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A Tree as a Therapist

A couple of years ago when I lived alone in Peru, I was going through a very difficult time full of sadness, crying, anxiety and depression. There were no friends, family or boyfriend around me, and now I know the only thing that kept my head above water was an olive grove. It was a place in Lima called Miraflores, where I went when my feet were still able to carry my aching body. I always hugged my favourite tree with relief and hope and I cried and cried. I always left there all my pain and sadness and I was thinking about that tree as about my only friend.

There is some truth in the opinion that trees live, they have soul and the living power as well. In the past, people were approaching trees as wise advisers and talked to them getting messages back afterwards. Before leaving to Peru, when I saw Jaroslav Dušek´s video where he talked with a stone, my pragmatic mind just felt a bit sarcastic and did not believe this could be possible. After my life-changing stay in Peru that lasted several years I can admit such things are possible.

Not just I felt better after a refreshing walk in an olive grove I also felt that my negative emotions were washed away somehow. Forest and trees in it have very positive impact on human mind.

It is not only mind what´s influenced by trees, it is also health of a person. Russian scientists found out that when branches of Siberian fir are placed somewhere close to a sick person, the number of germs can be reduced by up to 50%. And pine and juniper branches speed up the healing of the patients with lung problems and ease the pain during migraines.

How to use the power and wisdom of the tree to heal a depressing emotion or to get energy then? 

  1. Make sure there´s no mistletoe, no deep cracks or outgrowths on the tree. In such case the tree would be unhealthy.
  2. Hold out your palms towards the tree trunk and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and become conscious of your breath going through your arms into the trunk. Imagine there are roots growing from your feet and these connect with the roots of the trees. You can anchor yourself very well like that. Imagine a tree crown grows from your head and it joins the tree. You are becoming open to new possibilities of the universe.
  3. When you feel profound sadness, guilt, fear or anger, hug the tree and cry all these emotions out. Let these emotions slip away and into the roots and imagine they are being burned down in the centre of the earth. As soon as all the emotions leave you´ll experience an amazing calmness inside yourself.
  4. Stay in this connection while it feels good. Choose a quiet place where there are not many people and where you can concentrate on yourself.
  5. If you have a question and you are searching for the answer, you can ask the tree and wait whether an answer comes in form of a thought. (When I did it for the first time and the answer came, I didn´t believe it. But it was confirmed during the day. Even now, when I write about it, it gives me goose bumps. When we allow ourselves to connect with the nature and let it help us, the results are amazing.) 
  6. In the end caress the tree, you can even kiss it and thank for its help, for the power it gave to you and for the negative emotions it took away.

By Zuzzi Husarová

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