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Shilajit, tekutý

Shilajit, liquid

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Main product features

  • a mixture of more than 80 minerals
  • tested in an accredited laboratory
  • contains fulvic acid
  • supports the reproductive system and regular menstruation
  • contributes to the function of the urinary system
  • contributes to better digestion of carbohydrates and lipids
  • powerful antioxidant
  • bone and joint health
  • has a positive effect on mental activity

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The "Himalayan gold" shilajit is one of the cornerstones of traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

It is a mineral-rich resin formed by the decomposition of plants in rocks. It is brought to the surface by pressure and heat, where it is then collected.

Shilajit, ajurvéda doplněk stravy

It contributes to the functions of the reproductive system and the urinary system. It promotes bone health, contributes to a stronger immune system, contributes to better digestion of carbohydrates and lipids and has a positive effect on mental activity.

In women, it contributes to the regulation of menstruation and its regularity. It is also traditionally used to increase testosterone production in men.

It contains up to 86% fulvic acid, which helps to transfer nutrients to the cells and remove toxins from the body. Shilajit is also rich in over 80 minerals and trace elements, making it one of the most comprehensive supplements produced by nature itself.

Shilajit k čemu je dobrý

BrainMax Shilajit is harvested at the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan, at an altitude of around 5000 m. It is then gently dried in the sun.

It contains no other impurities and is always tested for bacteria, heavy metals and mould by an accredited laboratory.

You will probably be surprised by its distinctive aroma and taste, which can be mitigated by a teaspoon of honey in the drink, which also enhances its effect.

Approved health claims

  • Normal bone and joint health.
  • Normal digestion.
  • Metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.
  • Immune system - antioxidant.
  • Menstrual comfort.
  • Mental and cognitive function.
  • Rejuvenation.
  • Normal function of the reproductive system.
  • Normal function of the urinary system.
  • Control of body weight.

Shilajit dávkování

Dosage. It should be taken in the morning because of the long break from the last meal. If you are not fasting, it is recommended to keep at least 30 minutes apart from meals. NUsing a metal spoon, scoop out an amount about the size of 1/3 of a pea (0.2 g) and dissolve in 250 ml of warm (preferably filtered) water. Gradually increase the daily dose up to 0.5 g.

According to Ayurveda, it is best to take shilajit with a little honey. After three to four weeks of daily use, it is recommended to stop for a week.


Nutritional valuesIn 1 serving (0.2g)
1 g (2.2 oz.) Shilajit resin200 mg

Caution. This product is not intended for use by children, pregnant or nursing women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. This product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.

Store at room temperature in a dry dark place.

Data sheet

Country of Origin:Pakistan

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