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Slow Juicer Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer

Slow Juicer Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer

Manufacturer: Hurom

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The second generation Hurom auger juicer represents the state-of-the-art in slow-speed juicing technology. This third generation juicer is the latest innovation from HUROM.

The innovation is the new auger, which operates at even lower speeds and at lower speeds, so that the fruit does not heat up at all during processing and thus no nutrients or enzymes are removed! It also has better efficiency and function for making your favourite smoothies.

Hurom uses the world's first patented technology (SST™) of low-speed, low-temperature screw processing to preserve maximum natural flavors and nutrients. It is suitable for processing fruits, vegetables, leafy greens or soybeans.

Hurom H34 key technologies

Intelligent tray helps you Load ingredients at once

Simply place pre-prepared ingredients into the handy hopper and turn the wheel to easily make healthy fresh. The auger draws the already chopped raw material into the juicing chamber by itself.

The built-in waste container ensures convenient juicing

It is placed directly under the chamber to take up as little space as possible. The low speed guarantees perfect juice full of vitamins.

Get every last drop of juice thanks to the three-degree tilt

Thanks to the tilt of the entire juicing chamber, not a single drop of juice remains in the machine.

Adjustment lever

By closing the control lever, you achieve a higher pressure in the juicing chamber and thus the raw material is "squeezed" even more, making the juicer as efficient as possible. The juice is slightly thicker (than when the control lever is open) but still very smooth and without large chunks.

Coarse sieve for juice with chunks of pulp

Do you like juice with chunks of pulp? Just replace the fine sieve with a coarse sieve. The coarse sieve has larger holes and leaves more pulp in the juice. In addition, if you close the control lever, the raw material will be "squeezed" even more and passed through the coarse sieve. The result will be more of a smoothie to puree or homemade sorbet.

Juicing chamber stopper for perfect juice blending, raw milk or milkshake production

Close the juicing chamber stopper and let the juice from the different ingredients mix nicely! The result is a smooth and perfectly consistent drink. You can also use the stopper to make almond or other vegetable milk, or to make milkshakes.

It takes up less space!

The elegant and slim design makes the Hurom H34 juicer the ideal addition to any kitchen. It is so slim that it fits into even the tightest of spaces, freeing up valuable counter space. It is also suitable for small kitchens in the apartment or cottage.



10 year warranty on the motor

Technical parameters

Dimensions in cm (w x d x h)

15 x 31 x 43


6.5 kg

Engine speed

60 rpm

Basket speed

23 rpm


single phase induction




220-240V/ 50Hz/60Hz

Length of power cord

1,4 m

Data sheet

Weight including packaging8 kg
Quantity1 ks
Country of Origin:South Korea

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