Nutritional counseling

We prefer holistic or wholesome approach, meaning that we view our clients in a complex way. Thus, not only according to nutrition, but also psychosomatics, basicity of acids (body pH influencing), thermic impact (cooling and warming foods, …), movement and sleep. We deal with all nutritional ways including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Everything interrelates

Because everything in human body interrelates, one cannot assume that healthy diet is the only magic pill. The healthiest food eaten in hurry is worse that a less healthy one eaten with pleasure and calmly.

Spare some time to eat

Individual approach – we look at every client individually, because being works little bit differently. There are certain universal approaches, but these are necessary to adjust for a particular individual: Some have allergies to certain foods, others feel heavy after eating nuts, another is a quick burner, so he needs supplementing as much energy as a professional athlete.

What is the difference between the diet plan of a long-distance runner and an office clerk?

How to supplement high-quality protein?

What are the most frequent mistakes in diet plans?

Why viewing human body as a whole?

Everyone has different demands, different taste and different financial possibilities. Our aim is to find the right, individual way for everyone.

Everyone works differently

It doesn’t matter if you just want to find out, what’s healthy.

Whether you need enough energy and nutrients for a particular sports performance.

Or if you just need to learn how to nurture joints and tendons to regenerate well.

Or how to deal with fatigued muscles after a strenuous training.

Many people say they don’t have enough energy. We have the solution! J

RAW FOOD = living foods

We will look together at the balance of your menu and will make it varied with living foods.

How to put living foods into your diet? What can living foods bring to you? How to supplement quality and wholesome proteins?


Sports diets

We will elaborate for you a varied and well-balanced diet, which will contain enough energy for trainings while supporting fat burning and maintaining muscle mass.

Reduction diets

Elaborating of a varied diet that will help burning fat. Recommendation of a movement activity that will support the outlined goal.

Price list

The price is established by client himself according to how beneficial does the particular consultation seem to him.

How to make an appointment?

It is enough to call 608 98 48 25 or 515 54 17 41.

You can also use the e-mail or choose directly one of our nutritional counselors (see below).

Place of consultation: Vitalvibe centre Brno, Veveří 127, Brno-Žabovřesky, 616 00