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Incense Palo Santo With Rosemary

Incense Palo Santo With Rosemary

Manufacturer: Sagrada Madre

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Natural incense sticks, handmade from Palo Santo and rosemary, beautifully scent the interior. This incense is suitable for energy cleansing and will help you create an unforgettable atmosphere.


  • The wood of the sacred Palo Santo tree has great spiritual significance in South America. It has been used in shamanic practices for centuries for energy cleansing and banishing negative energies.
  • Rosemary, on a spiritual level, is often connected to protection, love and sensuality. In aromatherapy, it is used as a vitalising herb to cleanse the body and spirit.

SAGRADA MADRE - Beauty and sacredness in harmony with nature

The Sagrada Madre brand strictly adheres to production practices that do not disturb the ecosystem. It uses fruit biomass as a natural binder, which it purchases from food companies, giving new life to waste material.

Fruit biomass

The base for Sagrada Madre's incense products is the dry matter from apples and pears that remains a waste product in the fruit juice factories. During the upcycling process, the fruit biomass is thus transformed by sun-drying into an organic raw material with a neutral aroma. More than 100 tonnes of fruit pulp is reused as a natural binder every year for incense sticks and other incense items.

Sagrada Madre is committed to contributing to a greener future for humanity through its activities. Therefore, it strives to minimize its ecological footprint during every step of the production process.

With respect for the sanctity of trees, Sagrada Madre uses only fallen Palo Santo wood instead of cutting the trees down to produce its products.

The company also works with indigenous communities in Peru and Argentina through the Palo Santo Reforestation Project to plant Palo Santo trees. It is involved in the fight against deforestation by facilitating the planting of more trees than were used to produce its products.



Place the stick in a suitable holder, light it and let it burn for a short period of time. Extinguish the fire with a movement of your hand and let the stick smoulder. If you don't want to use the whole stick, you can extinguish it by pressing the smouldering end against a non-flammable pad while it smokes.


Palo Santo, rosemary, natural binder, salt.


8 sticks

Burning time of 1 stick:

approx. 1 hour


Light only in a well-ventilated, open area. Keep the lit stick away from flammable materials. Keep out of reach of children and in a cool place. Use with caution when pregnant. For external use only.

WHY has Sagrada Madre charmed US

Sagrada Madre is a family-owned company from Argentina that ensures the production of incense sticks and other incenses in a sustainable way, with respect for Mother Earth. All the fragrant products of this sympathetic brand are purely natural, handmade, ecological and ethical.

At first sight, Sagrada Madre's incense products impress not only with their wonderful natural scent and exceptional quality but also with their clean design. This makes them suitable not only for ritual use but also as an aesthetic addition to the interior or an unusual gift.

"Sagrada Madre is the best in the field of incense and scented sticks that I have found in my entire life. Their products far exceed the normal standards of quality, purity of composition and design in our market.

Through casual user testing, with the most frequently heard quotes being "wow" and "yikes", I have come to the conclusion that this brand belongs in Vitalvibe.

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Country of Origin:Argentina

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