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Kurkumin, tekutý

Curcumin, liquid

Manufacturer: Ovonex

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Main product features

  • turmeric extract
  • important bioflavonoid
  • antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • supports liver function
  • soothes an upset stomach
  • antibacterial effects
  • promotes mental balance

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Highly absorbable curcumin combined with vitamin C and D will support your immunity and overall body vitality. It will promote healthy and beautiful looking skin and counteract inflammation.

Curcumin is a flavonoid, a natural plant dye, obtained from the rhizome of theCurcuma longa plant. The rhizome is dried and ground to produce the familiar, deep yellow spice, turmeric.

Kurkumin pro vitalitu a dlouhověkost


The active substances in turmeric are called curcuminoids. And one of the best known and best-studied curcuminoids is curcumin.

But turmeric contains only 3% of this active ingredient. To obtain a higher concentration of curcumin, it must be extracted from the rhizome (or rhizome) of the plant. Ovonex's curcumin contains 10 times higher amounts of curcumin than the turmeric root itself.


Curcumin is currently being researched for its antioxidant effects. Long-term use of curcumin is good for our skin, benefits the musculoskeletal system, promotes mental balance and aids normal digestion.

Vitamin C has antioxidant effects, supports the body's overall immunity and the production of collagen in the skin, blood vessels, bones and joints. It also aids the absorption of iron. It helps to relieve fatigue and exhaustion and contributes to normal energy metabolism.

Vitamin D is also an important antioxidant, contributes to boosting immunity and helps maintain bone and dental health. It is also involved in the process of cell division and supports normal muscle function.

Kurkumin - posílení imunity, trávení, proti zánětu


Turmeric, or curcumin, has been used successfully for over 4000 years in folk medicine. This substance maintains a very important position within Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditionally, it has been used, for example, to soothe digestion, treat fevers, infections, dysentery, arthritis, jaundice and other liver diseases.


  • Normal immune system function
  • normal digestion
  • normal liver function
  • normal functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • normal bone and joint health
  • normal functioning of the nervous system
  • normal function of the respiratory system
  • normal skin condition
  • to reduce inflammation and has anti-inflammatory effects
  • for mental balance
  • to protect cells from oxidative stress


Ovonex is a Czech brand of highly functional dietary supplements. Their products are characterized by excellent absorption and great bioavailability.

You will not find any colourings, flavourings, sugars, fats, gluten, lactose, alcohol, or commonly used preservatives, polishes, fillers or anti-caking agents in Ovonex products.

OvonexFurther information

Recommended dosage: 13 drops (0.83 ml) daily in water or any beverage

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, purified water, long turmeric (extract), vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), vitamin D3 (vegetable cholecalciferol)

Nutritional valuesper 100mlper 1 serving (0.83ml):
Energy value59 kJ/14 kcal0.5 kJ / 0.1 kcal
Fats0,5 g0 g
of which saturated0 g0 g
Carbohydrates0 g0 g
of which sugars0 g0 g
Fibre4,7 g0 g
Protein0 g0 g
Salt0 g0 g
Turmeric long extract9639 mg80 mg
of which curcuminoids2892 mg24 mg
Vitamin C2410 mg20 mg (25%)*
Vitamin D3904 μg7.5 μg (150%)*

* Reference intake value


Not intended as a replacement for a varied diet and for children under 3 years of age. Do not exceed recommended dosage.


Store in a dry, dark place at room temperature out of reach of children. Shake well before use!

Data sheet

Country of Origin:Czech republic

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