Complete Power™ Organic vanilla

Complete Power™ Organic vanilla

Manufacturer: Vitalvibe

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Hlavní vlastnosti produktu

  • excellent taste
  • without additives and other chemicals
  • no added sugar or sweeteners
  • gluten free
  • easy preparation

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Vitalvibe Complete Power is a complete nutritious drink made from 34 natural ingredients whose effects are mutually reinforcing. It helps to regenerate, contains antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative stress and stimulates the immune system. Easily you can use it as a rich but light snack, supper or while travelling. It is designed not only for healthy lifestyle fans.

Proprietary blend of superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and herbs!


  • strengthens the immune system
  • relieves fatigue and exhaustion
  • contributes to the hormonal balance
  • supports metabolism
  • high in vitamin C
  • helps manage stress    
  • supplementing trace elements
  • promotes physical and mental performance
  • helps to stabilize blood sugar
  • assists hematopoiesis
  • promotes liver regeneration

Recommended use: 1 flat scoop (cca 35 g) daily mix with water, fresh juice or smoothie


Fermented rice protein14,4 g
Flax seeds         13,1 g
Dark buckwheat             0,7 g
Maitake0,4 g
Wheat grass leaves0,4 g
Maca0,4 g
Quinoa sprouts0,4 g
Alfalfa grass juice0,4 g
pumpkin seeds0,4 g
Barley grass leaves0,4 g
Rhodiola root0,2 g
Red clover sprouts0,2 g
Chlorella0,2 g
Spirulina0,2 g
Eleuthero root0,2 g
Sunflower seeds sprouts                   0,2 g
Acerola extract0,1 g
Apple extract0,1 g
Flax seed sprouts0,1 g
Kelp0,1 g
Millet sprouts0,1 g
Chickpeas sprouts0,1 g
Lentils sprouts0,1 g
Amaranth sprouts0,1 g
Shiitake0,1 g
Cordyceps0,1 g
Cabbage0,1 g
Parsley0,1 g
Kale0,1 g
Broccoli0,1 g
Dandelion leaves0,1 g
Broccoli sprouts0,1 g
Dulse0,1 g
Vanilla flavour1,1 g

Nutritional Factsin 100 gin 1 portion (35 g)
Energy1913 kJ / 457 kcal670 kJ/160 kcal
Fat19,6 g6,8 g
   Saturated Fat2 g1 g
Carbohydrates28,3 g9,9 g
   Sugars4 g2 g
Vláknina19,6 g6,8 g
Protein43,5 g15 g
Salt**0,1 g0,04 g
Vitamin A195,7 µg68,5 µg (8,6 %)*
Vitamin C78,3 mg27,4 mg (34,3 %)*
Calcium326,1 mg114,1 mg (14,3 %)*
Magnesium273,9 mg95,9 mg (25,6 %)*
Iron10,9 mg3,8 mg (27,25 %)*
Phosphorus456,5 mg159,7 mg (22,8 %)*
Zinc4,8 mg1,7 mg (16,7 %)*
Potassium565,2 mg197,8 mg (9,9 %)*
Manganese8 mg2,8 mg (140 %)*
Copper0,5 mg0,2 mg (17 %)*
Chrome108 µg37,5 µg (94,5 %)*
Iodine100 µg35 µg (23 %)*
Molybdenum117,4 µg41 µg (82 %)*

*Reference Intake

**Natural sodium

Data sheet

Quantity465 g
Serving size:35 g
Country of Origin:USA

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