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Mineral Complex Alkalic, Liquid

Mineral Complex Alkalic, Liquid

Manufacturer: Ovonex

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„I use the drops to supplement basic minerals and trace elements whenever I notice that the state of internal balance is leaving me. They simply help you feel better.“

Ing. Jan (Petr) Noah, business owner, CEO and raw food enthusiast

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Many of the foods we eat today do not provide sufficient amounts of important minerals and trace elements. Stress, a hectic life, the use of certain medications, but also sport and exercise can reduce their levels in the body.

Important minerals and trace elements are essential for many of the everyday biochemical and physiological processes that underpin our health. They help to form and maintain bones, muscle function, the transmission of nerve impulses and are involved in energy conversion.

Each of the cells in our body needs minerals and trace elements. Mineral Drops - 100% concentrate from Utah’s Salt Lake (Great Salt Lake - USA) with a high content of magnesium and more than 70 other minerals and trace elements is a suitable support for a balanced state of the organism of modern man. It is an original, natural, ionic, low sodium mineral product made using natural solar concentration.

What is Mineral Drops suitable for?

  • For drinking alcoholic beverages "without consequences"- if you have a social event coming up and know you will be consuming alcohol, take 2ml/40 drops mixed in water before the event and again 2ml/40 drops mixed in water within an hour of waking up the next day.
  • To enhance the taste of the coffee, add 2 to 10 drops to reduce the acidity and make the coffee taste more "chocolatey".
  • For stress and mental strain, take 1ml/20 drops in the morning and evening, added to the drink as directed.
  • In case of overacidity and to ensure the balance of acids and alkalis in the body, add a quarter to half a millilitre
  • Mineral Drops (6-12 drops) to one litre of water. You will get a high quality mineral for inclusion in your daily drinking regime.
  • To enhance and enrich your diet, add a few drops (max 40 drops per day) to your food or drink.
  • Mineral Drops can be added to smoothies, sauces, porridges and drinks. Can also be used in soups, add 1ml / 20 drops of Mineral Drops to 1 litre.
  • In general, Mineral Drops can be used as a salt substitute in meals for people with hypertension - Mineral Drops contains a minimum of sodium.

Further information


Daily dose 2 mL = 40 drops, optimally 1 mL = 20 drops in the morning and evening.
Mix in 250 ml of water, fruit juice, etc.


concentrate from the Great Salt Lake

Daily dose content (most important elements):
Chloride ..... 630.00 mg
Magnesium ..... 220.00 mg (RHP 58.67%)
Sodium ..... 3.32 mg (RHP 0.17%)
Potassium .... 1.00 mg (RHP 0.05%)
RHP = reference intake value

Does not contain:

Preservatives, gluten, alcohol, lactose, sugar, coloring and flavoring.

Suitable for vegans.

Why did we choose Ovonex?

Ovonex is a Czech brand that combines the power of nature with highly functional dietary supplements. Liquid minerals and plant extracts from this brand are characterized by excellent absorption and great bioavailability.

The core values of this likeable company include the use of quality ingredients, an emphasis on functionality and high benefits for the user. We tried the liquid minerals ourselves and were impressed by their parameters.

They are professionals who produce their preparations according to their original know-how. The preparations are compiled on the basis of cutting-edge scientific knowledge in cooperation with Czech university experts.

Raw materials from EU and US suppliers are used. The quality of each supply of raw materials is always documented by a COA certificate. The entire production process is subject to strict quality controls.

It is important to us that you will not find any colourings, flavourings, sugars, fats, gluten, lactose, alcohol or commonly used preservatives, polishes, fillers or anti-caking agents in Ovonex products.

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Country of Origin:USA

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