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Detox Before Getting Pregnant

When my husband and I decided that this is the right time to have a baby, we asked a fundamental question – are we both healthy enough to bring a healthy child into the world? Maybe this worry has amused you but the rules of live on our planet are clear and ruthless. Healthy children are born to healthy parents.

It is a simple equation. Does it sound harsh? Maybe, but current situation shows that the evolution works exactly like that. And therefore the idea to write about this topic was born – to offer some tips on how to detoxify your body before pregnancy to future parents. Detoxifying, responsible parents can lay the foundations for increasing the chance of having a healthy child.

Reproduction as a luxury function

All expectant parents wish and hope to have a healthy baby. Are we really healthy though? Have we gotten rid of both organic and inorganic toxins, we unconsciously absorbed in our bodies throughout the whole life? And can our bodies deal with them?

But the condition of physical bodies of both parents is, in fact, determinative for the health of their future child. And cleansed body – especially the mother´s one – is much more important than a pram, baby clothes or toys. Doctor Eleková says: “Reproduction is a luxury function with respect to nature. The amount of energy and nutrients invested into production of progeny is huge.” We can see with our own eyes that our population is not healthy. Also statistical data confirm this fact – number of children with allergies, eczema, hyperactivity and many chronical problems increases.

The way to get a healthy baby

  • Healthy lifestyle which enables deacidification and detoxification of your body. It means you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and useless pills. 
  • Man´s role is to produce sperm of high quality. Therefore, men need above all sufficient production of testosterone (sparse facial and body hair are signalling insufficient production of this hormone) which can be increased by sport activities, ideally by lifting heavy objects or by sprints. Optimum weight plays an important role, too. Be careful not to gain fat on hips, butt and thighs. The quality of sperm is also positively influenced by the abundance of sleep, fine proteins, vitamin D and lack of stressful situations. 
  • Woman´ s body needs strong immune system and healthy gut flora (it´s closely related with regular excretion) that can be boosted by probiotics. It is the intestine what determines the overall state of immune system and nervous system. It is similar with vaginal microbiota, because during the delivery the child goes through the birth canal and if it is colonised by beneficial bacteria it plays an essential role in forming and development of child´s immunity. The abundance of proteins and vegetables (pickles in the first place) contribute to hormonal balance and regular menstrual cycle and ovulation. Moreover, woman´s body needs to get a signal, that reproduction is convenient and safe. It means enough food that signals that there´s enough material to reproduce but also psychical preparation for an arrival of a new person. 

Detox step by step

What helps with colonization of intestine with beneficial bacteria is green foods. And it contains fibre which helps get the sediment deposited in villi out of body. To achieve it, it´s necessary to drink more - fresh water mostly – because of its capacity to bind fibre and released toxins and drain them away. Green foods also contain folic acid (a vitamin from B-complex) which is fundamental for the positive development of the foetus. During any following detox, it is important to drink more fresh water with no gas in it. Listen to your body and it will tell you how much fluid you need.

1. Body detoxifying for future mum and dad.

Ormus is certainly beneficial for both potential parents. It is a unique mix of green foods (alfalfa, barley, wheat and oat grass powder, moringa, spinach and ginger) flavoured with mint, lightly sugared with stevia and enriched with probiotics. Moreover, it grows in soils rich in minerals and it is processed carefully and by a patented procedure of drying in low temperatures. It boosts men´s libido (which can be useful). It creates toxin-free environment within the body by draining out the harmful substances. It is really easy to use it – just mix a full spoon of the mixture with water; ideally in the morning before having anything for breakfast. If you wish to, it is possible to add second dose in the evening instead of having something sweet and unhealthy. Ona package of Ormus will last you around two months.

2. Green blend will provide you with energy to bring a child

Vitamineral Green is a unique combination of efficient and well absorbable complex substances from the ground (nettle, horsetail, ginger, dandelion, barley etc.), from the water (spirulina, chlorella), from the sea (seaweed) and of probiotics. It is made by drying while cold, therefore living enzymes are preserved in it. It is beneficial for our health in many ways – it boosts energy, it regulates the digestion and excretion, your skin, hair and nails become healthier and you´re in a better mood. The process of detoxification is simplified by capsules; it starts with three capsules per day and it goes up to twelve capsules per day. Wash it down with water or with vegetable and fruit fresh juices either before or while eating. It is convenient for both potential parents. 

3. Cleansing treatment to get rid of parasites for future mothers

This cure destroys parasites, microbes and their rudiments that we have loads of inside our bodies. These organisms parasitize us and create bad environment not only inside the intestine. Therefore, it is important to eliminate them before getting pregnant using herbs that boost optimum liver and digestive system function. The mixture of herbs Healthforce Scram is antioxidant and detoxifying. It is a treatment for future mothers and it is crucial to finish it before getting pregnant! It takes 18 days, capsules are consumed after eating and their number increases step by step – see dosage guide.

4. Life is better without heavy metals

Zeoforce treatment cleanses intestine and blood and drains heavy metals out of body. It is a powerful detox preparation that also moderates symptoms of allergies and eczemas. It is not a gourmet delight thought – it tastes approximately like plaster. However, two spoons of it mixed with 1 dcl water subsequently washed down by a lot of water is something you can make. There´s one more rule – use it at least 45 minutes before eating.

5. How to cleanse intestines fundamentally?

We presented strong detoxifying products to you and maybe it came to your mind if it is possible to combine them. I asked myself the same question and I say yes. The best way to increase the impact of detoxifying is to combine Vitamineral Green and Zeoforce. In such case you should mind the eating timemanagement, because Zeolit should be consumed 45 minutes before eating and Vitamineral Greenjust before or during eating. The detox will be perfect because these two products supplement each other.

At home we went through natural cleansing of the body before conceiving a child. My husband did the Ormus detox treatment and I opted for Vitamineral Green in capsules (my partner didn´t give it a chance because it doesn´t have any taste, it just reminds green foods). No matter what you choose from our products, I wish you successful and refreshing detoxification that will open a way for a new life.

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