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Nutritional counselling

Do you want to change your lifestyle, lose or gain weight, and eat well? Learn which foods are good for you and in what quantities and which are not? Do you have poor digestion, high blood pressure, cholesterol or other health problems? Do you want to feel vital and have plenty of energy? Do you want a highly individual approach? Are you determined to work on yourself honestly but not be tied down? Then you are with us!

Petra will be happy to accompany you on your journey to positive change. You can drop in for a one-off consultation or take advantage of regular meetings leading to lasting change.

Ing. Petra Vašková

- Vitalvibe health and nutrition specialist, food expert, nutrition consultant, yoga instructor

"I have been interested in human health since primary school. The path of influencing our bodies through food was the closest for me, so I decided to study food technology and then went on to do a Master's degree in ecotrophology, which focused more in-depth on human nutrition.

At Vitalvibe, I take care of the professional side of product information and customer advice. I run seminars and workshops on nutrition. I also do professional nutritional consulting and yoga tutoring.

I always try to see people and their health in a broader context and approach everyone holistically. In my counselling work I focus on individual selection of appropriate foods in combination with optimal physical activity. I look for what is in line with each person's health, physical constitution and lifestyle."

Measurements on the InBody 230

Initial measurement on InBody 230

Precise body composition diagnostics with immediate results and analysis.

300 kč

Repeat measurement on InBody 230

Have you already had your body composition measured? After a period of adjusting changes in diet or sporting activity, it is advisable to check whether you are losing muscle instead of fat by losing weight, for example.

150 Kč

Duration ofmeasurement with explanation: approx. 15 min

Results: printed / emailed

Where: Vitalvibe Centre

or +420 732 690 885

Important information about Inbody 230 measurements

Nutritional counselling

Consultation (online consultation)

690 kč / 60 min
990 kč / 80 min / 2 pers.

Consultation with measurement on InBody 230

790 kč / 70 min
1290 kč / 90 min / 2 pers.

Includes an assessment of your original diet and lifestyle with suggestions for changes according to your current needs and goals.

Advice on:

  • Healthy, reduction and preventive nutrition
  • Alternative diets (vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, etc.)
  • Choice of appropriate physical activity
  • Nutrition for athletes, seniors, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women

Where: Vitalvibe center, consultations are possible online (via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or phone).

or +420 732 690 885

Customised diet

Are you looking for a way of eating that you don't have to completely adapt your lifestyle to, but that adapts to you and meets your expectations?

1490 CZK / 7 days
1790 CZK / 14 days

How will the diet be put together?

  • Taking into account specific nutrient needs according to metabolism, health, physical activity and type of work
  • With a preference for commonly available ingredients

Results: printed / emailed

or +420 732 690 885

Important information about the individual nutrition plan

Where to find us

Vitalvibe Centre Veveří 127, 616 00 Brno

Veveří 127, Brno


Petra Vašková
+420 732 690 885

Body composition analysis on InBody 230

The InBody 230 is one of the most sophisticated human body composition analyzers. It allows you to find out the distribution of muscle, fat and water in the body or the basal metabolism in a few tens of seconds using a non-invasive method. The measurement is accurate, fast, easy and safe.

The results of the body analysis provide important information about your health status. We will find out whether you are at risk of being overweight or obese, or if you are underweight. It will indicate whether you are at risk of osteoporosis or excessive water retention and swelling, or which muscle groups on your body are weakened or imbalanced. This information is especially important for weight loss and athletes. The device can also be used to regularly check and verify whether any weight loss is due to fat reduction or muscle loss.

The InBody 230 uses the patented DSM-BIA technology, a direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis method. For more information about the device, visit the InBody website.

What will I find out?

  • Weight, percentage of body fat, fat-free mass, skeletal muscle mass, minerals
  • visceral fat
  • body balance and muscle imbalances
  • waist/hip ratio (WHR), BMI (obesity index), basal metabolic rate (BMR), metabolic age
  • recommendations for reduction or increase of fat and muscle mass
  • intracellular and extracellular water volume, total body water
  • body type, body composition history
  • weight control, target weight

How does it work?

You will cut yourself, take off all metal objects (belts, chains, bracelets, etc). You stand on the machine with your bare feet, grasp the handles, straighten up and stand still for a while. The results are then printed and interpreted.

How should I prepare for the measurement?

  • Do not eat large portions 2 hours before the measurement
  • do not exercise immediately before the measurement (exercise after the measurement)
  • do not sunbathe before the measurement

For whom is the measurement not suitable?

  • People with a pacemaker
  • pregnant women (especially in the first trimester of pregnancy)

Why an individual nutrition plan?

Save yourself years of unnecessary nutritional mistakes, wasted money on poor quality food, bad diets or dubious supplements that are "guaranteed" to help you lose weight. Have a customized diet plan made from basic foods based on your body parameters, physical activity and current eating habits.

The prerequisite for a successful change in your eating habits, your physique, and thus your quality of life is setting conditions that you can follow for the long term without suffering in the process. Short-term diets have only a short-term effect in most cases. It's important to focus on a way of eating that you are able to stick to in the long term - it's the only way to feel healthy and happy with your body.

My goal is to make the diet as effective as possible while being sustainable in the long term. During the consultation, I will guide you through the eating plan so that over time you will be able to navigate your food choices on your own and be able to adjust it according to your own needs, tastes or newly set goals.

Basic parameters of an individual diet plan

  • from commonly available ingredients - without the need to buy any nutritional supplements
  • based on a pre-submitted food preference questionnaire
  • prepared in a clear form with a breakdown of the individual days and meals, together with an explanation and recipe of exactly what to eat and in what quantities
  • for those who want to lose weight/gain weight or simply start eating healthier
  • with regard to health complications: food allergies and intolerances, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.
  • The possibility of designing a diet for pregnant and breastfeeding women, for people with alternative diets (vegan, low-carbohydrate diet, etc.)
  • tailored to your taste preferences and time availability