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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Methods of Detoxification

In springtime, when winter is leaving and a the Wood element is reigning over the Nature, whole body reboot is usually taking place. All the energy of Nature is rising up which makes this time ideal for body detox. We have talked about it with Mgr. Eva Osvaldová who has shared her many years' experience in field of traditional Chinese medicine with us.

Eva, could you please tell us what exactly does the term of detoxification mean in concept of traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a very complex understanding of a human, both his physical and mental health. In the first place, it involves our lifestyle, mental hygiene and environmental toxicity and we should also consider the space-time map. The human organism is used to a certain amount of emotional and physical toxicity. The healthy immune system can usually deal with toxins easily. Nevertheless, toxins could settle anywhere in the body. Then they attack our psyche which can suddenly begin to change. The main body's detoxification systems in concept of TCM are liver, lungs, skin, kidney, digestive and lymph system.

If we focus on the process itself, what happens in your body during detoxification?

The main detoxification support of TCM involves a change of diet. You can also apply some herbal blends, acupuncture and other healing methods. Detoxification in this period is very efficient. It helps the organism to deal immediately with problems related to acute illnesses. Presence of toxins in the body is usually recognized by fatigue, processes of inflammation, pains, elevated body temperature and psychological problems. By repeated or long-term detoxification, you can even get rid of some chronic diseases such as allergies, eczemas or fatigue syndrome.

Traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses by asking, by a control over the body, tongue and heart rate condition and by palpation. This way, it is able to find out energetically overloaded body organs. After that, the most suitable treatment is recommended which restores balance and harmony to the body. You could add another methods like acupuncture or cupping therapy to complete your treatment. Acupuncture improves the work of body organs, cupping is efficient for external detoxification. This process encourage skin blood perfusion and removing toxins from our bloodstream.

Also detox herbs and medicinal mushrooms (such as ganoderma lucidum, coriolus versicolor or cordyceps sinensis) may accelerate the body's detoxification system. We should not forget either to do some exercise, for example healing Qigong or more dynamic Tai chi.

Even if detoxification is not just about diet modification, as you have said, could you tell us which food is good for detox? 

During this period, you should eat as light food as possible. The liver, belonging to the Wood element, is supported by sour and spicy flavor which nourishes it. It is good to avoid salty and fat food and reduce food cooking time. The best detox food are for example mint, fresh herbs, sprouts, cress, alfalfa, onion, ginger, etc.

If I decided to go on TCM detoxification, is it different, in your opinion, from another methods? If so, why is it better/worse?

It is important to realize that we are all individuals with specific needs. There are many kinds of detoxification methods and some could involve even negative effects such as more intense detoxification symptoms or temporary deterioration of health state. It depends on the sensitivity of human organism, his energetic balance and also on his attitude. It is important if the patient is willing to undergo the treatment because of his own conviction. It is just inside our mind where we can find the „better“ or “worse”. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is more than 5000 years old. It focuses mostly on prevention which makes body detoxification integral to its practice. If man resonates with the principles of this Oriental medicine, it should become a part of his life's philosophy. In other words, „the way of a healthy man“.

Which is the effect produced on the body of people who experience detoxification?

The aim of detoxification process is to remove dead cells, tissues and toxins stored in the organism. Toxic substances accumulate in our body as a result of sedentary lifestyle, consummation of junk food often with high percentage of animal proteins, refined sugars, colorants and preservatives.

Now we should focus on your clients. What kind of people is coming to see you? Is there any characteristic they have in common? Have they already tried another detoxification method?

There are many kinds of people coming to me. They work in many different fields, including the healthcare. One of their common features is inability of western medicine to solve some of their chronical or acute problems. I meet more and more frequently people who refuse chemical preparations and look for some alternative solution instead. As for their experience, it is very individual. Some people have already tried some detoxification method, but then they returned to the original path. Traditional Chinese medicine is a lifestyle and so I insist on every client that only by aware work on his or her mental development and self-discipline he or she can achieve health state improvement up to complete recovery.

My last question is: What was your way to the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? Did you experienced it on yourself? And where can people contact or see you?

I was already interested in alternative methods since early childhood. In fact, it is a kind of lifelong learning and also my hobby. A decisive moment came after the birth of my daughter when I have decided to solve all problems by natural resources. I started my TCM studies which influenced me a lot. I have been practicing it with great results on all my family members. I undergo detoxification regularly for a couple of years now. People can meet me in person in Husova street 13, Brno. And in case of any questions, they can contact me on the website of the institute: www.institut-therapy.eu

Thank you for the interview.

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