Are you interested in adding 100% natural, ORGANIC & RAW products into your portfolio? Do you want to offer Vitalvibe products to your own customers? Join our wholesale partners!

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Advantages and benefits for wholesale customers

  • wholesale discounts and special prices of the goods
  • free shipping and delivery within 1 – 2 working days
  • unique portfolio of superfoods, ORGANIC & RAW products and dietary supplements (we function as an exclusive distributor of the brands Sunwarrior, HealthForce, Big Tree Farms, Four Sigma Foods, Secret Ceres and others.)
  • propagation materials for chosen products
  • possibility to place link on our website for free
  • special rack for Vitalvibec products for permanent stores

How the wholesale partnership works?

Registration and filling the form

  • After registration in our e-shop please fill this form. We will check the correctness of the data in the form. Based on the entered data we will also consider meaningfulness and relevance of our business cooperation.

Ask for wholesale account

Signing in your account

  • After signing in your account and after the validation of cooperation you will be shown the wholesale prices. You can order goods in the same way as in standard e-shop. You can choose shipping out of several options, including personal offtake in Brno or Prague.


Minimum order value is 4.000 CZK (160 EUR) without VAT respectively.

If a wholesale partner orders goods of this value, in the following 30 days he can realize orders of any value. Their value is not determined, but we charge for shipping and wrapping in orders under 1300 CZK.

After the expiration of 30 days from the last order of 4.000 CZK value without VAT respectively, it is necessary to order once again in the minimum amount determined for given wholesale group.

Example: Wholesale partner order goods on 01/05. The order has to meet the minimum value of 4.000. Whenever within the following 30 days, he can order goods of any value. After the period expiration he can be ordering anytime (even on 01/08) as well, only the order value has to reach the minimum amount of 4.000 CZK again. Afterwards you have 30 days again when you can be ordering goods of any value.

If the wholesale partner orders goods of value above 4.000 CZK, perhaps on 15/05, the 30-day period starts again from this date.

Rules for the wholesale sale

  • Business partner can set any retail price. However, the price has to be always higher than the product’s retail price (stated on the Vitalvibe.cz website).
  • Business partner can use any pictures, photos and charts published on the Vitalvibe.cz website. However, he cannot adopt any texts. It is possible to use them as a source, but the text used by a partner has to be at least 80% different from the original Vitalvibe texts. (This requirement is given be the searching engines’ algorithms. This way we want to avoid the penalization from searching engines, which evaluate the duplicated texts negatively.)
  • Our goods can be sold in the original package only. The products always have to be provided with Czech Vitalvibe label, which is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and food inspection.
  • If the business partner is interested in ordering larger amount of a particular product (from 50 pcs of one kind), we need the information in advance. We will be glad to satisfy your demands both in size and period as much as possible. Nevertheless, we ship goods from all the corners of our planet (USA, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand) and for the logistics purposes it is necessary to order certain items in advance.

You can find the complete rules in Wholesale conditions. The partnership is ruled by the Vitalvibe Wholesale conditions and the law No. 513/1991 Sb., Commercial Code as amended, if not stated otherwise.

Special rack for Vitalvibe products 

If you run a permanent store, healthy restaurant, wellness or sports centre, you will surely appreciate the practical Vitalvibe rack. Specially designed rack was created in the way to look stylish and be functional at the same time. Thanks to the ready-made hitches it can be easily fixed to the wall. The size of 17x62x102 cm corresponds with the size of Vitalvibe products (see the picture).  The rack provides four shelves, where a varied scale of 100% pure natural products, superfoods and dietary supplements from the Vitalvibe offer can be put.

We will gladly give a free rack to all our wholesale partners who will reach the annual turnover (the grand total of all orders, the value of goods without VAT) of 7400 Euro and more. The other partners can have the rack for a reduced price of 1,900 CZK.

We will be delighted to welcome you as our new partner!

We are looking forward to the mutually beneficial business opportunities!

Do you have any proposal for our possible cooperation? Would you like to meet us in person and discuss the possibilities? Are you interested in further details of the wholesale partnership?

We are available at the e-mail velkoobchod@vitalvibe.cz, contact form or telephone numbers +420 775 602 775 or +420 608 98 48 25.