten some not thoroughly washed fruit and you can be wherever, in Thailand, Egypt, or Croatia, and the problem occurs. In foreign countries with another climate, there are obviously different kinds of viruses and bacteria. Our organism is not used to them, so they might defeat it. But you can be ready and beat the traveller’s nuisances with regular use of chlorella. Chlorella is a kind of unicellular freshwater alga, which helps to protect the whole digestive tract and when taken at high doses, it has also antibiotic effect.

5) Summer tonsillitis

Tonsillitis in the summer can be viewed as a paradox but for someone, it is unfortunately an annual standard. Tonsillitis is often caused by thermal shocks experienced while transiting from air-conditioned space to high temperature exposure and the other way round. This causes disruption of balance between our body temperature and external temperature.

Another shock that a lot of people unintentionally cause to their organism is ice beverages consumption. If you are overheated from the sun and drink ice water, the conditions in your throat and pharynx immediately change and become prone to infections. We recommend to prefer warmish beverages and to let refrigerated beverages become warmer for a moment.

6) Jet lag 

If you travel through different time zones and get to know the world, there should be nothing in the world to break your pleasure. Not even jet lag. But it is sometimes impossible to avoid it. How to deal with it to make it as bearable as possible? Melatonin can help you with that.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. Besides, it is actually a kind of imaginary clock in our head that helps us to keep regular rhythms – for example alternation of sleep and being awake. Plenty of you have probably experienced the situation when you woke up closely before ringing of your regular morning alarm clock. This is exactly what melatonin is responsible for.

Melatonin is available in pills. However, be careful not to mistake the natural melatonin with the synthetic one. But if you want to supply this hormone only from your diet, make sure that your diet contains a lot of bananas, tomatoes, rice, ginger, and oatmeal.

7) Injuries

The summer is attractive for its adventures and adventures often cause various injuries. The best way is to prevent them but if it is too late, we have a tip for you, how to deal with them quickly and continue in enjoying the summer joys. The tip is MSM powder or methylsulfonylmethane. It is basically an organic form of sulphur naturally occurring in fresh food. However, the current cultivation way and other food processing harm the MSM, which causes its lack in our bodies and that is why you need to supply it.

The MSM works as the basic building blocks of proteins and bodily connective tissues that are able to regenerate faster. You can treat superficial injuries with the lavender oil which helps to disinfect the bruise and encourage the healing process.

8) Mycoses and fungal diseases

The last summer trap to be mentioned is more often a woman’s issue. They are mycoses in areas of intimate parts caused by harsh temperature changes in the summer while transiting from the heat to air-conditioned rooms or by swimming in swimming pools with chemically-treated water. Mycosis can be also a consequence of stress, intake of excessive amount of simple sugar, alcohol, medications or a side effect of antibiotics.

Some women tend to suffer from mycoses more often than the others. These especially should pay more attention to their intimate parts care. The easiest thing you can do to prevent mycosis is to wear only cotton underwear, eliminate soaps in intimate hygiene and dry yourself thoroughly after taking a bath. Mycoses as well as for example feet fungus can be fought with the lemon essential oil, you can easily add a drop to your bath to the particular area.

There is another special tip for women. Secret Ceres is a helper that also serves to balance the vaginal microflora and to a complex cleaning of sexual organs and so it helps to get rid of unpleasant discharges.

A nice summer without any nuisances from our Vitalvibe team!

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