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Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is an herbaceous biennial plant or annual plant in Bolivia and Peru. Mostly it is known as Peruvian Maca. Maca grows on high mountains, and grows well only in very cold weather and in poor soil. It has been discovered that hypocotyls is one of the major constituents of naturally grown and organic maca root on mountaineous area. As hypocotyls do not form in greenhouses or in warm climates, cultivated maca in other areas than Andean mountains don't have same content of hypocotyles and other nutrients as the naturally grown and organic maca root.

The Full Potential of Maca MacaForce takes Maca to its full potential. Whole Root with all of the nutrients and balance nature intended, yet contains the potency of an extract. Carefully selected enzymes, probiotics, herbs, and energetics provide unprecedented, full spectrum bio-availability and therapeutic Value, never before possible... until now.


Ancient SuperFood Sustenance
  •   Maca Root: source of energy, supports physical and mental performance, helps maintain optimal stamina, feelings and vitality, physical and mental well-being, helps to maintain sexual performance and energy, contributes naturally to healthy sexual function 
Herbal Synergists
  •   Ginger root: helps to support the digestion, contributes to the normal function of intestinal tract, contributes to physical well-being, contributes to the normal functioning of the stomach in case of early pregnancy and to comfort in travel sickness, contributes to the resistance against health precarious microorganism, contributes to vascular health, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy heart
  •   Vanilla bean
Prebiotic Digestive Synergists (promotes good intestional health, stimulate the growth of intestional micloflora)
  •   Lucuma Fruit
  •   Yacon Root 
Enzymes Synergists
  •   Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Alpha-Galactosidase: help digestion, contribute to mineral absorbtion recommended for elderly people and people suffering with high organism´s acidity
  •   Bromelain: contributes to the normal function of immune system, helps maintain body´s natural defences, contributes to vessels health
  •   Papain: supports normal immune function, contributes to body own defence mechanisms
Probiotic Synergists
  •   Massive array of implantable species and natural soil organic (NSOs), laboratory grown.
Energetic Synergists
  •   Shilajit+
  •   Magnetic
  •   Homeopathic
  •   Energetic & Vibrational enhancements.

Suggested Use: 100% food. Start with one teaspoon and work up to one tablespoon or more. Add any quantity to water, smoothies, juice, chai tea, baked goods, coffee substitutes, homemade raw chocolates, and other raw foods and desserts.

Suggested Adjuncts: A whole foods, organic, Vegan diet with emphasis on fresh, high-water-content, uncooked/raw foods and juices (see the book “Uncooking with Jameth & Kim”); other nutritional support products such as Vitamineral Green™ and Earth™, Green Protein Alchemy™, Spirulina Azteca™ or Spirulina Manna™; exercise; fresh air; things sacred to you; meditation; and everything else healthful.

Special technology:
TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core quality standard significantly beyond organic. In addition to no pesticides being used anywhere in the growing process, TruGanic™ includes authentic standards for production, nontoxic cleaning agents and pest control, electromagnetic radiation, processing agents, additives, air quality, and actual verification of purity.

Nutritional FactsServing size: 7,5 g (1 tablespoon)
Energy113 kJ/ 27 kcal
Fat0,1 g
    Saturated Fat0 g
Carbohydrates 5,9 g
   Sugars1,7 g
Fiber        1,6 g
Protein0,6 g
Salt** 0,01 g

** Occurs only in natural sodium form

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. There is no substitute for a varied diet. Not for children under 3 years of age, pregnant and nursing women.

Data sheet

Country of Origin:USA

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