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Magu's secret
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Magu's secret

Manufacturer: Dragon Herbs

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„I study traditional Chinese medicine and I like to recommend this mixture of synergy herbs to women to support the hormonal system and strengthen the psyche. Because a woman's health and vitality are related to the balance of the hormonal axis. And nowadays, a number of common habits weaken us - stress, strain and looking at the computer. Angelica or, for example, dangshen or peony, contained in Magu, have been used by women in China and also in our herbalism for centuries.“

Pavla Limlová, store support and promoter of traditional Chinese medicine

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Magu's Secret

It helps the woman to achieve the inner state of the "goddess" - a balanced, healthy, beautiful, free being, conscious power over her life. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the essence of the preparation is an aspect of energy flow. Archetypally stands the "woman goddess" as opposed to the oppressed and stressed woman who feels she is a victim of circumstances.

Magu's Secret

Helps with


  • Harmonizing the female organism
  • Reduces the impact of stress on body and mind
  • Has a positive effect on the stomach mucosa, especially during stress
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  • Ideal preparation for active women and men
  • Increases the strenght of body and mind in sports
  • Reduces the impact of physical exhaustion on the entire body including the hormonal system
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Nutrients and active ingredients

Ferulic acid

Who is it suitable for?

For an active woman

To reduce the impact of stress on body and mind. Which wants to protect her sensitive gastric mucosa. Who wants to avoid the states of "black ideas".

Women looking for hormonal balance

Thanks to harmonizing the hormonal system and reducing the level of prolactin that the body produces at increased stress.

For a sportswoman

Who wants the body strong and beautiful. Who wishes to reduce the impact of intense training on her body and mind. To maintain the harmonious functioning of the hormonal system.

For women studying next to work / maternity

To maintain concentration and to reduce forgetfulness.

for male athletes to reduce the impact of stress

For a strong and healthy body after intense training.

For a woman on a diet

Who wants to accelerate her slowed metabolism. Who wants to remain mentally balanced during the weight loss process and not to "black thoughts".

Story of goddess Magu

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In Asian countries it was a symbol of the healing effects of cannabis plants. In ancient East Asia, it was understood as the "elixir of life", traditionally part of medical and spiritual practices in various Asian cultures. The Chinese even had a deity for this herb, its name is Magu.

The Goddess Magus ruled the curative effects of plants, most mythological stories say that helped the poor and the sick.

She is portrayed as a beautiful young woman whose health and beauty are symbols of healing up to the cosmic level. She is a patron of vitality, holds a protective hand over mortals, and is also closely intertwined with Earth cycles.

Godness Magu

Recommended usage

3 capsules twice a day (unless otherwise recommended)

Did you know?

  • Ferulic acid (angelic) is used in sports nutrition, in bodybuilding, improves metabolism during physical stress, releases endorphins, increases physical strength, reduces exhaustion
  • Sodium ferulate (derived from ferulic acid from the heel) is an official drug for the prevention of thrombosis and CV events in China, in the United States and Europe is coming to food supplements market
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  • Chinese Fenugreek
    (Schisandra chinensis – fructus)
  • Chinese fern
    (Lycium chinensis – fructus)
  • Angelic root
    (Angelica sinensis – radix)
  • Peony white root
    (Paeonia lactiflora – radix)
  • Rootworm root
    (Codonopsis – radix)
  • Cynomorium
    (Cynomorium songaricum – herba)
  • Longan fruit
    (Dimocarpus longan – fructus)
  • Plant capsules from pullulan
  • Rice powder

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Data sheet

Weight including packaging50 g
Form:vegan capsules
Quantity100 capsules
Country of Origin:China

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