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Dates Deglet Organic

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„When I have a sweet tooth, I open a bag of dates for their natural sugar content. Instead of classic sweets, I also buy them as a nutritious gift, most often for my pregnant friends.“

Pavla Limlová, store support and promoter of traditional Chinese medicine

Main product features

  • Pecked dates of the Deglet Nour variety
  • Organic quality, 100% natural, non-sulfur, non-GMO

  • gentle processing, preservation of high nutritional values

  • sun-dried, unsulphurised, no added sugar
  • large delicious fruits, great taste

  • natural, fast energy source

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They smell like marzipan and taste like caramel candy - these are natural dates of the Deglet Nour variety. This popular dried fruit with a high content of natural sugars is not only a delicious ingredient for preparing sweet food, but also a great treat and a quick source of energy.

Dates are particularly popular for their sweet taste. However, they also contain valuable nutritional treasures that have beneficial effects on the health, beauty and vitality of the whole body.

Our Organic Dates come from controlled organic farming. Thanks to this, they retain all the valuable substances in their full range, without any harmful substances.

Organic dates are the fruit of the date tree(Phoenix dactylifera) of the Deglet Nour variety . They are distinguished from other varieties by their golden brown colour, pleasant marzipan aroma and honey-caramel taste. They are therefore most often used to flavour sweet dishes.

Thanks to the unique combination of natural sugars and fibre, dates are a great healthy snack that will give you energy for any activity.

Our Organic Dates are 100% natural, grown using organic methods. Therefore, they retain a wealth of minerals, fibre and other valuable health benefits.

Organic dates are already baked. They contain no preservatives such as sulphur dioxide or added sugar, yet they are pretty sweet!

What makes dates great?

Dates are naturally high in carbohydrates and low in fat. They have a pleasantly sweet taste and a delicious aroma. Their high content of highly usable glucose makes them a rich and quick source of energy. They are therefore ideal for athletes before physical exercise, as a healthy snack or sweet treat.

Dates contain important nutrients that contribute to maintaining the health and internal harmony of the body on a physical and mental level. In particular, vitamin B6. Among minerals, dates are a rich source of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and copper. They also contain important antioxidants such as flavonoids and carotenoids.

In addition, dates contain useful fibre, which is beneficial for maintaining a well-functioning digestion.

Why prefer organic dried fruit?

As with any other type of food, it is worth choosing the highest quality fruit possible. Indeed, organic quality is a guarantee that you will get minimally contaminated food. Thanks to the controlled organic farming system, organic food does not contain residues of agrochemicals, especially pesticides. Dried fruit from organic farming is not sulphured and also contains no other preservatives or added sugar.

Avoid dried fruit with added sugar

Much of the dried fruit from the supermarket is soaked in a sugar solution before drying to make it even sweeter and more appealing to the palate. Fruit sweetened in this way is, of course, a huge sugar bomb.

It has been repeatedly shown that too much rafinated sugar in the human diet has negative effects on health, increasing the risk of various types of diseases, especially type II diabetes. To avoid eating dried fruit with added sugar, read the information on the labels of packaged foods carefully.

Choose dried fruit without sulphites

Most dried fruit on offer in convenience stores is sulphited. Sulphur dioxide improves the appearance of dried fruit. It is used so that the fruit retains its authentic colour and does not turn brown. This is particularly true for brightly coloured fruits such as raisins and apricots.

What are the risks of sulphured fruit? This treatment can cause stomach pain, headaches, nausea and asthma-type problems in more sensitive individuals.

Whether dried fruit is sulphurised or unsulphurised should be clear from any packaging you buy it in. Either the packaging says it is sulphurised directly or it says 'preservative E220'.

With us, you can be sure that you are getting organic dried fruit of excellent quality without any hazardous substances.

The story of our dates

The home of sweet BIO dates is sunny Algeria. The Middle East is known for the best date varieties there ever were. It is here that dates are an important part of traditional Arab cuisine. They are often roasted in butter or pressed into a loaf called 'adshah'.

Our organic dates have been grown according to the principles of controlled organic farming. As a result, they retain their nutritional richness in the highest quality.

After harvesting, they are dried in the sun for several days. This preserves their juiciness and typical golden brown colour. After drying, the dates are washed and carefully sorted by hand. They are not further sweetened or sulphurised.

And something else interesting...

Date trees have been cultivated by man for more than 5 000 years. It is written about in the Bible and in the Koran.

Since ancient times, the date palm has successfully spread from its original homeland of Mesopotamia, in what is now Iraq, with the help of man, to vast dry and warm areas such as Algeria, Egypt, Israel and even California, where it is now widely cultivated.


Dates have a wide variety of uses in the kitchen:

  • They taste great on their own, as a snack during sports or as a healthy snack.
  • Dates can also be used to make RAW desserts, bars, balls and fruit jams. You can also add them to desserts, smoothies, breakfast cereals, muesli and fruit salads.
  • You can use the sweet fruit to make date syrup, a natural sweetener for dishes.

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Nutritional values100 g
Energy1204 kJ/ 284 kcal
Fats0,4 g
of which saturated fatty acids0,1 g
Carbohydrates65 g
of which sugars23,5 g
Fibre6,9 g
Protein1,7 g
Salt**0,01 g
Nutritional values may vary for natural products.


100% organic dates.


Store in a cool, dark and dry place (0 - 4°C, max. 70% humidity). Always close the packaging tightly after use.

Sometimes the sugar in the dates can start to crystallise after a long storage period. However, this does not change the nutritional value of the dates. In this case, simply soak the dates briefly in hot water.

Data sheet

Form:Dried fruits
Country of Origin:Algeria

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