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Hacks for dry skin

Reduced production of sebaceous glands is the main factor influencing the face skin dryness – it loses its natural moist and protective skin film. This threat of small peeling off flakes and chapped spots make many women worried. In this article, we´re giving some advice on how to treat dry skin naturally.

In the first place, it is important to realize that our skin just reflects what´s going on in our body that we often forget during the day. The most problematic things in our daily regime are:

  • bad diet with insufficient amount of fat
  • insufficient food intake
  • overuse of soap, shower gel and detergents
  • staying in environment with extremely dry air
  • regular smoking
  • excessive sunbathing
  • shortage of vitamins and minerals
  • excessive drying of oily skin

If you found something in the list above to be your issue as well, it´s time to change it. Talking about dry skin, first we need to find out whether our skin is really dry or just dehydrated.

Insufficient production of sebum, thinning of skin layers tightening and fragility are characteristic for dry skin. It is possible you genetically tend to have this skin type and you can also gain it due to outside effect mentioned in the list above.

Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, contains less water which is apparent in our face but also on our forearms, arms and shins. Skin is rough and full of small dry flakes.

How to treat dry skin using natural products

Golden rule is not to dry the skin even more using inappropriate products. It is important to opt for gentle cosmetics without alcohol, sulphates, silicones and petroleum derivatives which are main components of beauty industry. We must beware of these substances because they don´t threaten just our skin but also our health because skin is well permeable layer which is breathing and absorbing everything we put on in.

The natural alternative is therefore more convenient – it hydrates the skin sufficiently, it is not irritating or dehydrating. Among these alternatives, there are natural butters, plant oils and essential oils such as

  • shea butter and cocoa butter 
  • avocado, almond, coconut and yoyoba oil
  • rose and lavender essential oils

Natural handmade cosmetics from Vitalvibe is made from these substances and therefore it offers a, alternative way how to take care after yourselves. You can nourish your skin with beautifully whisked nourishing butters, scented oils and wash emulsions.

Let´s finish with a couple of tips on natural face packs that will heal not only your skin but your soul as well.

Avocado face pack

You´ll need:

  • 1 small avocado
  • 12 drops of almond oil

Squash the avocado with fork and mix it with almond oil. Leave the smooth mix on you face and neck area for about 30 minutes. Than wash it.

Oat face pack

You´ll need:

  • ½ mug of oat flakes
  • water

Soak the oat flakes in water. When it is soaked put it on your face an leave it there for about 15 minutes.

Banana face pack

You´ll need:

  • ½ squashed banana
  • 3 tea spoons of dandelion honey
  • 3 tea spoons of vegan yoghurt

Mix all the ingredients together and leave it on your skin for 15 minutes. Than wash your face with water.

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