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Láhev GoodWood

Water Bottle GoodWood (Vitalvibe Edition)

Manufacturer: GoodWays

Quantity: 450 ml

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It is a practical and modern thermo bottle in a beautiful design. It has a very lightweight body made of sustainable natural bamboo, underneath which is a double layer of stainless steel with vacuum insulation to keep your drink hot or cold all day long. Like the GoodGlass, the GoodWood includes a two-piece filter that makes it easy to create your favorite drink!

Discover the uniqueness of our bottle with the Tree of Life engraved on the lid from a special edition from GoodWays and Vitalvibe. The thermo bottle is ultralight, making it suitable for those who go on long trips outdoors. In fact, it can keep your drink at the desired temperature all day long, whether you're heading out into the countryside, into town, or need to keep your hot drink close at hand at all times! This bottle is also shatterproof.

In GoodWood, a cold drink will last up to 12 hours and a hot one 6-8 hours, depending on the outdoor environment too.


Good for your health: It is made of Bamboo and stainless steel. All materials meet EU standards for safety in contact with beverages and food. The bottle does not contain BPA or phthalates.


Practical. The two-piece stainless steel strainer is a multi-functional filter for tea leaves, herbs or pieces of fruit. As you wish. Under the bamboo shell, there are two layers of stainless steel with a vacuum inside that can maintain the temperature of your drinks.

Environmentally friendly: Drinking from a quality bottle made from environmentally friendly materials is the most eco-friendly option. Thanks to its long life, the use of conventional bottles is reduced. All the materials used to make the bottle come from the same region and therefore respect the principle of localness. The manufacturer adheres to fair production principles. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable raw materials, as it grows very quickly and needs little water. No pesticides are needed to grow it.

Design: The unique design of the bottle, elaborated to the smallest detail, gives the bottle a modern and elegant look. This special edition bottle is engraved with the Vitalvibe tree of life.

Our special edition GoodWood with the Vitalvibe tree was created to seal the collaboration between these two sustainable brands. The symbol of the tree of life represents a sacred pattern found in many cultures as part of art and spirituality. It is a source of healing, strength, energy and love for all life. Its energy is one of growth, connection, stability and life.

Uses of GoodWood

  1. Using both parts of the strainer:
    Suitable for tea leaves, coarsely ground coffee, herbs... Place directly into the larger part of the strainer, screw in the smaller strainer, screw into the bottle and pour in water.

  2. Use only the top part of the strainer:
    In the case of larger pieces of fruit, vegetables or herbs, it is advisable to put everything directly into the bottle and only screw in the smaller part of the strainer so that the contents do not go into the mouth when drinking.

  3. Using the smaller part of the strainer:
    It is also recommended for drinking plain water, as the water flows slowly through the strainer and thus provides the ideal sip (useful for example in the car when driving).

  4. Use without strainer:
    In case of thick smoothies, cocoa, etc.

Instructions for use:

Wash thoroughly before first use. For safety reasons, do not put the bottle in the dishwasher. Parts that are made of natural bamboo should be washed by hand and not left in water for extended periods of time to avoid cracking or otherwise deteriorating.


Stainless steel, natural bamboo

Weight and dimensions:

450 ml - 370 g (without packaging) / 24 × 7 cm

Why do we work with GoodWays?

GoodWays is a local brand from Brno that combines pure Scandinavian design with sustainability. Its founders and our friends, the Czech-Swedish couple Tereza Svobodová and Johan Nilsson, have always emphasized the combination of high quality and a packaging-free lifestyle.

That's why they create practical necessities for everyday life that both look beautiful and fully respect these values. Whether it's designer glass bottles, bamboo utensils or personal care items.

The main idea behind GoodWays is to reduce dependence on disposable products. "We believe that if we offer people beautiful and practical reusable alternatives that they will love, it will allow them to live a life with less waste," they say, and we couldn't agree more.

Because we subscribe to the same values, Vitalvibe's collaboration with GoodWays simply makes sense to us. We see the association with this brand as a great opportunity to enable you, our dear customers, to combine even more the joy and love of nature with quality self-care.

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Marcela Hrdá 14. June 2021

Dobrý den,
jaký je, prosím, objem u láhve LÁHEV GOODWOOD? Děkujiii, asi jsem přehlédla...ale opravdu to nevidím :) děkuji a přeji krásný sluníčkový den, Marcelka

Ing. Petra Vašková odpověděl:

product specialist, holistic nutrition consultant

Dobrý den, paní Hrdá,

je to téměř na konci stránky - 450 ml :-)

Přeji krásný den,
s pozdravem,

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