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Vitalvibe Affiliate program

We are pleased that you recommend our products further. We are happy that you share your experience with others and inform about the availability of 100% natural products, ORGANIC & RAW foods and superfoods.

For everyone who wants to spread our thought and support others on their way towards life full of vital energy, we prepared the Vitalvibe Affiliate program.

Affiliate program rewards everyone who:

  • recommends our shop to others,
  • shares his/her experience with our products,
  • informs others about the possibility to obtain high-quality natural foods.

This program is designated to retail customers. It serves to obtain commissions as a thanks to those who bring new customers to our e-shop. So even wholesale partners directly recommending our shop can join this program. To be rewarded, it is enough to get involved in our Affiliate program and share the Vitalvibe’s philosophy with others.

  • You can send a simple hypertext link of our e-shop to a friend.
  • You can send e-mail invitation directly from our website (here).
  • You can place an advertisement on your Facebook site, Google+ or Twitter.
  • You can write about us on Your Blog or mention us on Your website.
  • You can use banners of all sizes and topics.
  • Or you can get down to anything meaningful…

How Affiliate program works?

Affiliate, also partner or provision program, is based on reward for recommending. We appreciate your time and energy that you put into spreading the information about Vitalvibe. We want to thank you for your effort. For mentioning us, our portfolio or any single product we are going to reward you.

  • You can join the Affiliate program after registration (here) or signing in to your current Vitalvibe account.
  • In the section “My account” click on “Affiliate program” and chose the way you want to promote Vitalvibe in.
  • There are several ways of promotion, it can be a simple text link, banners, link on social networks or websites and last but not least an e-mail invitation from our website.
  • You refer to our website always using your unique customer number. If you like to refer to a particular product, you can add at the end of an url address e.g. “?affid=413”, where “413” is the customer number. The concrete link can have this shape:
  • https://www.vitalvibe.eu/cs/zelene-potraviny/166-mlady-jecmen-bio-prasek.html?affid=XXX (you will replace the XXX by your own customer number).
  • You can borrow pictures and photos from our website. It is not allowed to copy texts! It is always necessary to rephrase the texts, or create entirely new articles. Otherwise there is a threat of penalty by spotters who, as well as the people, do not like the duplicate content.
  • On the Affiliate program page you can follow the statistics in your account. You will be shown the information about the number of brought customers and the amount of your provision.
  • The provision is mirrored in the Bonus account, where you can exchange your provision into a Discount voucher (retail customers) or directly into money (wholesale partners).

7% provision and more rewards for you!

  • We will give you 7% for your first shopping for every new customer brought by you
  • An additional 3% will be earned on each additional purchase made by the customer over the next 2 years if the customer makes an order at least once every six months!
  • We pay out already from the amount of 250 CZK!
  • The cookies’ length is 30 days (meaning that you get the provision for a new customer brought by you always when he shops with us within 30 days since his first visit in our shop through your link).
  • Provisions are counted from the price of the order without shipping
  • Affiliate program is designated to retail purchases, it cannot be used for wholesale purchases


We’ll be delighted to welcome you between us!

If you are further curious about the Affiliate program, look at the detailed terms of trade.

If you are interested in wholesale partnership, please visit our special section Wholesale.

In case of any questions please contact us.

We are looking forward to our partnership!