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Elektrolyty, tekuté

Elektrolyty, tekuté

Manufacturer: Brainmax

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Main product features

  • concentrate of 70 minerals and trace elements
  • Effective electrolyte replenishment with emphasis on potassium, sodium, magnesium and chloride
  • after sports or sauna
  • for excessive sweating
  • 100% natural formulation

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Concentrate with minerals and trace in natural ionic form. Suitable for everyday electrolyte replenishment and for athletes.

You can also use it for excessive sweating, whether on hot days or when taking a sauna or getting sick.

Doplnění elektrolytů

The main advantages of the product

  • 100% natural composition,
  • easy dosage,
  • immediate and long-lasting effect,
  • improvement of energy, heart, brain and muscle function,
  • balance of body fluids, blood pressure, maintenance of proper blood pH.

Sport Electrolytes contains sodium, magnesium, chloride and potassium in their natural form.

In total, there are 70 minerals and ionic elements in the solution, making it a full-fledged natural ionic drink. It is sourced from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Doplnění elektrolytů – přírodní iontový nápojItcontains no sugars or flavorings - just a pure concentrate of electrolytes that can easily be added to any beverage.

Support your body's hydration

  • During sports and any physical activity.
  • In case you retain large amounts of water in your body.
  • In hot summer days when we sweat more.
  • Before and after a sauna.
  • For physically working people and endurance athletes.
  • For elderly people suffering from dehydration.
  • If you need to support brain activity (concentration, transmission of nerve impulses).

What is the difference between minerals and electrolytes?

Minerals are essential to our bodies and because we cannot make them, we must take them in food or fluids. However, we can only properly absorb their organic forms for most of them.

We refer specifically to the molecules of minerals that carry an electrical charge, the so-called ions, as electrolytes. They are found in all our cells, tissues, organs and body fluids.

You will appreciate electrolytes after a workout, on a hike or during any physical activity. They provide energy, regulate blood pressure, participate in cell rehydration, promote muscle strength and work, participate in the transmission of excitement in the nervous system, in the work of the brain, regulate the level of water in the body and thus prevent dehydration or, on the contrary, minimize water retention in the body.

What does the product help with?

  • Support hydration, performance and muscle function.1,2
  • Supports proper nervous system function and mental activity.1,2
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.2
  • Contributes to reducing the level of fatigue and exhaustion.1
  • Contributes to electrolyte balance.1
  • Contributes to normal energy balance.1
  • Contributes to protein synthesis.1
  • Contributes to the normal condition of bones and teeth.1
  • Contributes to cellular processes.1
  • Contributes to normal digestion.3

1Magnesium, 2Potassium, 3Chloride


  • 1 ml (1 pipette) in 3 dcl of water in the morning upon waking or when excessive sweating occurs during the day.
  • For recreational activity at normal temperatures (e.g. fitness), apply 2 ml (2 pipettes) into at least 700 ml of water.
  • For peak sporting activity (e.g. endurance running), apply 4 ml (4 pipettes) into a minimum of 700 ml of water.

Ingredients: seawater, purified water, Great Salt Lake concentrate, potassium chloride.

Nutritional valuesIn 2.5ml
Chloride390 mg (47.8%)*
Potassium130 mg (6.5%)*
Sodium125 mg
Magnesium45 mg (12%)*

* reference intake values

Dietary Supplement. Not a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Be sure to drink while taking this product.

Store at room temperature in a dry dark place.

Data sheet

Country of Origin:USA

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