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Summer in a City

It’s time to seize the last chance to enjoy the summer to the fullest! It’s not important to spend it in the city. Everybody can have a picknick after work. Or cycling, beach volleyball, swimming pool or summer theatre. And what about getting cultural and trying an interesting exhibition?

Summer in an Office

It’s not one of the most pleasant things to sit in an office during the summer. The human body becomes overheated, so you feel more tired. During this season, the greatest rescue is air-conditioning, which is not healthy though, especially if you can’t set it properly. If you set the air-conditioning in a wrong way, your body gets a temperature shock which leads to getting too cold followed by tonsillitis, which is a very unpleasant thing in the summer.

Air-conditioning can also dry the air, so it’s good to remember hydration and air moisturizers, where you can add essential aroma oils caressing your soul. We recommend lavender or mint aroma for the summer season, because these are very refreshing. And if not even air moisturizers cool you down, there is nothing better than to have mint lemonade with ice.

Picknick in the Grass

Even when you are in the city, you can isolate yourself from all the noise from surrounding streets and hide in beautiful nature provided by a near park. Preparing a basket full of fruit, vegetables and other treats is a process that can pleasure not only you but also your loved ones. There is nothing more comfortable than to sit on a blanket, take off your shoes, lie in the grass and talk about the life. It sounds as a fairy-tale, doesn’t it? But each of us deserves a fairy-tale like this.

Cultural Summer

The summer season is great because everything happens under the sky. It can be a theatre performance or film in a summer theatre, a warm breeze of a summer night will enable us to spend time outside until morning hours. So why not to grab a blanket, something sweet and go to a film you’ve been looking forward to see but missed the last season?

Our film tips are – The Grand Budapest Hotel, Gone Girl, or the famous Roman Holiday. If you’re interested in theatre, you can visit the famous Shakespeare Festival taking place until the beginning of September.

After Work with Colleagues

Meeting your colleagues also outside the working environment is a pleasant way to strengthen mutual relationships. Whether you arrange common barbecue, beach volleyball or cycling trip, you will get to know your colleagues even from another side. Our tip for a cycling trip is a fairy-tale castle in Čáslav, or Šternberk nicknamed as ‘cyclist’s Mekka’.

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