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Allergies – How Close Are We to an Era When People Are Allergic to the World

Unfortunately, the figures speak loud and clear. As well as in a case of diabetes, autism or infertility, also a number of allergies is rising in recent years. Almost every second European is allergic to something, almost every third one suffers from asthma. In the United States, these figures are even higher. Why is this happening? Could we get rid of allergies?

There is no point in beating about the bush. We can tell straight out that it is the environment and our life-style who are playing a central role. Our planet has been exposed to a high number of mankind's “progresses” over the past hundred years.

Our organism may adapt very well but it cannot be expected to deal with such a chemical “shake” we are getting every day from water, air, food, cosmetics, plastic interiors contaminated by electro-smog and so on. No wonder that our body becomes confused and our immune shield stops working.

And that’s exactly what an allergy from the point of view of the western medicine is - the cells of immune system are not able to recognize, who is the friend and who the enemy. The heterogeneous substances which get into your body by inhaling them (pollen, acari, animal fur), through your skin (metals, plant substances) or your digestive system (food, antibiotics), launch an excessive immune response including corresponding symptoms. The western medicine offers a treatment as a solution which moderate this reaction (antihistamines) and side inflammatory effects (corticosteroids).

Further common advices suggest avoiding potential allergens. Not everybody wants to depend on pills with possible side effects (and just deal with those) for the rest of his life. Or who would be willing to stay at home in spring and in summer? Are there any less restrictive ways how to convince your body there is no need to be allergic?

YES! It is not impossible as it is sometimes being said. Maybe you also know somebody in your surroundings, who has already got rid of an allergy. As with any illnesses, it’s needed to handle this issue on both physical and psychological level. It’s necessary to restore your body to harmony and understand, where is the root of the problem.

Allergy In Conception Of Chinese Medicine

Since spring is here and pollen allergies are still an actual topic, let’s look at the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine.

The lungs are in charge of our immunity. If the energy of lungs is weakened, toxins from the outside can easily get into our body, in this case it’s so called wind. Wind settles in nose (hay fever) or in lungs (asthma) and it isn’t properly secreted.

The issue at stake is also another organ and that is kidney, the body's most important reservoir of the essential energy. It “charges the battery” of all other organs and together with lungs and spleen, they are in charge of water management. If kidney is weakened, too, it can’t send energy to the lungs and the body water exchange doesn’t work. It leads to overpressure in lungs and the superfluous water is secreted by nose, not by kidney. Added to this, another problems could emerged – a bacterial cavity inflammation or a weakened spleen, which is lacking of a regular nutrition. And suddenly you are full of phlegm.

We might have a weakened kidney and lungs since we were born (a weak constitution) or they might be affected by many factors such as emotional traumas, medicaments, vaccination, etc. Pollen allergies most usually appear during childhood but they can surprise you even later in life. It is given exactly by a considerable loss of the essential energy from the kidney. The kidney is most harmed by cold, alcohol, drugs, stimulants, sugar, immoderate salt use, excessive sex, lack of sleep and, of course, stress.

How To Deal With Allergies Naturally?

A diet change might be too limiting to someone, but it’s definitely wort it! You should definitely avoid food such as sweets, white flour, cow milk and dairy products. You’d better forget also eating ice-cream, even if it’s tempting us from every corner since first sunny days. It has a power to literally “freeze” our immunity.

Recommended food are millet grain, sprouts, spinach, chicory, radishes, kohlrabi, fennel, spring onion, leek, garlic, apple cider vinegar, mulberries, bananas and strawberries. From herbs you should try parsley, chives, dill, basil, coriander, lovage, cumin, fresh ginger and mint. We cannot forget a food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which have an anti-inflammatory effect, but they are often missing in our plate. These are for example flex, hemp and chia seeds; from animal products we should mention oily fish which get the omega-3 from phytoplankton. However, their quality depends on the water they grew in. And then the fish themselves could be allergens.

Tip: Get an electric coffee grinder, mix flex seed in that and add them daily into your food or just eat them like that. They oxidise fast so it is better to consume them immediately. Chia seed gel last in a fridge up to 5 days. Flex and hemp seed oil have always to be kept in a fridge.

Essential oils are a real relief for a nasal mucus, they help to dissolve phlegm and to get the toxins out of your body. They also have a healing effect, support lymphatic and immune system. The most efficient is a mint, eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree oil. We can inhale them from palms, spray them with a diffuser  indoors or add them to the glass of water and drink. We should be careful when we pick oils, cheap oils could be diluted and contain some synthetic components (another potential allergens).

Although MSM powder is not a natural substance, it is called a miracle mineral. This organic form of sulphur has a wide range of beneficial effects to the body and apart from an anti-inflammatory effect it is also a natural antihistamine. You can use it 3 times a day, preferably dissolved in water with lemon or in fresh carrot juice.

How To Help Your Soul and Mind?

Creating an anti-inflammatory ambiance in the body by an appropriate food is a good thing, but we must not forget to our soul. Stress works only as much as we admit it. What make us to be under the stress? Isn’t the allergy just an expression of our life or relationship dissatisfaction? What or who are we allergic to in our minds? Aren’t we allergic to ourselves? Can we recognise what is good and bad for us? Or are we just as confused as the immune system of an allergic person?

These are all questions which could lead us to find the root of our allergy. If we are not able to figure out the essence of the problem by ourselves, it’s worth visiting a therapist who will help us to reveal the real reason of our allergy.

I myself hope an era when we are allergic to the world is not coming. It’s more likely that the world become allergic to the humanity… :)

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