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Ground Coffee + Lion's Mane & Chaga mushroom mix

Lion's Mane Mushroom Ground Coffee Mix Organic

Manufacturer: Four Sigmatic

Quantity: 340 g

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Main product features

  • Made from 100% organic Arabica beans
  • Contains Chaga mushroom to support the immune system
  • Tastes exactly like coffee, not like mushrooms

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Jumpstart your creative activity with a single cup! Coffee with medicinal mushrooms is a great way to awaken the power of your own mind when you need a little pick-me-up. Because one drink combines a blend of several amazing ingredients. Coffee, in collaboration with lion's mane and chaga mushrooms, will provide a "kick" and mental well-being at the same time.

Just pour water over this premium ground coffee or make a delicious espresso.

Coffee with added value

Enjoy your coffee with an original twist. You can still enjoy its great taste. It will boost productivity and stimulate your metabolism, but with the addition of functional mushrooms, it will give your body so much more.

Yamabushitake, known as "lion's mane", is a good helper for your brain. It is said that this mushroom helped Buddhist monks for ages to maintain concentration during long meditations.

The effect of our mushroom coffee is stabilized by the double extract of the chaga, which strengthens the body overall.

What are medicinal mushrooms and what are their benefits?

These mushrooms are natural gems that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and folk healing for thousands of years.

  • They act as so-called adaptogens, that is, they aid resilience to stressful situations.
  • They contain several hundred biologically active substances that have a very wide range of beneficial effects on the human body.
  • Probably the best known of these are betaglucans, which harmonise our immune system.
  • In addition to these general properties, individual mushroom species have other specific effects.

Who can take this drink?

  • those who are lacking energy
  • those who need to boost mental performance
  • those who want to boost brain function
  • those who need to cope with the demands of a busy life
  • people on a ketogenic diet (0 g of sugar)
  • those who want to boost metabolism

3 powerful ingredients in one cup

The ingredients in the product are wonderfully complementary in their effects and play together with a great delicious taste.

1) 100% Arabica ground coffee

This premium coffee belongs to the deliciously mild 100% Arabica variety. The beans are gently processed and roasted using the dark roast style. The coffee undergoes regular laboratory testing for mycotoxins to ensure minimal levels. It is therefore a product of the highest quality (Fair Trade and in the USA meeting the criteria of Organic certification).

1 dose contains 150 mg of caffeine.

2) Chaga.

Ironically referred to as the "king of mushrooms" or the "diamond of the forest", this woody fungus grows on birch and deciduous trees. Russian folk medicine has used it for hundreds of years to promote physical endurance and normal immune system function.

During World War II in Finland, chaga was used to replace the then unavailable coffee for its taste and similar aromatic profile, as well as to ward off fatigue and regain physical strength. And even before that, it was made famous by the inhabitants of a Siberian village who also used it as a substitute for coffee and tea, enjoying unusually robust health.

1 dose contains 250 mg of Chaga mushroom.

3) Lion's Mane

This is a rare mushroom, resembling a lion's mane in appearance, which grows on the trunks of deciduous trees. For hundreds of years it has been used primarily for cognitive and memory support.

1 dose contains 250 mg of Lion's Mane.

How this coffee tastes

The way the coffee is roasted has a significant impact on its taste. The longer the beans are roasted, the darker their colour. And it is the resulting colour that gives us a rough idea of how the coffee will taste. There are several types of roasting. Four Sigmatic works with Medium Roast and Dark Roast and we will explain what we mean by these terms.

Some people like to enjoy lighter roasts, which generally provide fruity, caramel and acidic notes; others prefer darker roasts with a fuller body and a bitter component to counteract the acidity of the flavour.

This coffee is Dark Roast .

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Why prefer a double extract of MEDICInal mushrooms?

For the human body, much of the mushroom tissue is indigestible. Therefore, when we swallow the powder from a ground dried mushroom, we cannot absorb nearly all the valuable active substances from its cells.

The extract, on the other hand, contains all the beneficial substances in an easily digestible form. And to really get all the substances from the natural mushroom, you will even find a double extract in this instant drink. That is, not only the water-soluble substances, but also all the other substances that we have obtained by extraction with alcohol (which, of course, is not contained in the final product at all).

The double extract therefore ensures a higher concentration and better bioavailability of the active substances for the organism. And this is the basis of our functional mushroom products.

Tincture or instant drink with medicinal mushrooms?
In our range you will find mushroom tinctures from KÄÄPÄ Health and high-quality instant drinks from Four Sigmatic. What is the difference between them?

All the mushroom products we sell are of high quality and as bioavailable as possible. The active ingredients in them are extracted using a double extraction method.

Four Sigmatic drinks contain other synergistic adaptogenic herbs or superfoods in addition to the medicinal mushrooms. Their advantage is their great taste and high concentration of active ingredients. In one box you will find a predetermined number of sachets, i.e. doses.

KÄÄPÄ Health tinctures more closely resemble a classic dietary supplement. It is purely a mushroom extract, the amount of which you dose yourself according to your needs using a dropper.

How to take this coffee?

  • Pour 2-3 teaspoons (14 g) of coffee over hot water or prepare as an espresso.
  • Season the coffee as you like. It is excellent in combination with coconut oil for a creamier consistency and vegetable milk.
  • It can also be used to make gourmet drinks such as bulletproof or frappe with medicinal mushrooms.
  • It tastes like coffee, but you can't taste the mushrooms.

Further information


Ingredients per serving (1 serving = approx. 14 g): 100% ground Arabica coffee* (Fairtrade), double extract of Lion's Mane(Hericium erinaceus)* 250 mg, double extract of Chaga(Inonotus obliquus)* 250 mg.

* = USDA organic

USDA Organic
Products labeled USDA Organic meet the strict manufacturing requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. To carry this label, a product must be at least 95% organic ingredients. Certification demonstrates the highest possible quality and purity of the product.

USDA Organic products undergo a non-GMO, radiation-free production method using ingredients that fall under the National List of Allowed Substances. Agriculture with this certification must meet many factors from ensuring soil quality to controlling pests and weeds or the ingredients used.

Organic producers rely as much as possible on natural substances and agricultural, physical, mechanical or biological farming methods with a guarantee that the plant/crop grew on soil where prohibited substances (such as synthetic fertilizers or pesticides) have not been applied for 3 years.


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Not for use by children under 3 years of age, pregnant and lactating women.

Weight: 340 g

Why do we like Four Sigmatic?

Four Sigmatic - originally from Finland, now based in the USA - is the project of a bunch of smart guys who call themselves the Scandinavian funny guys. They combined their lifelong passion for processing medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens with an original idea. They have enriched popular drinks with these traditionally used medicinal gems that can fill our every day with more energy, physical stamina, inner peace and productivity. With this venture, they have made functional mushrooms available to virtually anyone.

Adding the dual extract of these mushrooms and adaptogens to popular beverages like hot cocoa, coffee, latte or matcha latte or creating a multi-species mushroom blend creates a drink for moments of well-being while "recharging the batteries" and boosting the psyche and immunity.

Four Sigmatic products meet the strictest quality criteria. In addition to USDA Organic certification, they are regularly tested by independent laboratories for heavy metals, yeast, mycotoxins and radiation levels. The ingredients in all Four Sigmatic beverages are purely plant-based.

Data sheet

Form:Grounded coffee
Country of Origin:USA
USDA Organic:Yes

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Iveta Eisenreich 29. September 2019

dobry den, videla jsem ze mate pod stejnym nazvem, a vlastne skoro stejnym obrazkem - instantni pytlicky. Mam pravdu, ze ty instantni pytlicky maji o jednu slozku vice? o ten koren rhodioly? V tomto baleni koren chybi? mockrat Vam dekuji za odpoved, a moc doufam ze budete mit tuto kavu brzy na prodej. Moc pozdravu

Ing. Petra Vašková odpověděl:

product specialist, holistic nutrition consultant

Dobrý den, paní Ivetko,

ano, je to přesně tak, jak píšete. Coffe + Lions Mane & Chaga mushroom mix představuje mletou kávu bez kořene rhodioly . Mushroom coffee mix (Káva s Lions mane instantní nápoj) je instantní káva s rhodiolou. Obě dvě kávy jsou výborné a jsou minimálně cítit přítomné houby. Záleží tedy na Vás, jestli preferujete jednodušší přípravu v případě instantní kávy, nebo máte k dispozici pákový kávovar, french press, moka konvičku apod. a uděláte si ,klasickou, kávu. (Mletá káva bude brzy na prodej! :-) )

Přeji pěkný den,
s pozdravem, Petra

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