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Magu's secret
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Magu's secret

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„I study traditional Chinese medicine and I like to recommend this mixture of synergy herbs to women to support the hormonal system and strengthen the psyche. Because a woman's health and vitality are related to the balance of the hormonal axis. And nowadays, a number of common habits weaken us - stress, strain and looking at the computer. Angelica or, for example, dangshen or peony, contained in Magu, have been used by women in China and also in our herbalism for centuries.“

Pavla Limlová, store support and promoter of traditional Chinese medicine

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Magu's Secret

A carefully selected combination of herbs helps to achieve the inner state of a "goddess" - a balanced, healthy, beautiful, free being with conscious power over her life. The "goddess woman" stands in contrast to the repressed and stressed woman who feels she is a victim of circumstance. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this natural elixir will stir your energy and get the blood flowing in your veins.

Magu's Secret

What will it help with


  • Harmonizes the female body
  • Reduces the impact of stress on the body and mind
  • Beneficial for the stomach lining (especially during stress)
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  • It is a suitable supplement for active women and men
  • Increases the body's and mind's performance during sports
  • Reduces the impact of physical exhaustion on the body, including the hormonal system
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Ingredients and active ingredients

Ferulic acid

Who is Magu's Secret especially suitable for?

For women who are active

Reduces the impact of everyday stress on the body and mind. Protects the sensitive stomach lining. Prevents "black thoughts" from controlling your mood.

For the woman seeking hormonal balance

It has a beneficial effect on the level of prolactin, a hormone that the body produces in increased levels during stress, thus harmonising the entire hormonal system.

For the woman who would like to lose weight

Wakes up your slow metabolism so you lose weight faster. You will be mentally strong and balanced during weight loss.

For women studying, working and on maternity leave

Helps with concentration and overall leads to mental balance. Plus, you won't forget everything all the time.

For the athlete with a spine

Reduces the impact of high sports intensity on the body and mind. Helps you to have a beautiful, strong and resilient body.

For the male athlete

Even after a very intense workout, you will not feel so tired. To reduce the effects of physical and mental stress.

The story and secrets of the goddess Magu

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Legend has it that Magu lived in poor circumstances in the 5th or 6th century AD. She made her living as a seamstress and her father as a horse breeder, whom she often helped with his work. One day she received a peach from a stranger, but instead of sharing it with her father, she gave it to a poor woman on the street. Magu still wanted to prepare a meal for her later from her own supplies, but when she returned to the street she found a peach-colored stone instead of the woman.

Magu planted the stone and tended it until it grew into a peach tree. It later bore fruit for all who needed its fruit. Soon, people discovered that the fruit of this tree was miraculously healing, and Magu was labeled a goddess who possessed the elixir of life.

Bohyně Magu's

Recommended dosage

3 capsules twice daily with water (unless otherwise recommended)

Did you know...

  • The treasure of Magu's Secret is ferulic acid extracted from the root of Chinese angelica. It is a ready protector during stress and physical exertion. It is used a lot by athletes (especially strength athletes) because it increases physical strength and can relieve the feeling of fatigue. It also improves mood by promoting the release of endorphins.
  • Angelica is also known to contribute to healthy libido by harmonizing hormonal balance. Thus, it has an effect on the overall improvement of the sexual experience.
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  • Clanoprache chinensis fruit
    (Schisandra chinensis - fructus)iv>
  • Chinese cowberry fruit
    (Lycium chinensis - fructus)
  • Chinese angelica root
    (Angelica sinensis - radix)
  • White peony root
    (Paeonia lactiflora - radix)
  • Claw root
    (Codonopsis - radix)
  • Cynomorium nail
    (Cynomorium songaricum - herba)
  • longan fruit
    (Dimocarpus longan - fructus)
  • Pullulan plant capsules
  • Rice powder

Suitable combinations

Secret Ceres

An excellent complement to Magu's Secret for women prone to frequent vaginal infections or in case of psychosomatic problems.



In case of prolonged stress, strain, fatigue or during sports, a natural source of B vitamins goes hand in hand with Magu's Secret.


Complete Power

Fills you up and gives you energy! In addition to its beneficial effects on health, it positively influences the weight loss process.


Essential oils

Their power protects us during stress, susceptibility to infections and many other specific problems.


Data sheet

Weight including packaging50 g
Form:vegan capsules
Quantity100 capsules
Country of Origin:China

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