Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture Organic
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Cordyceps Organic, tincture

Manufacturer: KÄÄPÄ Health

About Cordyceps:  Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) are used to boost your energy levels, increase muscle gain, and decrease pains.  One of the strongest mushrooms we grow. 

Note - do not take within 4 hours of sleep as cordycepin effects the brain's natural melatonin production. 

Take note - these statements should not be interpreted as a list of medical claims.

About our Cordyceps:  We grow Cordyceps militaris fruit bodies in our laboratory in Finland.  We ensure our substrate is organic and of the highest quality to produce maximum cordycepin levels.  As we produce the cordyceps we are able to adjust light levels, strains, and growing methods to ensure the highest quality and consistency.  We do not grow ophiocordyceps sinensis as they do not contain the cordycepin compound.

About our extraction process: We dual extract dried cordyceps at a ratio of 1:20.  This ensure each bottle of liquid extract is very potent with all the important medicinal compounds extracted.  Compounds of interest in cordyceps includes:

  • cordycepin
  • uridine
  • adenosine
  • beta-glucans
  • guanosine



KÄÄPÄ Health tinctures are the leaders of mushroom extracts. Always start with smaller dosages, and work your way up. Recommended maximum daily dosage is 2ml.

As our extracts are strong, we recommend taking a week off after every 3 months of use.

Not during pregnancy or for kids.

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Country of Origin:Finland

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