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Binchotan Stick GoodFilter

Binchotan Stick GoodFilter

Manufacturer: GoodWays

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Main product features

  • natural activated carbon filter
  • improvement of water quality and taste
  • tradition of use in Japan
  • use for drinking water only
  • lifetime 3-5 months

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Drink clean water wherever you are! GoodFilter is one of the most environmentally friendly natural water filters in the world. It is a special activated carbon, also known as Kishu Binchotan, handmade in the Wakayama region of Japan, where it has been used for its purifying and health benefits for centuries.


Pure water with the GoodFilter Binchotan stick

The Czech Republic is one of the countries in the EU that score 99-100% of the required quality in microbiological and chemical parameters of drinking water. And water companies in the Czech Republic have been working to improve its quality for a long time. But for safety reasons, chlorine is added to drinking water, which often makes tap water unpalatable to people. GoodFilter can help with this problem.

GoodFilter has a large number of pores in it, which bind unwanted chemicals and impurities, balancing the pH of the water and improving its taste and overall quality. GoodFilter can only be used with drinking water. It is easily portable and can be used in places where you simply don't trust tap water.

How to care for the Binchotan stick:

GoodFilter is a purely natural product that is processed in a sustainable way. With normal use, it has a lifespan of 3-5 months. After that, you can crush it and bury it in your garden where it will return to the cycle of life and become an excellent fertilizer for your plants.

Instructions for use:

  • Before first use, boil the stick (gradually bring to a boil, boil for about 5-10 minutes and let cool).

  • Place the bar in approx. 1.2 litres of drinking water, ideally in a glass carafe or bottle. Use with caution when in contact with glass.

  • After an hour the water is largely "filtered", but the best effect is achieved after several hours of exposure (preferably overnight). We recommend leaving the stick in the bottle and simply topping up the water continuously.

Ingredients: 100% charcoal

Weight and dimensions: 40-65 g / 10 × 1-3 cm

Why do we work with GoodWays?

GoodWays is a Brno-based local brand that combines pure Scandinavian design with sustainability. Its founders and our friends, the Czech-Swedish couple Tereza Svobodová and Johann Nilsson, have always emphasized the combination of high quality and a packaging-free lifestyle.

That's why they create practical necessities for everyday life that both look beautiful and fully respect these values. Whether it's designer glass bottles, bamboo utensils or personal care items.

The main idea behind GoodWays is to reduce dependence on disposable products. "We believe that if we offer people beautiful and practical reusable alternatives that they will love, it will allow them to live a life with less waste," they say, and we couldn't agree more.

Because we subscribe to the same values, Vitalvibe's collaboration with GoodWays simply makes sense to us. We see the association with this brand as a great opportunity to enable you, our dear customers, to combine even more the joy and love of nature with quality self-care.

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