New website

The beginnings were pioneering. We were the pioneers of ORGANIC & RAW foods in the Czech Republic. We were completing parcels in our living room and our first warehouse including a permanent shop comprised of only 20 m².

The very first version of Vitalvibe website came into existence in 2011. Jan managed to create it over a sleepless weekend. However all kinds of things changed ever since.

Variety is the spice of life

On 21st May, 2015 a brand new Vitalvibe website was launched.

Our new website goes hand in hand with a new graphics. It introduces new possibilities and functions. But first of all it carries the new Vitalvibe identity that should better reflect the mission of our company.

Our new website was being created for more than a year.

For that’s the way things are, the new replaces the old. We are leaving unpractical, non-functional and unused features to make space for new and fresh functionalities. Our aim was to increase the clarity, enhance the structure and support the intuitive orientation on the web. Among the requirements there also was high speed and modern use.

We just wanted a new, more intuitive, complex and beautiful website. And that’s not by far it …

We take for granted the detailed description of each of our wide range of all natural products. Besides this we want to upgrade the new website to the source of valuable information from the field as such, for instance raw food and organic foods, healthy lifestyle or conscious living on this planet.

Why new Vitalvibe website?

“We want to give people the maximum amount of information.

We want our new website to better present not only our product portfolio, but also the whole spectrum of our activities, our educating or environmental projects. With our new website we want to meet our potential customers, our partners and everyone else halfway.

We want to share the the Vitalvibe’s vision.

We want to introduce the people who are behind the website and the Vitalvibe company, and what they offer. We want to share our story. Our new website is supposed to connect all our activities.

Everything we do will become one synergic part with our new website.”

Ing. Jan Petr, co-owner of Vitalvibe company

What next?

Currently we are working on new mobile version of our website, which is, given the tumultuous development and use of mobile technologies, more than needed.

“Everything around us and including us is life frequencies and vibes.”

lose translation of the of Vitalvibe company’s name

Our activities are endless, we are constantly changing and evolving for the better. We keep sparkling with ideas. Every moment we are eager to realize them. We are full of energy, so even the new website will not avoid another enlargement…

Our door is open

We will very much welcome your ideas and all your comments to our new Vitalvibe website.

We welcome constructive criticism and notifications about possible discrepancies. Even the most complex testing cannot substitute for one independent perspective from the outside. If you would like to give us an idea about your perspective, we will receive it with our open arms at the e-mail address

Thank you for your opinions, remarks and suggestions for improvement. We are truly grateful for your support.

Thank you for visiting our website.

For all the Vitalvibe team

Jan and Jiří