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A month under the sign of lunar woman: Mother

The noon is from time immemorial associated with magic and miracles and those exactly happen in woman´s body during this phase. The aspect of reckless virgin, we described in the previous article is followed by the archetype of caring mother.

Within the menstruation cycle, the phase of ovulation comes. A mature ovum is leaving one of the ovaries and descends to Fallopian tube where it can be fertilized. Hormones work significantly with woman´s body and mind now which causes typical maternal qualities awaking in her, such as unselfishness, generosity, lovingness or concern about her family. That rising energy which was concentrated on the woman herself during the previous phase is now turning towards the others. Woman is being unconsciously prepared for the possibility of becoming a mother by mother earth.

The mental life is becoming deeper as well. Woman is more than ever capable of empathy and harmony with those who surround her. They can often feel this energy and ask for advice or help. Presentiments of events and human acts appear and they may be often really fulfilled.

In sex life desire for harmony and sharing of feeling of deep and unconditional love that comes from the very core of woman becomes evident. Sex is not just sex but making love indeed. Woman´s body longs for conception and therefore sexual appetite is naturally culminating.

If the ovum isn´t fertilized, we can still talk about conception -in the figurative sense we talk about conception of new ideas and projects, fulfilment of dreams and visions, to which woman becomes a mother and dedicates to them all her care. Woman is very inventive and creative at this time. She does not tend to lead; she humbly prefers being lead by someone.

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The insight of Traditional Chinese Medicine

During the ovulatory phase, the meridians of conception are filled with blood and yin energy that provide them with nourishment needed to guarantee “fertile soil” for the fertilized ovum in uterus. Woman´s capability to get pregnant is connected with the quality of their blood and with the kidney meridian. Most of women can surely recall their mothers and grandmothers telling them to keep their lower back warm not to catch a chill and jeopardize the chance of having babies.

Kidneys bear our life energy (ťing), which represents an imaginary candle of life, a treasure we obtained from our predecessors. They are the storeroom we take from when we lack energy from breathing and eating. Kidneys warm the body up to operating temperature, recharge all other organs´ batteries, deal with water and are responsible for production of hormones. They are called “the divinity of bearing child covered in a dress made of dark blue brocade”. Therefore it is supported mainly by dark and black foods such as blueberries, black sesame, adzuki beans, black beans, olives, pumpkin seed oil, seaweed, soya sauce, miso, munio, mushrooms, vanilla pod or carob.

Things that exhaust the kidneys the most are cold, noise, alcohol, drugs, stimulants, toxins from outside, sugar, excess of salt, of physical strain or of sex; furthermore it may be a child birth, lack of sleep, working too hard and stress of course. We can tell that kidneys are weakened if you have dark stains under your eyes, when there is a fizzy noise in your ears, your hair gets thin and grey, your teeth and bones are in a bad state, when you often feel fear, lack of energy and will.

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Kidneys can easily get imbalanced. Either the fire of kidneys is weak and the body is chilly and over-hydrated or the cooling liquid which would control the fire is missing and the body is overheated and dry.

Let´s go back to the first case. If the fire of kidneys (yang) is insufficient, the cold-bloodedness and paleness can appear, the water management in the body does not work well, the water is being retained and the cold type can dominate. In case of women this is often connected with pear shaped body. If these women want to lose weight they should avoid cooling raw salads and, by contrast, eat food that warms up. This state of body has a lot to do with the loss of libido and it may be the cause of sterility because the soil for the egg is not warmed-up enough.

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In the second case, a hectic lifestyle full of stress, inconvenient diet and stimulants causes that the fire takes the control and it dries up the cooling liquid -blood. The heat and dryness are experienced same that women in menopause experience. We can tell from reddish cheeks and red tongue without any film on it. This state is often accompanied by symptoms of dryness in your mouth, dry vaginal membrane, night sweating, excretion of little amount of dark urine, insomnia, palpitation, quick changes between elation and exhaustion, sometimes increased sex drive with the lack of ability to orgasm. The conception is also difficult in such state because the life-giving nourishment is missing. 

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  • He shou wu is one of the best herbs that tone up kidneys, it contains a lot of iron and zinc, it is good for blood production, it prevents your hair from turning grey and it boosts ťing energy.
  • Pearl powder cools down, calms down the shen spirit living in the heart and provides body with minerals.
  • Chia seeds hydrate the body.

By Michaela Ptáčková, Michaela Dobiášová

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