Our shop in Brno has been handed over to Centrum Letokruh. You can still pick up your orders from our e-shop there.

Vitalvibe’s responsibility

We create our own reality. We in Vitalvibe also realize that everything we do will get back to us manyfold. If it comes to business, we do realize our impact on the market, society and natural environment.

We are a conscious company.

We fully admit our responsibility. We feel responsible for the planet earth. We feel responsibility for happiness of all beings on this planet. We deepen perception of our being, strive for a synergistic development in the best way possible. We want to do business in accordance with nature, society’s interests and ethic principles.

We strive for balance

Our company’s culture is based on open communication and fair approach. We are fair to our customers and suppliers, as well as our employees. We support personal development of our employees, but we are also happy to contribute to personal development of every single person. Also for this reason we support interesting development activities. We ourselves organize all sorts of educational events, seminars, workshops or friendly gatherings. We regularly lecture. We openly present all our activities.

We do business transparently. 

We profess society’s responsibility – company’s CSR.

We support and contribute

We connect people with a common goal, we share a common purpose, we mutually exchange experience, we pass on our energy and joy.

We connect business with educational activities and other environmental and social projects.


We support farmers, local producers and conscious companies

We appreciate work of small growers and farmers who do their job with respect to nature and human health. We respect our local and foreign suppliers (brands Sunwarrior, HealthForce, Big Tree Farms, Four Sigma Foods, Secret Ceres etc.). With excitement we supply their purely natural products where they were missing so far. We support fair trade.

We choose suppliers, which try to minimize their impact on natural environment.

In cooperation with the company EKO-KOM we recycle wrapping materials, use ecological cleaning agents Tierra Verde, support Born Again project. We cooperate with protected workshop Český Západ or the company Tradelin that employs healthily handicapped people.


We support each other

Every Vitalvibe team member has the opportunity to develop his or her potential. They realize themselves in what is close to their heart. They have space for self-education. Every team member can thanks to flexible hours manage their time. Every employee has access to high-quality food and pure filtered water.

We build company culture based on open communication, fair approach and friendship.


We support health and contentment of our customers

There are only products that we truly trust in our offer. We believe in their vital energy, we believe that they’re source of strength and vitality. It is the vitality, life energy and passion that we want to be passing on through our 100% natural foods and RAW & ORGANIC products.


We support meaningful projects, events and organizations

We confess healthy lifestyle. We want to give the opportunity to change their lifestyle towards overall health and satisfaction also to others. That’s why we realize all kinds of lectures, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. We share with others our own findings and experience, but we also give space to other interesting people. We invite over to the Czech Republic foreign experts (for example Dr. John Fielder). We also support Life Transforming Retreats (Yourelife) on Bali.

We regularly take part in well-renowned Czech or Slovak organic fairs (BIOSTYL, Prague Spirit Festival), also festivals focused on health or environmental topic (Vegefest Praha, Ekologicum Brno etc.)

We cooperate with sports clubs (major league handball club Brno, Orienteering club Brno) for us to observe the influence of healthy diet on performance and development of potential of the human body.

We have financially supported the 2014 Pajšan tea festival, Letokruh primary school, Nepal affected by earthquake and others. We support meaningful Czech and foreign projects several times a year.

Green company

We do our business with love to both people and nature. We are a conscious company. We don’t renounce our responsibility, on the contrary. We feel responsibility for contentment of our employees, customers, suppliers or business partners. We feel responsible for the Planet earth. We do realize our impact on natural environment and try to minimize it. We don’t want just to take from the nature.

We look for harmony and balance

We prefer recyclable packages and recycled materials.

For recycling of materials we cooperate with the company EKO-KOM and support Born Again project.

We ship goods in parcels made of recycled paper, even the bubble wrap and package filling are 100% recycled.

The considerate approach towards nature we share with our suppliers. For instance, the suporfoods from Sunwarrior and Big Tree Farms have packages made of recycled plastic, which is, in addition, fully recyclable. The jars of HealthForce products are recyclable as well.

Also packages from our products are made of recycled paper and wrapped by a recycled BPA and PVC-free wrapping for better moisture-resistance and meet the FDA and SGS ISO 9001 requirements.

Also in administrative processes and management affairs we carry nature in our mind. Leaflets, bills and other documents we print on recycled paper only. We print only when absolutely necessary. We use papers from both sides.  

We think of what we do

We use energy saving led bulbs. Considerateness is carried out also during cleanup. That’s why we choose a Czech company Tierra Verde for our cleanup agents supplier. It produces ecological daily use agents while trying to minimize the impact on natural environment and human health.

We behave responsibly 

We behave responsibly not only towards nature, but also towards people. For this reason we cooperate with companies that use recycled materials a give job to handicapped people.

Among our partners with pride we reckon the protected workshop Český Západ that employs people from socially excluded localities.