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A month under the sign of lunar woman: Old woman

The new moon has already passed and it is waxing into the first quarter now. For women, this time is connected with the menstrual week, which is currently made a taboo of by general awareness. Women don´t talk about the period, they are not looking forward to it and they often postpone it using hormonal preparations. Men expect women to be moody and hard to get along with during this time. How can we make this period pleasant for everyone?

Woman is cleaning herself in the lunar aspect of the old woman, her uterus is getting rid of superfluous epithelium, levels of female hormones decrease and body prepares for the maturation of ovarian follicle in the ovary. These processes lead naturally to the general loss of energy and the energy is more than ever concentrated in inner processes. Woman does not desire a company of people in a different mood. The cleansing is realized not just on the physical level but also on the mental level. All the useless that settled the uterus in the previous month including negative emotions is getting away with the unfertilized ovum. This is one of the reasons for women to be unpleasant in this time. Yet, it is necessary for women to get fresh, beautiful and clean and so prepare themselves for another possibility to get pregnant.

Indigenous peoples in Africa and America knew that; and menstruating women had an opportunity to spend this time in lunar huts, where they cared only about themselves, they sang, danced, took care of their bodies, connected with the land because they knew that during their periods women had specific energy and they were ready to receive information out of space that was helpful to the whole tribe.

Due to our busy age, women have little by little forgotten their rituals. Those, who hasn´t forgotten yet often feel, that they can´t afford such a slowdown in the hectic world. Mothers don´t paint the period as a pleasant time to their daughters but describe it as an unpleasant time that will willy-nilly affect them every month. That´s why women often try going against nature at all costs and why they fight against the aspect of old woman inside them. The first indicator of the discontentment of woman´s body is menstrual cramps. It is not a call for a painkiller but for a comeback to what is natural. If we don´t listen to our bodies, they try to satisfy our needs which are clearly: no sleep, no menstruation, no birth giving. It´s no surprise that more and more women have troubles getting pregnant.

 Menstruation from the old Chinese medicine´s point of view

Liver is storage of blood and its meridian goes through genitalia. The imaginary receptacle overflows during menstruation, the stagnating energy of liver is released, the blood starts to circulate and excrete. Menstruation is sometimes called “the cry of vagina over an unfertilized ovum”.

How does the healthy menstruation look like? It comes to women between 12 and 50 or so, in regular interval of 26 to 32 days and lasts for 4-6 days. Menstrual blood should be dark red, lighter at the beginning and at the end, darker in the middle of menstruation, without any vaginal spotting before or after period. The blood should flow freely and should not contain blood clots -these are a sign that the energy does not flow but stagnates and gets material.

Menstrual cramps are also an indicator of blocked energy. The most important factor is accumulated coldness, the result of not keeping the body warm enough, eating too much cooling foods and not doing enough exercise. That´s why hot compresses, essential oils and exercise work so well. Physiologically, it may be insufficiency of minerals -mainly of magnesium.

Cramp Fighting Package

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  • Magnesium oil enables easy absorption of magnesium into body via your skin. Use it every day after having a shower or a bath. 
  • Mint essential oil disperses energy blocks. Spread one drop on the area of underbelly, lower back and liver. 
  • Almonds are high in magnesium and are natural antidepressant. 
  • Cocoa powder is high in magnesium, relaxes muscles and has a positive impact on mind. 

Ginger compress is an amazing way to take care of you. It warms up and strengthens kidneys, which control the right function of genitalia. It is suitable for men as well :-). 

Ginger Compress for Kidneys and Underbelly

  • 4l water
  • 200-300g grated ginger

Heat up water in a pot to 80⁰C. Squeeze the ginger juice in it using your palms or you can make it easier by putting ginger into a nutmilk manufacture bag, the squeezing will be easier then. The closed bag can be than added into a pot. Take the ends of a small towel in your hands and immerse it in the pot with the juice (don´t immerse hands). Wring the towel carefully, make sure it is not too hot and place it on the area of kidneys or (and) underbelly. Cover with dry towel and a blanket so that the heat does not escape. Don´t use plastic film! You can immerse the towel once again after 5 minutes and repeat the procedure during following 30 minutes. Cover the pot with a lid, the water won´t cool down so quickly like that.

If the menstruation is weak, it is caused by lack of blood. Haematopoietic food such as leaf vegetable, chlorella, spirulina, seaweed, strawberries, raspberries, dates, raisins, goji, red beans, adzuki, and treacle and for meat eaters also meat and stock can help with blood production. Haematopoietic herbs are maca, ashwagandha, reishi and angelica sinensis. In case of total loss of menstruation, Chinese knotweed (he shou wu) is perfect. Coffee, spirits, conventional milk products, and hot spices like chilli, dried garlic and pepper are bad for blood.

In case of strong menstruation, sufficient supply of haematopoietic food is necessary. The time after menstruation is ideal for consummation of such food. During the menstruation, relax and eat light food you can digest easily, for example stewed vegetables, mushrooms and cereals.

Blood Nourishment Package

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  • Chlorella purifies blood and contains chlorophyll, which is beneficial for regeneration and production of haemoglobin. 
  • Reishi contains a lot of iron; it calms down and balances the energy.
  • Goji contains a lot of nutrients and it.
  • Irish moss supplies body with wide scale of minerals. It´s of a neutral taste and it is ideal in desserts, soups and salads.

So how should woman spend menstruation nicely despite the modern age?

First, it is necessary to accept menstruation as an inseparable part of life, not to plan enormous physical performances for those days and reserve it for relaxation. It is ideal to stay home, read your favourite book, drink hot infusion, do some undemanding exercise, sleep enough, let children prepare a dinner or enjoy a cleansing facial mask. Release the emotions that are coming to you, do not try to solve anything, definitely no essential decisions should be made during menstruation. Spoil yourself because if you enjoy your time, at the end of this phase you´ll achieve the wisdom of a soothsayer and the calmness of an old lady and you will be ready to set off towards your other self represented by the energetic aspect of Virgo.

And what should men do? They should support women, listen to their needs, don´t take potential show of emotions too personally and be happy about taking care after them - women will pay back for it in following weeks.

Autors: Michaela Ptáčková, Michaela Dobiášová

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